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“Enhance Your Golf Game with Our Swing Fitness Program in London”

Guaranteed to add 60 yards to your drive

as well as dramatically lower your handicap .

C.H.E.K.Golf Performance Specialist in London  

Golf Fitness Trainer In Battersea London

Golf swing fitness program London with Scott Bryant.


Golf Fitness Performance London do you want to play better golf ?

Every single golfer on the planet will answer YES ! For many, golf is a chance to relax, relieve stress, do business and exercise. However, the desire to lower one’s personal handicap is present in even the most recreational golfer. The most commonly used methods to improve handicap is through lessons and practice. Although this approach seems logical, it is the reason many golfers end up injured and rarely reach their real potential. Why? Simply because most golfers fail to associate the need for improved physical conditioning with their quest for improved performance. Golfers must consider themselves athletes and train using programmes specifically designed to improve integration and synchronisation of the whole body Many of the worlds best golfers use the chek biomechanics program helped Tiger Woods successfully win the masters in the Chek Golf biomechanics program you are treated as an individual not not only do we look at your biomechanics. We look at your swing mistakes, power strength speed posture, core, diet and lifestyle in which to get you into the best shape possible at 60 yards and lower your handicap guaranteed.

Common things that well affect your game of golf 

  1. Lack of flexibility for golf swing. 
  2. Weak core and low strength.  
  3. Lower back pain. 
  4. Over weight. 
  5. Not warming up before golf.
  6. Don’t have golf structured exerciseprogram.
  7. lack power and endurance and all ways injured 
  8. lack mobility 
  9. Age most seniors will have hard with the ageing body. 

Golf and the aging process as men and women age from 40 onwards,

the golf game can either be extremely hard or extremely easy but if you if have bad diet and lifestyle  If you’re overly stressed and overweight and drink too much. This will dramatically reduce your chances of driving along golf ball. And reducing your handicap. Because if you’re dehydrate before you play your game, this will affect the way the muscles and the spine moves and Synovial fluid going into spinal segments so you will not be able to rotate as fast to help drive to swing. in men as they age, the first muscles that get weak are the abdominal core muscles and the gluteus maxims muscle.and bum muscle get progressively weaker. This will affect your capacity to drive the ball further. Stabilise your spine. Many senior golfers give up after a certain age because of constant pains in knee elbows backs, simply because they’re not doing a good strength and conditioning program to keep the body moving and to keep valuable muscles of the core the glutes and quads so in my training program for senior golfers I make sure I get you stronger than you’ve ever been. I can improve you by 100% if you’ve got no training program There’s no reason why you can’t still play golf up to 80 years old if you’ve got the right coach and the right training program remember your age, you’re losing percentage of muscle and bone if you’re not doing strength and conditioning for Golf

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The Golf fitness London Golf biomechanics C.H.E.K Practitioner level 5 assessment.

Incorporates a personalized programme to meet individual client’s need to improve your game, achieve a pain free swing, hit the ball longer and more constently, and of course lower your golf handicap.The personalized Golf fitness programme ensures that the hardware (joint and muscles) and software (the swing itself) can work together for optimum results and improved performance. A technically strong swing requires high muscle functionality and enhanced flexibility for best results. This is where I can help ! 14 tips for golf 

Golf Fitness Trainer In Battersea London

Hear some of golf assessment Scott dose with golf clients

Here’s what you can expect to achieve from Personalised Golf Improvement Program :

  1. Improved flexibility.
  2. Corrective exercise for pain.
  3. Lower your handicap by 12 
  4. Improve your drive by 60 yards. 
  5. Muscle Endurance.
  6. Pain free golf.
  7. More distance and power.         
  8. Swing consistency.
  9. We have been helping golfers for 25 years. 
  10. Lose weight  to 10% body fat. 
  11. Learn exercise that are right.for your game of golf 

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           Golf Fitness Trainer In Battersea London

Golf Fitness Trainer In Battersea London

Golf Fitness Training Program Personal Trainer In London


I’ve been working with Scott for 4 years with a real objective to improve my golf game. I have been aware of the Paul Chek approach to fitness and sports performance for some years, and with Scott training me the results have been extraordinary.

We have worked on balance, strength, speed, and endurance and always with the mechanics of the golf swing as the key focus in our sessions.

I am now driving the ball substantially further than ever before, and consistently hitting 290 to 300 yards. I am able to rotate further and use the improved strength of the key muscles to great effect.

Before I started working with Scott I had a severe shoulder injury, consistent lower back pain and my endurance was poor. After the first 6 months my shoulder improved to the point where I no longer suffered and my golf swing became much more free and full. My back is now strong and pain-free, and my endurance levels are at an all-time peak. Since training with Scott my handicap has reduced from 16 to 10.

Not only have the training sessions created fantastic results, but Scott’s guidance on nutrition and lifestyle have helped me lose weight and improve sleeping patterns.

I have used personal trainers for 15 years, but Scott is the first one to take such a holistic approach. His knowledge derives from years of experience and a dedication to his profession.

Kevin Oppenheim, Property investor

Golf Swing Fitness Program Personal Trainer In Battersea London

Our golf biomechanics program is guaranteed to add 60 yards to your drive as well as dramatically lower your handicap and you will become lower back pain and shoulder pain free will use a very holistic approach with 145 assessments in a 4 hour process then your program is designed to give you maximum results guaranteed!

*DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.

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