Press Up Push Pattern and Chest Development: Achieve a Big Chest

Press ups, anybody can do them, men and women but women struggle more than men simply because men are with more upper bodies strength than lower body strength testosterone is a press up a really great exercise 25 years of experience as a personal trainer and master Paul Chek Practitioner  Scott will go over the press up in deathly in this blog what is the present good for? You may need to avoid press up And the press up can be a great exercise to be done at home in the park or even in the office.

So what is press up?:

It is an exercise that builds upper body strength or tone, the shoulders and the pictorial muscle can be against the wall, putting your hands on the wall pushing away can be done on the floor hands and feet on the floor and pushing yourself away this is a press up. 

The benefits of a press up:

Are help with push pattern movements pushing yourself away from the floor, pushing doors open, putting things away in the cupboard Pushing people away from you, the push pattern is a fundamental movement pattern that everybody needs to be strong in, but if you don’t if you don’t use it, you lose it
The reason why you would not do a press up if you have shoulder pain if you have elbow pain if you have bad posture if you have Lower Back Pain, if you have weak serratus anterior if you have a shoulder or pectoral injuryPress Up Push Pattern And Chest Development Big Chest

Most women find it very hard do press up:

to do a press up this is because of winging scapulars weak, and generally weak upper buddies and low testosterone exercise can be adapted from doing on the wall then Swiss press up then knees press then press up.
Press Up Push Pattern And Chest Development Big Chest

Press ups for chest growth:

Is very limited. Yes you can train the chest every other day but your body will soon adjust to your bodyweight an and you would need to add extra weight in which to get chest development so so you’d have to start doing benchpress cable, fly flies and other chest exercises to get growth and develop. 

How to build strength in the chest:

is not just about press ups and variation of press up. This can be a starting point. But to build real strength in the chest takes heavy bench pressing on a regular basis, at least twice a week you should start out by testing your your one maximum for your bench press once you know this, then you should do strength training 75% which would be repetitions from 1 to 6 for 4 to 5 sets then slowly overtime. You will see your strength in your chest go up and size to most guys that had big chest development either have good genetics or have a very good benchpress more than their bodyweight you can include the chest for flies, cable crossovers pressing from the floor to increase your size in your chest and pectoral area.

Here are 8 different ways you can do the press up: 

1. On the wall.
2. Press on top Swiss ball.
3. Press on Top of kettlebell.
4. Press up On top of medicine ball. 
5. One arm press up. 
6. Press up off the sofa.
7. Clap press ups. 
8 Trx press ups.
Press Up Push Pattern And Chest Development Big Chest

Why Scott doesn’t recommend 100 press ups challenge:

Press up, challenge will only build endurance, but will not build strength This may cause Lower Back Pain. And for the pictorial muscle to get smaller press up programmed design is essential if you have bad posture, weak shoulders and and cannot do the press up properly this takes coaching to get this right Scott has seen in Clients the more press ups somebody can do the worse, their posture can be so if you would like to challenge yourself with press ups 5 sets of 20 reps on speed of movement of a 444 tempo go down slowly for four for four, come up for four count we will probably only do 20 repetitions first time put the stick across your back, keeping your head pressed against the stick when you’re in the press up position to keep perfect alignment to prevent neck, injuries spinal alignment.
Press Up Push Pattern And Chest Development Big Chest

Aging Well Keep Strong

Women to conquer the press up:

they start on the wall standing in front of the wall, putting hands on the wall feet away from the wall, push away Then progress to using Swiss ball at hips and do a press up then go to knees press ups in front on the floor kneeling on the floor as you get stronger over six weeks then start or try full press up any woman can do a press up with the right coach helping you.
Press Up Push Pattern And Chest Development Big Chest

The reason why so many men love the press up: 

Is because they have issues with Dad and they are imagining subconsciously that they’re pushing their dad away aggressively push-up, will build some muscle which gives a man a better aesthetic look like he’s in control he’s the boss he has the power so press up can improve a man’s self-esteem especially looking weak and skinny.

So the press up can be beneficial to a beginner exercises:

for increasing upper body strength with no assistance as the body gets stronger it is a must that you progress to using weights you’re looking for enhance strength and bigger pectoral muscle  remembering that the body gets used to what you’re very fast so if you’re looking for hypertrophy and strength in the upper body, you must progress to lifting weights a cable push dumbbell or barbell bench press.
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