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  1. “Scott Bryant is simply amazing! His personalize approach to fitness helped me achieve my goals faster than I ever thought possible. His knowledge, dedication, and genuine care for his clients make him the best personal trainer in London!”
  2. “I’ve been training with Scott for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. His expertise in corrective exercise and injury prevention has helped me overcome chronic pain and improve my overall fitness level. Highly recommend!”
  3. “Scott Bryant is a true professional who goes above and beyond for his clients. His holistic approach to fitness, combined with his positive attitude and encouragement, has transformed not only my body but also my mindset. Thank you, Scott!”
  4. “I’ve tried many personal trainers in the past, but none compare to Scott Bryant. His attention to detail, personalized workouts, and unwavering support have helped me achieve results I never thought possible. I can’t recommend him enough!”
  5. “Scott Bryant is hands down the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. His knowledge of functional movement and biomechanics is unparalleled, and he’s helped me improve my strength, flexibility, and overall health. Thank you, Scott, for changing my life!”
  6. “Working with Scott Bryant has been a game-changer for me. Not only has he helped me reach my fitness goals, but he’s also taught me valuable skills for managing stress, improving sleep, and living a healthier lifestyle. I’m forever grateful!”
  7. “Scott Bryant is more than just a personal trainer—he’s a mentor, coach, and friend. His holistic approach to fitness and wellness has helped me achieve balance in all areas of my life. If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about your success, look no further than Scott!”
  8. “I can’t say enough good things about Scott Bryant! His knowledge, passion, and dedication to his clients are truly inspiring. Thanks to his guidance, I’ve never felt stronger, healthier, or more confident. Highly recommend to anyone looking to transform their life!”

40 Testimonials Personal Trainer Clients London

“it, not a sprint, it takes time but it’s worth it all makes sense. But remember this is a marathon”            

23 Personal trainer Testimonials I had my reasons for calling Scott. Nothing to do with physical fitness. I work out 3 times a week plus yoga and dog walking. I had issues and anxiety but had them under control with antidepressants and a therapist.I have 3 adult children, 1 with severe learning disabilities.Then I met Scott.
I spent the day with him and can honestly say that my life and my outlook on life has changed. Immensely better! After 8 months I have quit the meds and am using a natural alternative. I was skeptical of his methods but after that day I have embraced them and am looking forward to another session. I have followed all his advice, no point in doing this otherwise and it’s hard to put into words what he has done for me and my family (my son especially)
So, I could go on and on but I won’t! But I will say this.  It has been and is amazing and all makes sense. But remember this is a marathon and not a sprint, it takes time but it’s worth it x

Shelly Long CHEK Exercise coach

“Scott for over a year, and I’ve noticed many changes… Other people have commented”

Linda Mitchell was initially a skeptic, believing she could only improve her fitness through exercise. well as having physical health issues, Linda was suffering from chronic knee pain. Due to the powerful, multi-faceted regime, we put her under, we dramatically improved her posture, removing most of her pain, lowering her weight and improving her muscle and skin tone at the same time. Here’s what she had to say:“I’ve been training with Scott for over a year, and I’ve noticed many changes… Other people have commented that there is something different about me. I had been experiencing quite a severe knee pain, which has completely disappeared, and my skin tone has improved.”*Results may vary from person to person.

Linda Mitchell  (Engineer

40 Testimonials Personal Trainer Clients London                                  “identified that my shoulder pain was due to my diet”

I started working with Scott at the beginning of 2012. I have a number of issues which will take some time to fix but I have already seen an improvement. my lower back pain Scott correctly identified that my shoulder pain was due to my diet – within a week of changing my diet, my shoulder pain has virtually gone. Scott is very much a no-nonsense guy, but he is also friendly, passionate about what he does, very thorough, and he really cares about getting his clients healthier and stronger. He rings me almost every day to see how I progressing with my training and lifestyle, and he is always explaining to me the way the body works and how to change my lifestyle and eating habits to gain the most from my exercise.*Results may vary from person to person.

Yahoo ( Accountant )

Scott asked all the right questions right from the get go and really got to know me

as a new client. Everything from diet/sleep/training he gave me advice on.Scott was very quick to respond I will be starting training with him in October.Not only was he professional over the phone but he was also really friendly which tells me I will have a great relationship with him going into the future.I look forward to building a better version of myself, physically and mentally.

The toughest workout you can take which makes you look forward to the next session.

Scott Bryant has been my personal trainer for the last four months.I’ve always taken exercise and attended the gym regularly but never seem to make much progress.Since working with Scott I have noted significant muscle development and increases in strength.I would not have made this progress on my own for two reasons didn’t know how and I would never had push myself as hard as I do when working with Scott what you get from Scott is honesty motivation without any bullshit and hey safe and expertly Supervised work out. You also get a good laugh if you’re up for it ,The toughest workout you can take which makes you look forward to the next session.

Bernard Kelly

been the most motivational trainer I’ve ever had

Just a quick note to say that I finally hit my target weight.Since I’ve been trying for two years and it in two months I suppose you deserve a bit of credit! Seriously I’m writing this for your use with other clients as you’ve been the most motivational trainer I’ve ever had and certainly the first the first one to make the gym work fun. Please refer anyone to me for references if you have a look for new clients or a new job

Nick Malaczynski

2 sessions my mental and emotional well being has improve tremendously.

