Lower Back Pain Specialist Trainer Battersea in London

Lower Back Pain Specialist In London

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25 years helping back pain suffers.

Lower Back Pain Specialist Trainer Battersea in London
 Lower back pain personal trainer London specialist C.H.E.K personal trainer is a specialised fitness trainer who focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the lower back and glutes to improve posture and reduce lower back pain. A lower back pain personal trainer will typically have the following qualifications: they are certified Master

click here C.H.E.K Practitioner , they have an Exercise Specialist master ,and they have a certification in personal trainer Lower back pain Exercise specialist fitness trainer in London. More advanced techniques, and more successful than traditional physiotherapy.As a master Level 4 Paul C.H.E.K Institute Practitioner Scott uses a range of specialist techniques in his approach to diagnosing and then curing the problem. Most traditional physiotherapists ignore diet, lifestyle, posture and breathing pattern disorders in their assessment, and therefore cannot provide the appropriate exercise program.Diet and Lifestyle are also key ingredients that I incorporate into the healing process.

Here some Great tips to help with loser back pain London 

  1. Maintain good posture: Sit and stand with your shoulders back and your spine straight. Avoid slouching or hunching forward.
  2. Exercise regularly: Regular physical activity, such as walking,  or yoga, can help strengthen your back muscles and prevent back pain.
  3. Lift objects properly: When lifting heavy objects, use your legs rather than your back to lift, and avoid twisting your body while lifting.
  4. Use ergonomically designed furniture and equipment: Choose a chair that provides good back support, and make sure your computer screen is at eye level.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight: Excess weight puts additional stress on your back muscles and can lead to back pain.
  6. Take breaks from sitting: If you spend long periods sitting at a desk or in a car, take breaks to stand up, stretch, and move around.
  7. Practice stress reduction techniques: Stress can cause muscle tension, which can lead to back pain. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga.
  8. See a healthcare professional: If you have chronic back pain or any other medical condition that may be causing your back pain, consult with a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  9. Eat foods that are right for your nervous systems. 
  10. Stretch as soon as you wake up 
  11. Drink your body weight in water in ounces of water per day.

By following these tips, you can help prevent back pain and keep your back healthy.

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Scott’s holistic approach has achieved great success in treating the following conditions.                                                                            

 Results when working with corrective exercise holistic back pain specialist in London .

  1. No more Lower back pain.
  2. Lose weight.
  3. Click here improve Your posture.
  4. Have more Strength.
  5. Strong back and strong core. 
  6. Know the best exercise for you.
  7. Lower stress and anxiety with your back pain.
  8. Keep exercise for your sports with no pain.
  9. Sleep better with no pain.

Lower Back Pain Specialist Trainer Battersea in London

What back pain Scott helps with Chronic lower back pain:There’s many things you can do to help with your colleague Lower Back Pain massage ice shower is magnesium bath don’t sit for longer than 15 minutes get a standing table for work get the chek assessment done with Scott Buy a massage chair for work don’t eat foods that inflame your body.

We get you the back pain and fitness weight loss results! 

  • Knee, shoulder and neck injuries.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Sciatica – nerve impingement.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  • Post surgery pain.
  • Sport rehabilitation.
  • Lower back pain don’t know why. 
  • Slipped disc.

     Scott’s approach will include :

  1. Initial posture and core and Movement assessment 4 hours .
  2. Exercise and pain History Assessment.
  3. Personalised program, frequently updated as progress is achieved.
  4. Diet and lifestyle coaching Program.
  5. Sports massage as required.
  6. Body mind healing Sessinon. 
  7. Other back pain relief techniques.
  8. Pain mapping to get the root cause or pain.
  9. Emotional control of pain. 

Lower Back Pain Fitness Specialist Trainer Battersea in London

Exercise Benefits for Lower Back Pain

Lumbar spine (low back) stability is largely dependent on the supporting abdominal (stomach) and low back musculature. The abdominal muscles provide a stabilising support with their ability to create pressure within the abdomen which is exerted posteriorly on the spine, therefore providing an anterior support column (from the front of the spine). The low back muscles stabilize the spine from the back and lead to posterior support

Lower Back Pain Fitness Specialist Trainer Battersea in London

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1. Back pain Success Stories, What Clients Have To Say

I am suffering from chronic low back pain and have been exercising with Scott for about a month now. I can already see a significant reduction in my pain levels. Scott comes across as an expert in pain reduction and holistic fitness, and is very generous with his time once he decides to train with somebody.

