Shamanic Healing Near Battersea, London

 Shamanic Healing

Near Battersea,London 

Healing the past to change your future

Shaman Shamanic Healing Near Me

Shaman Shamanic Healing Near Battersea, London

 Shamanic Healing Near Battersea, London

Shamanic healing has the intent of empowering the client to heal themselves – to step into their potential and accept responsibility for their destiny. The techniques are those of t Peru. The process works to clear blocks from the aura when necessary (entities or psychic daggers) and release limiting beliefs, often caused by trauma in this or a previous life, assisting the client to live in a different way from this moment forward.

The initial Shamanic healing appointment typically lasts about ninety minutes during which time we will assess your current situation and the issues you want to work with. It will frequently, but not always, include an illumination or a soul retrieval, and sometimes an extraction of heavy, stuck energy and possibly cutting cords to someone that you feel is taking energy from you or that you have an unhealthy attachment to.

A shaman healing session typically involves a shaman, who is a spiritual practitioner, using various techniques to help an individual or group heal on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. The session may involve chanting, drumming, dancing, meditation, or other rituals that the shaman believes can help the individual or group connect with the spiritual world and tap into their own inner healing power.

During the session, the shaman may also use various tools or practices, such as smudging with sage, the use of crystals or other sacred objects, and hands-on healing techniques. The shaman may also work with spirit guides or other spiritual beings to help facilitate the healing process.

The shaman may also help the individual or group to explore and understand the root causes of their physical or emotional pain, and provide guidance on how to move forward and make positive changes in their lives. Ultimately, the goal of a shaman healing session is to help the individual or group to achieve a greater sense of balance, harmony, and well-being in their lives.

A shaman healing session can help heal various aspects of an individual’s well-being, including:

  1. Physical health: A shaman may use their spiritual techniques to help alleviate physical symptoms of illness, pain, or disease by addressing the root cause of the issue.
  2. Emotional health: A shaman may help an individual process and heal emotional wounds, such as grief, trauma, anxiety, or depression.
  3. Mental health: A shaman may work with an individual to help them shift their perspective and release negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.
  4. Spiritual health: A shaman may help an individual connect with their inner spiritual self, access their intuition and higher wisdom, and cultivate a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.
  5. Relationship health: A shaman may help an individual or group heal relationship issues, such as conflicts, communication breakdowns, or feelings of disconnection or loneliness.

Overall, a shaman healing session can help an individual or group achieve a greater sense of balance, harmony, and well-being in all aspects of their life.

Alberto Villoldo is a well-known author, teacher, and practitioner of shamanic healing. One of the systems he has developed is called the “Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki,” which is a series of shamanic initiation rites that are intended to help individuals connect with their spiritual power and potential.

The Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki include:

  1. Healer’s Rite: This rite connects you with a lineage of ancient healers who can assist you in your own healing and help you to become a healer yourself.
  2. Bands of Power: This rite helps you to build up your energetic immunity and protection against negative energy and influences.
  3. Harmony Rite: This rite helps you to balance and harmonize your energy centers (chakras) and connect with the natural world.
  4. Seer’s Rite: This rite helps you to awaken your inner vision and intuition and develop your ability to see beyond the physical realm.
  5. Daykeeper’s Rite: This rite connects you with the ancient wisdom of the Earthkeepers, who work with the energies of the natural world and the cycles of the sun and moon.
  6. Wisdomkeeper’s Rite: This rite connects you with the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient ancestors, who can guide you on your spiritual path.
  7. Earthkeeper’s Rite: This rite helps you to connect with the natural world and become a steward of the Earth.
  8. Starkeeper’s Rite: This rite connects you with the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the stars and helps you to access your cosmic consciousness.
  9. Creator Rite: This rite helps you to connect with the source of all creation and tap into the power of manifestation and co-creation.

Through these nine rites, Alberto Villoldo’s Munay-Ki system aims to help individuals connect with their spiritual power, tap into their innate wisdom and potential, and create positive change in their lives and the world around them.

  • Clear Dark  Energy that may be giving you pain. 
  • Using the Alberto Villoldo system the 9 right 
  • Soul retrieval Shaman Healing session.
  • Understand why you might not be at your full potential.
  • Find out why and what life lesson may be blocked.
  • Feel the energy and relaxed.
  • Feel balanced and aligned.
  • Give you plan to live your dreams.
  • Feel energised and rebalanced in all your Chakras.
  • Have a deeper understanding of were you going in life.

