10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise

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Your Home Home workout program.

10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program

10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise Fitness Program

kettlebell was a girya and it was developed in the 1700s. Basically, this is a cast iron weight that resembles a cannonball with a handle. … Girevoy Sport uses two types of russian kettlebells-a single and a double, also called a “snatch” and a “jerk”
Where were kettlebells first used? Some suggest that they date back to Ancient Greece, however, the first concrete evidence pins the kettlebell to the beginning of the 18th century, wherein 1704, the word ‘Girya’ (meaning kettlebell), was first published in the Russian dictionary.


   11 Benefits of kettlebells fat loss exercise at home:

  • 1: Kettlebells give you a stronger grip and more powerful forearms.
  • 2 :Kettlebells don’t require a large training space.
  • 3.Not hard to use Kettlebells
  • 4: Kettlebells reduce your overall workout time.
  • 5: Kettlebells provide a workout anywhere, any time.
  • 6: Kettlebells help you get cardio.
  • 7:Improve your strength and power.
  • 8:Big fat loss workout with Kettlebells.
  • 9: Kettlebells can be great for any add on to your fitness workout.
  • 10:Kettlebells Improves Balance & Stabiliser Muscles.
  • 11:Kettlebells Develops Explosive HIP Power & Speed.
  • 12.Kettlebells don’t take up room in the home

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Who can use Kettlebell for Fat Loss Exercise any one Good for beginners? Yes, if you take a class or pick a DVD that’s for beginners and use a lighter kettlebell. There are also more advanced kettlebell workouts for those who are more fit.have a chat with your personal trainer in gym to help you.“If your goal is to burn fat, increase power
10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program

10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program

kettlebell workouts are great to get you strong: Working out with kettlebells will improve your flexibility. Aerobic: Yes. This is a high-intensity workout that will get your heart rate pumping. … The kettlebell is an effective weight that will build muscle strength and give you fat loss and strong looking body.

kettlebell workouts program need to be design for your body need you don’t need to 100 reps of Swings to get results you can do 3 set of of 15 reps and do more as you feel more confident with your kettlebell workouts fat loss workout less is all ways is more if feel you pain after your kettlebell workouts fat loss workout make sure rest and have 2 days off and then get back to it it can take time for your body to get use to your kettlebell workouts.call Scott if need more help. 

10 kettlebell exercise you can do at home or in park or in your garden:

1.KETTLEBELL DEADLIFT:Kettlebell deadlifts are a weight training exercise performed using kettlebells. In this exercise, you have to lift the kettlebells off the ground to the level of your hips. … Kettlebells improve the overall strength of the body and improve the coordination, balance and flexibility of the body.


10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program


2.KETTLEBELL GOBLET SQUAT:Goblet Squats · Grab a light kettlebell and fix in the goblet position. · Squat as low as you can and keep your torso elevated10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program

3.KETTLEBELL SWING:kettlebell swing works the muscles in the hips, glutes, hamstrings, lats, abs, shoulders, pecs and grip. It’s a simple and fast way to incorporate a very athletic movement into a routine safely while burning a ton of calories


10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program


4.KETTLEBELL GOBLET STEPUPS:kettlebell and hold it under your chin with both hands (hold the dumbbell long ways). Step 2: Stand with the bench right in front of you. Step 3: Place your right foot on the bench and stand up on the bench. Step 4: As you stand up bring your left knee up and to your waist.

10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program

5.KETTLEBELL CURTSY LUNGE When it comes to your glutes. A curtsy lunge activates the gluteus maximus, the biggest muscle of your glutes, along with the gluteus medius and minimus. This exercise also strains the gluteus medius and minimus more than traditional lunges. … These muscles work as a stabilizer, especially for the leg that is stationary


10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program


 6. KETTLEBELL PUSH-PRESS:Hold a kettlebell by your shoulder. Keeping your torso upright, bend your knees and drive through your legs to press the kettlebell above your head. Lower it back to your shoulder and repeat.

10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program


7.KETTLEBELL SINGLE-ARM BOTTOMS-UP PRESS:Stand tall with feet shoulder-distance apart, holding a kettlebell by the handle with the bell-side up in left hand. Bring left hand in front of shoulder and right hand on waist. Keeping core tight, press weight toward ceiling above left shoulder. Slowly lower to start; repeat.




  8.SPLIT-STANCE KETTLEBELL ROW From a standing position, take a long step forwards as if performing a lunge. The heel of your back foot should be raised. Keeping your torso straight, lower slowly until your back knee almost touches the floor, then push back up. Complete all your reps on one leg, then switch to the other.

10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program


9.KETTLEBELL SINGLE-ARM BOTTOMS-UP PRESPosition the kettlebell in a bottoms up position and keep the elbow in line with the shoulder. Press the bell overhead until the shoulder reaches full flexion and the elbow is locked out. Slowly lower the kettlebell back to the starting position and repeat for the assigned number of repetitions.


10 Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercise:For Your Home Program


  10.KETTLEBELL HALF-KNEELING HALO:Grab a kettlebell by the handles and flip it upside down. Next, slowly start the move the kettlebell around your head making sure the kettlebell moves a dn not your head. Return: Return to the start position and repeat in the other direction.

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