I was introduced to scott through a mutual friend as I was dealing with some internal issues mental and emotionally I’d been to see many other therapists and healers before Scott but with no satisfaction, Scott was great in explaining where my blockages were and what I needed to do to heal them, he explained to me my energy systems including my chakras and the effect they were having on my life and health. Since my treatment started with Scott within a 2 sessions my mental and emotional well being has improve tremendously. I am still working with Scott and will continue to even when I’m fully healed. Thanks Scott for sharing your gift

Paul  b

  I am extremely satisfied

I have been one of Scott ‘s client for the last 5 weeks and I would like to give a testimonial.
I am a 58 years old woman and I approached Scott a while back to loose weigh and getting fitter.I am extremely satisfied with him. He is very friendly, professional and loves his job.
I have already lost 1 stone in 5 weeks and I am extremely pleased.
I followed all his instructions to the letter and I already feel so much better.
I am doing my exercises regularly and changed my way of life.
He is exactly the person I was looking for as he does not only the physical but also the mental, spiritual as well as the nutrition guidance.
I thoroughly recommend him

                                    “just see how well Scott has been trained by Paul, CHEK.”

Hi, my name’s Andy Tyler. I have been training for 28 years. My sports are American football – played it for 9 years. I coach on the same team I played for – London Olympians. Been coaching for 3 years when I gave up football a year later after retiring I moved into martial arts where I have been ever since. Which adds up to 16ish years. You’re thinking “what does a man like that need help for?” Why, because training has changed a lot in 28 years, so I meet Scott at my gym. We were talking about my knee rehab (had an op 5 months ago now) when he saw the type of training I was doing. He said it’s not very proactive the type of core training you are doing, so he gave me a few tips. Got to say, Scott, the left knee is coming along. You just see how well Scott has been trained by Paul, CHEK.

So to today, Scott released my diaphragm. Felt OK. We talk about the next 4 weeks of training – it’s like the philosophy of the CHEK system is ‘less is more’ plus a change in my eating habits. And mediation. It’s like it’s a system for the whole body-mind thing. Trust me, this stuff works! Scott is coming on the London Olympians camp in April to give advice on the right core foods. Lots of stuff, so 4 weeks and I will let you all know the outcome of the next stage. You would not go wrong at all using Scott. He’s a nice lad. He does not complicate things. Well done mate see you soon.*Results may vary from person to person. London Olympians also Kalis Ilustrisimo UK also World Kubodo Federation

Coach Andy Tyler,


“Scott with his expertise combine with his bowls and instruments took me to another dimension”

I had a sound healing with Scott Bryant, and I can say that it was a unique experience. Scott with his expertise combine with his bowls and instruments took me to another dimension of conscience. I left my session feeling very energized e relaxed, with the understanding that the ability to yield is a strength not a weakness, like a tree swaying in the wind… It is a state of deep inner relaxation that aligns us with our true nature and with the nature of existence. The more deeply you relax, the more you nourished by life. It leads to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The more you let go and relax, the more at one with yourself and with a life you become. Scott Bryant is a messenger on your healing jour

40 Testimonials Personal Trainer Clients London

Damian Doherty

    “I am extremely satisfied with him. He is very friendly, professional and loves his job”

I work for a Local Authority dealing with Anti-social behavior. This is front line work and can often become very physical dealing with underprivileged youths, drug dealers, and other criminals. I am also a part-time doorman at various clubs in London, again I need to have a physical advantage over the ‘drunks’ and ‘yobs’ that plague licensed premises. I play rugby for a local team, and again need to be fit if I want to be effective. I have trained for several years having tried most programmes, gimmicks and personal trainers. Some aspects of weight training are mundane, ineffective and a total waste of money. I have used personal trainers in gyms before, but have never felt that they have given me decent results and indeed value for money.This is where Scott Bryant comes into his own. I had reached several plateaus in my training, my bench press was going nowhere, there was a certain amount of body fat that I wanted to lose and although I had no major issues with my strength, my general level of fitness wasn’t up to scratch! Scott approached me while I was training and offered to ‘spot’ me whilst I was benching. He offered some advice on foot placement, and to the grip that I was using. Whilst this didn’t create a miracle, I found the exercise slightly easier. When I finished my set, he asked me questions concerning my training goals and made a ‘promise’ that he could make me reach some of these goals within a month if I have a few personal training sessions with him! I declined but over the next couple of weeks I watched him with his other clients and decided to take him up on his offer.I booked one session with Scott and demanded that we concentrate on my bench-pressing! I found Scott to be very professional in his approach, he has a very tongue in cheek humor, which he uses to break the boredom of training and indeed to spur you on. We used various pieces of equipment and eventually concentrated on my big lift. Although I didn’t break the barrier that day, he wrote out a detailed bench-pressing programme for me to use in the coming weeks.I noticed my progress improve, so I decided to book another session to help me make the big lift. Again Scott helped me to warm up correctly, to stretch properly and work up to the big lift. I managed to lift 120kg for the first time! I was elated and immediately booked more sessions with Scott to help me overcome my training weaknesses. I was frustrated to find that most, if not all of the prime-time were booked up by his other clients. I booked a few slots that suited me and continued to use the best personal trainer I have ever come across.Damian