Is Lifting Weights Is It Good For Golf?

Yes it must done at any age. 

Weight Training Is Good For The Game Of Golf.

Weight training for golfers is an absolute must Tiger Woods and Rory would never have won the Masters without completing big lift in the gym This makes the difference between a pro and just somebody that plays golf for fun youll see most of the pro golfers team are more muscular and stronger than ever been because I now understand that playing golf is not just recreational is Elite sport Tiger Woods and Rory both had the same trainer, I cant say their names for GDPR reasons But I can guarantee you they are not weak and very strong in the inner  unit’s core And a very good posture for golf sports performance

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1. Weight Training Will Not Cause You to Get Too Bulky and Hurt Your

Golf Swing Weight training does not cause you to get big and bulky or slow you down, these are myths, but if you dont have a good flexibility program with your weight training program your performance will not be the same as somebody that is regular stretching their body for golf before and after the game I do an orthopaedic assessment to make sure you’re stretching the right muscles many golfers Dont stretch or only stretch the muscles that they think are tight, but without an assessment theyre just guessing so dont get on your golf sports performance if you want to lower your handicap or add 60 yards to your drive

Weight Training Is Good For The Game Of Golf.

2.Weightlifting for golf can make you stiff


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3. Weight Training Will Cause You to Lose Feel In Your Golf Game 

Weight training will not cause you to lose the feel of your game if you have had a rest between your weight training workouts and playing golf you should have no dons Or soreness when playing your game that you love you should feel more connected to your call and your muscles because if you have a good golf trainer he will be getting you to fire and feel the muscles as you drive as you Play your game of golf if you are sore Play your game of golf if you are soreAfter weighttraining Epson salt baths are a good idea to relieve After weighttraining Epson salt baths are a good idea to relieve Muscle soreness

Weight Training Is Good For The Game Of Golf.



4.Getting Started With Weight Training for Golf

Now getting started for weight training for Golf it’s really important that you get an excellent Personal Trainer they’re not only understands the game of golf but understands strength and conditioning for golf unfortunately many Personal Trainer Do a six week course and think that they can train any athlete this is completely untrue you need somebody that has studied golf biomechanics as well Strength and conditioning and program design To know exactly when to stop the weight training before the big golf game or tournament But remember the worlds best I’ll training with weights and using a golf biomechanics trainer Or Practitioner

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Scott has been training golfers for many years using a golf biomechanics program with his golfers it’s very important for golfers to understand that weight training is a must as well as flexibility Stability strength speed power working with Scott your golf performance program will cover all these areas and Scott guarantees that he will lower your handicap if you’re not a scratch golfer and somatically improve your drive like the master golfers so if you wanna be a master get in touch with a master practitioner Scott today

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