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Sports Conditioning London I spent time working tennis players for last 6 years. From age from age 50-80

 brainers do not have what is uniquely offered at London.I have shared my passion and talent for personal training and fitness with many clients in my 23 years as a personal trainer in London. Here at London, we can help you with:

Tennis Conditioning Personal Trainer Battersea Londonn

Keeping you strong as you age 

  1. Alleviating arthritis and pain. 
  2. Using more power than you thought possible.  
  3. Increasing flexibility. 
  4. Playing and not feeling drained afterward.
  5. Hitting more balls than you miss. 
  6. Eliminating lower back pain. 
  7. Keep your fitness going. 
Tennis Sports Conditioning London I spent time working tennis players for last 6 years. From age from age 50-80
Many players over play on the courts and under train in gym and don’t even have a well designed tennis program Looking at all their individual need for their biomechanics for the spot of tennis.

All tennis player.need more rest and recovery

All tennis players need ample time for rest and recoverybecause a tennis match can last up to 164 minutes. To complete a 164-minute tennis match, you need to win the best of three out of five sets for men and the best of two out of three sets for women. To complete a set, a player must win six games. This means that training and strengthening your body to handle such intense exercise is crucial to being a successful tennis player. 164 minutes of heavy physical exertion in gyms would be seen as overtraining, but tennis players need sufficient conditioning to prepare their bodies for an extended exercise duration. Tennis players thus need different conditioning regimens than a golfer does, for example. Playing 18 holes of golf for 4 hours is more of a power sport, while tennis requires speed, power, and endurance; a tennis training program must therefore be specific to the sport of tennis by strengthening a fast recovery to allow you to play longer. This is where diet and lifestyle come into play; if you have a poor diet and a poor sleep schedule, this will affect how you play, how you feel the next day, and how much pain and stress your body ultimately feels.

Tennis Sports Conditioning London I spent time working tennis players for last 6 years. From age from age 50-80

f you look at the top tennis players from all over the world, you will see physically fit and strong players. Professional tennis players abide by strict conditioning and strength training programs to keep fit, strong, and agile. In the gym or on the courts, however, you will often see overweight individuals with lower levels of muscle mass and higher levels of body fat. The best tips for health back and 10 fat loss secrets now

players in the world have about 10% body fat. In contrast, you frequently see women with 25% or even more body fat in the gym and men with up to 30% body fat. Having such high body fat percentages will slow you down.; the more weight you have to move, the more energy you need to move it. Not only are there significant health risks for inactivity and being overweight, but the extra mass or amount of tissue on your body actually puts a heavier load on your bones and joints. This could increase inflammation, body aches, and body pain.

Tennis Sports Conditioning Personal Trainer London

When it comes to winning in tennis, here’s what every tennis player needs: stability and balance. Because much of a tennis match is on one leg, you need a strong core. Your core is your powerhouse and helps you to keep proper posture. Poor posture can often lead to injury because of a lack of free flow of the joints and spine rotation at a high velocity. Sharp, quick, and strong movements in tennis require your muscles to be strong for endurance, speed, and power. For example, you need to be able to cover both sides of the tennis court or suddenly run up to the net to return a drop-shot. An effective tennis conditioning programme will work to strengthen the body to be able to adeptly perform these necessary skills in tennis.

Tennis Sports Training London

Contributing to the success of the Williams sisters are their low body fat levels and great strength, speed, and power. The Williams sisters are so captivating to watch because they outmuscle their opponents, uniquely able to hit and serve the ball at faster speeds due to their immense strength. It can be difficult for women to achieve these skills because women have 10x less testosterone than men. Thus, for women to look as, or more, muscular than men, they need to have at least 15% body fat and maintain strength. Even just taking just four weeks off from strength training means that you would lose up to 50% of your strength, speed, and power. It’s imperative that you work hard, diligently, and consistently to enhance your tennis skills and to keep winning. 


tennis London.  

How Personal Training at London Will Help You Have Your Best Game of Tennis

    1. Provide tennis kinesiology and an orthopedic assessment
    2. Offer a flexible program
    3. Administer various assessments, like diet and lifestyle, pain and health history, hormones
    4. Conduct a unique strength, speed, and power assessment
    5. Create a tailored program to your needs 
    6. Not missing your workout session.
    7. Supply sports massages and rest and recovery

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Our  corrective exercise program you will gain strength stability speed and power and be able to be to recover much faster and keep injury free this program is highly effective and gives awesome results for your game of tennis get in touch today if you’d like to know mor

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