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Blogs Personal Trainer London Fitness, Lifestyle,Exercise,

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Blogs Personal Trainer London Fitness, Lifestyle,Exercise,

Blogs Personal Trainer in London Fitness, Lifestyle,Exercise,Sports  Blogs Personal Trainer London Active Bryant systems blog Covers many different subjects From exercise program design, To the right kettlebell exercise  clubBell fitness training for Weight loss calorie counting sports performance golf tennis, polo rugby, Scotts blog Goes in depth on diet lifestyle and exercise and who is the best in the fitness industry, Scott has been an author of three different books one books is on Audiobook and a book on Amazon  ebooks back pain weight loss Scott has also been featured in the Guardian, newspaper been on Southampton radio and in woman’s magazine golfers today and golf for women Scott has also been Mentoring for the Chek Institute students And Scott is YOUTUBER with over 2,700 video and 4,601,521 views to his you channel Scott is no BS trainer just the real facts of his 23 years of experience of helping over 300 clients around the world Scott has been an established Personal Trainer for over 25 years In London Battersea so if you’d like to be featured on Scotts blog get in touch or if you’d like to do an article on him in your magazine or Or talk to you on the radio Scott blogs cover kettlebell training lower back pain and  exercises golf conditioning tennis conditioning rugby conditioning diet and lifestyle just putting kettlebell training medicine ball training fungus and parasites obesity Holistic health Shamans chakras energy healing and much more Scott Bryant Active Bryant fitness systemsScott really loves to help people this is why he set up his blog because of the confuse men and misinformation in the fitness industry this is because of low qualification to be a personal trainer in London Scott has read over 930 books on exercise lifestyle posture and sports performance their bodies are more unique than a car engine so Scott doesn’t understand why the fitness industry is full of very low qualified Personal Trainer is in London Scott estimates that only one percent are really good at their jobs because of lack of qualification and love of the job many people join the fitness industry and I’ve left within three months because I realise how hard it is to run a self-employed Personal Trainer business you need to have great knowledge of how to run a successful business and fundamentally how to get amazing results for your clients but unfortunately with all the misinformation in the media online and in the gyms This is why 40% of the country is still obese but only 3% of people want Personal Training out of 68, million so my blog hopefully gets rid of all the BS and helps you to understand more about your health your diet lifestyle and your sports performance and your pain So if you’re looking for help with your health and fitness you may find the answer in Scotts blogs but if you’d like to work with Scott one-to-one have a look round Scotts website and enjoy his blogs and get in touch today Scott tomato is never give up on Scots attitude is if you’re not assessing your guessing so if you’re looking for somebody within depth knowledge Years of experience and a true master of his craft then get in touch today.



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