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Functional training with corrective exercise is an absolute must for any absolute beginner or anybody that has an injury or has pain as we age, our body loses certain functions and certain muscles start to atrophy and shutdown. This is why Fit functionally strong. Training is so important if you have an injury and say you’ve been doing bodybuilding training. It’s not really built for function it’s built for posing off muscles on stage Let’s say you do a sitdown job eight hours a day in this type of scenario, you would definitely need Fit functional training for eight hours. A day will make hamstrings tighter glutes weaker increase the chances of lower back pain and neck pain. This is where corrective exercise and functional pain can give you huge benefits to keep you pain-free and keep you functioning normal. Specially if you’re going through the aging process of 30 to 60 I’ve been doing functional training and corrective exercise with my clients for over 25 years, and in that time, I’ve seen a pattern of people that do jobs or don’t do functional exercises in their workout programs. They are setting themselves up for injury and problems later on in their exercise programs, 100% important for work for functional strength and functional exercises like the push  the pull rotation, squat lunge, walk and throw and bend and rotate if these elements are missing in your fit functional training in the gym injury or aches and pains will occur. so it’s really important for you to look up for your thick functional training program that it has these elements in it unfortunately today 95% of people don’t even have a program at 95% say it’s in their head if the body is more complex in a car engine. How can they say it’s in their head this is fundamentally what’s wrong is that people keep doing the same movement the same exercise and still getting the same results no results.

Fit and Functional Strength Training in London

Can you get strong with functional training?

Yes, 100%. Of course you can. But it’s about the program design the coach how many times you’re working out what exercises are you doing and do you understand the exercises needed for functional training like the squat the cable pull the lunge the dead lift Upright, Row unless you understand that me and physiology really ineptly you need to see a good coach look at design you a functional fitness strength program.
Fit and Functional Strength Training in London

Why Wall Balls work so well for fitness

Is functional training, the same as strength training:

Yes, functional training will increase your strength for every day movement and life. Where is if you’re doing power training, it may not cross over into opening the door or carrying the box around the home, but this could be argued saying that strong men are super strong, but if they’re not got a corrective stretching program, they may not be able to scratch their own back, because of muscles are too tight, but with a functional strength training program, this should be a functional stretching program to keep the bodies kinesiology in balance.

Fit and Functional Strength Training in London


 CrossFit and functional training:

In my opinion, CrossFit should be banned many people get injured from CrossFit. Many peoples bodies can’t handle their high-powered exercises when 72% of people have a disc herniation in their spine that they don’t know about with CrossFit. There’s no real assessment to see whether your body is ready for that type of exercise. functional fitness strength training is assessed to make sure that your body can handle different functional movement patterns. If you’re weak in one of them movement patterns, you concentrate on the moving pattern, strengthening it as you get stronger then this is incorporated into your functional stretch training program.

Fit and Functional Strength Training in London

How long does it take to see results from functional staff training?

8 to 12 weeks, depending on the program design, the coach, how much you push yourself how regular you are in the gym and who’s done your program design

 is a squat of functional exercise:

The squat is probably the most functional exercise, you could ever do for Building strength and slowing down the aging process. Many people avoid squats in the gym because they’re very hard to do. but if you combine squatting with lunging always lunging first because it’s the more demanding exercise, you can build, stronger, legs, stronger, knees, stronger, glutes, and slow down the aging process. Probably my favourite functional exercise is squat, but remember it’s hard work because the quad muscle and hamstrings are one of the biggest muscles in the body.

When starting any functional strength training program,

you can start with bodyweight and resistance bands or TRX
But then you must include Olympic bars, dumbbells, cable, machines kettle, bells, Swiss balls, which to have a good foundation of functional training.


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Fit and Functional Strength Training in London

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