2. Back pain Success Stories, What Clients Have To Say

My husband and I are in the eighth week of training with Scott. He has completely changed our lives. We moved from the US with the unhealthiest of lifestyles—working long hours with long commutes, perpetual sleep deprivation, high stress and anxiety, eating greasy and processed fast food, sugar and other addictions, no exercise. We knew we needed help. We wanted a 4th-level CHEK practitioner, who was not tied to a specific gym, and who would accommodate our schedules by training us in our home. Scott was the trainer we chose. He approaches fitness holistically, focusing first on behavioral and psychological changes, rather than barreling ahead with intense physical exertion. Scott designed for us a highly personalized program to establish proper diet, breathing, stretching, and other stress reduction techniques, as well as light and energizing physical training. It is a strategy that works. I have lost 16 pounds and kicked the sugar, NSAID, and caffeine habits, finally reducing my anxiety. My husband has lost 20 pounds, has almost no back pain after 10 years of agony, and is managing his stress effectively. In light of this progress, Scott is developing a new program for us, and we look forward to taking our fitness to the next level. As should be expected, this level of personalized service and attention does not come cheap. But the investment is worth it. Scott is worth it. If you have the means and are seriously committed to achieving optimum health, call Scott today.

3. Sciatica Lower back Pain Success Stories, What Clients Have To Say

Lower Back Pain Fitness Specialist Trainer Battersea in London

Scott has deep knowledge of body biomechanics. He initiated treatment with a comprehensive full body assessment in order to diagnose the cause of my back pain, coupled with a detailed questionnaire covering diet, lifestyle, and previous exercise programs. Scott has tremendous energy and makes himself available 24/7, he is totally dedicated to his clients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Lilia K

4. both upper and lower back pain Success Stories, What Clients Have To Say!

Lower Back Pain Specialist Trainer Battersea in London

I was lucky enough to have found Scott at a time when I was suffering from both upper and lower back pain at a very young age, with two herniated discs and prolonged soreness and tension across my upper body. This developed over years of a sedentary lifestyle and incorrect training in the gym. I found Scott’s website online by randomly searching for “pain + personal trainer”. I was immediately attracted by the way he set out his training philosophy, and the unanimously positive feedback he received from previous clients. I gave him a ring immediately. Despite being made aware of my limited affordability, we spent 45 minutes with on the phone discussing my conditions. I was touched by the genuine care he showed and his credentials as a level 4 CHEK practitioner. I signed up and began training immediately. The results have been truly impressive. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see a dramatic improvement in health, strength, and pain free fitness 

Yubo Mao

5.Lower back and shoulder pain Success Stories, What Clients Have To Say!

 I started working with Scott at the beginning of 2012. I had a number of issues which required time to fix but I saw early improvement in my lower back and shoulder pain because Scott identified it was linked to to my diet. With Scott’s guidance I changed my diet and within a short period of time my shoulder pain has reduced significantly. Scott is very much a no-nonsense guy, but he is also friendly, passionate about his work, very thorough, and he really cares about his clients’ wellbeing. He communicates frequently and is permanently available which I found amazing. Yahoo ( Accountant )

6.Lumbar Spondylolisthesis Success Stories, What Clients Have To Say!

I’ve been working with Scott for a month October 30 2019 and can already notice changes both physically and mentally.
I found Scott at a time where I felt like I’d exhausted all options and felt helpless. I suffered with Lumbar Spondylolisthesis (L5/S1) which is a form of a disc herniation in the lower back. I have struggled with pain since I was 12 years old. Since that point I have seen a variety of professionals, topped off with two spinal operations. Throughout all of those experiences I never felt understood or felt confident in their decisions like I do with Scott and his approach. His extensive knowledge combined with his natural caring energy has taught me a lot in a short space of time; I feel heard, understood and cared for. I enjoy the exercises provided in my plan as I can feel how and why they work, and I have also opened up my mind to shamanic healing.
Together we have set goals and I can’t wait to feel the difference.

*DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.

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