Boxercise Fitness For Women Battersea in London

Boxercise Fitness Training Home Gym in Park

Workout For Women at home in park

Women’s Boxing Training Battersea In London.

Boxercise will will challenge you for the better

Boxing Fitness For Women Training In Battersea in London

Boxercise makes confident strong women. mind and body.

Boxercise: for women fitness training In London.The range of movement covering all the major muscle groups.
It is designed for everyone and is an excellent stress buster, burns lots of calories and fat will help you to get fit. Lose fat Fast. Get strong and have more confidence on the streets and in the in office Any women can do it from age 16 to 80 if you’re determined to be strong and fit Scott will help you to achieve your goals in life.  Boxing workout is the best of all worlds. Unlike running or cycling, which Do little for the upper body, Fitness Through Boxing gives the entire body a workout. And because you exercise many muscle groups at the same time, youre less likely to strain or injure yourself.

14.Benefits you will get from boxing training sessions.

  1. Have more self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Cardiovascular fitness. 
  3. Have lots of fun with Scott.
  4. 6 pack abs in weeks. 
  5. Know how to hit right.
  6. Lose Fat Fast.
  7. All body workout.
  8. Have no fear.
  9. Be strong then you are now.
  10. Enjoy Workout hard. 
  11. Be winner.
  12. Let go of stress.
  13. More Self confidence.
  14. Never be bullied again.


one to one women's boxing session. Battersea

one to one women’s boxing session. Battersea

many children, early childhood is a critical time to form self-esteem and confidence. Through our challenging courses, your child acquires the fundamental skills and beliefs necessary to achieve his or her greatest goals. The benefits of physical fitness include improving coordination, muscle development, and a sense of pride.


Boxercise Fitness For Women In Battersea in London

My programs are developed for all fitness levels and all ages. Anyone can do, but then you must be painfree before you start. We can do it for you can use for selfdefense Scott has over 32 years of experience as London nightclub doorman, for 14 years he knows what need keep you strong in mind and body and soul..

Book your 1 to 1 Boxercise Session to day!!

Boxercise Fitness For Women In Battersea in London

Private lessons can be booked at flexible times throughout the week to meet your individual needs. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and at any level with an instructor of your choice. One-to-one boxing gets the best out of your boxing needs and assures you of the optimal training/workout.

Students can train individually, or with a partner and in small groups. Booking is flexible and private training offers great benefits to students looking to achieve higher goals and to get “

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boxcise personal trainer londonI have learnt so much since I met Scott. When training he understands my needs and I always feel refreshed and full of energy after my sessions. I would recommend him to everyone. He is more than a personal trainer, more of a life coach.


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Boxercise Fitness For Women In Battersea in LondonBoxercise Fitness For Women In Battersea in London

I will make you a contender! so call Scott today 07841144878 or online chat now!

Boxercise Fitness For Women In Battersea in London

Scott and Boxercise hes been using it for 25 years with his female clients to get them fit out stronger, healthier more determined and to have more confidence Scott himself has been using self defence all his life he practised Aikido for one year did some boxing training and sparring and loves hitting the bag himself when hes stressed He learned tons ons of different techniques when he was a Dorman for seven years self defence has been a big part of the Scots life this is one reason why are you still exercises with weights and has regular bag work at age 53 so if you’re looking for a workout smart work out that he’s not gonna overtrain you will give you a great session of endurance Strength, speed and power then you come to the right place he loves training his clients and it’s all About you get the body and fitness you want Scott is all bout never giving up.we all ways go to the next level doing more more? Scott is book Author and Master Chek practitioner and diet and lifestyle coach and sport massage. Therapist metabolic advanced advisor and shaman practitioner just some of what he has achieved.

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