Shamanic Testimonials London 

Shaman Shamanic Healing near battersea, london

Shamanic Healing

I started working with Scott through his C.h.e.k system personal training program for recovery from a broken rib togged fit and healthy for the ski season. It has been my goal this year to be my fittest and healthiest as I turn 50 next may.
As an adjunct to the train which involves lifestyle, nutrition as well as training we are exploring Shamanic processes to enhance my commitment results and insight.
During the first session, I gained insight into some deep-rooted relationship issues – this enabled me to look at those issues from a completely different perspective and allowed a shift in dealing with future communications… Scott holds a very professional space within which to explore personal issues/challenges and I can thoroughly recommend him to people who are looking to explore at a deeper level.

Jane Baker ( Physiotherapist )

Shamanic Healing London  

am a trainer myself helping people in the same gym as Scott. I kept overhearing some of the things he was advising his clients and loved his energy especially his sense of humor, which is fantastic for a guy as knowledgeable. I started doing affirmations from what I picked up on. That’s where my healing and the turn around started. That’s when the belief came, or should I say the knowing. You don’t need to believe you exist you know you do. I didn’t need to believe in my heart opening up. I know it did. Waves of ecstasy pouring in and out of me. I got to that point on my own but Scott was the inspiration. So I knew his practices had power and through my gratitude, he offered to perform more healing upon me. The first was a brief ceremony in our working environment. When I left I could see clear to the end of Oxford Street and I felt like a shaman a Maharishi myself. Before I left Scott said. “You will be tested, it’s up to you to keep your power” he was right! He asked me who hated me and who I hated. At that point, I didn’t know. He said I would find my power animal and my tree. To cut a long story short all those things have been revealed. And I keep being tested but I am propelling forward in a rhythm a fluctuation of learning. I have moved away from the haters with grace. I have found my power animal and performed a release of bondage and redemption ceremony under the Shakespeare oak, I have grown so fond of, and this is just the start. This brings us to our last but not least meeting in the park. Opening the secret space, calling on the power animals, Mother Earth, the spirits the saints the guides and all the shamanic energies to help us in our quest to realize who we are, who am I? Just as Shakespeare said, ‘All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
Scott asked me what hats I was wearing which actors did I play. I wrote down my masked and placed them in the circle. Dividing the positive attribute from the negative. Burning those that I wanted to burn from my being. I still have the positive ones on my person as a reminder of who I am. Then onward to the core wound, what is it, where is it from. A trance-like state of regression and color recognition and the drums beat and the rattles shake, just like my body convulsing from the lower state into more and more liberation. We finished with balancing the energy centers of my body using crystals and breathing, asanas and movement. Love and forgiveness, no judgments and healing were manifest throughout. I woke up today after the best nights sleep I’ve had in years with more and more things to be great full for. Thank you, Scott, you are one of my most important teachers, you are my shaman. As I say with tears of joy in my eyes. And he keeps leaving me with more and more things to do, more and more healing. More and more things to look forward to. If you who are reading this only knew what has been happening since I first started this process. All the people I’ve met, the synchronicities, the beauty I’ve attracted, my behavior, the money. It’s all exponentially better, and Scott is a major catalyst. So many thanks and blessings from the highest of highs. May we all find peace, love and who we are. The reason we are here and keep enjoying the process while we find out. Love

Stephen (Personal Trainer) 

Shaman Shamanic Healing near battersea, london

Shamanic Healing London 

I tried both meditation and sound healing with Scott, and they were both a great new experience for me. I’ve always wanted to do meditation but didn’t know how to do it. Scott’s method of meditation is completely different from the familiar meditation styles and techniques. It includes listening to music, dancing and sitting in silence, which makes it very interesting and liberating. That is why I consider it a unique type. The sound healing on the other hand was just magnificent – a new relaxing and soothing experience for me. All the bowls and the tuning forks made me feel the vibration in my mind until it went totally blank. It is simply wonderful and I LOVED it.

Nader Abdulhadi


Shamanic Healing London. 

Shaman Shamanic Healing near battersea, london

I recently had a healing session with Scott and felt amazing afterward. I was feeling low on energy and getting quite stressed out but after a few hours of Tai Chi, drumming and sound work with Scott I was feeling peacefully energized and totally in love with my life again. Thank you so much.

Scott has been doing Holistic Healing for over 10 years using sound instruments voice crystals mind and body in his sessions, so if you would like to see a new and old approach then give Scott a call on 07841 144 878.or email [email protected]

Sharon (Artist )

Shamanic Healing Session London. 

Shaman Shamanic Healing near battersea, london

Holistic Chakras

One healing session with Scott made me feel different. I was relaxed and felt good with my body. I could feel my energy flow was smooth, regular and fluid. It was as if a heavy weight had gone off my shoulders. Scott is so much more than a Personal Trainer, he is a Magician made for you. Can’t recommend him enough

Stéphanie (CHEK Practitioner level 1)

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Shaman Shamanic Healing Near Me

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