Obesity levels in children

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At all time high in the UK,

Scott Bryant is a top personal trainer and CHEK Practitioner, he shares his views on children in our society today

What has gone wrong ? Some school dinners?

Too much home work? too much stress to do well in tests and examinations?

Not enough play time outdoors?

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Morbidly Obese Help

Obesity Levels In Children At All Time High In The UK Also, in a lot of busy households, mum and dad are eating poorly. As we grow up we mirror our parents, as they are our closest role models: we see mum and dad sitting in front of the tv eating pizza and we think it’s cool. On top of that we have pc’s, lap tops, ipads and play stations – which I think we should rename “fat stations”.
Treats for kids are almost always terrible for the body – Coca Cola, why on earth would you want to give your kids something that is strong enough to disintegrate a tooth over a 2 day period. Would you be happy to give your child paint stripper? no thought not.. then why do we happily give children sweets and ice cream which contain  diethyl glycol — a cheap chemical used to take the place of eggs, which is also used in anti-freeze and paint removers and Acetate, again common in most ice creams and sweets, can also be used as a paint solvent and it’s vapors have been known to cause chronic organ damage!  – Fun food in reality is nothing by poison.
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Kids are getting less and less exercise because they spend a lot of time sitting around: in the car to and from school, at school all day and then evenings and weekends in front of the tv, play station etc, When they come home from school they have snacks and meals full of fat and sugar and then they go to their room to sit in front of their pc, do their home work and then the ‘fat station’ goes on till 10 pm or even 12 am.
This is why some of our kids are getting fat. And the presence of TVs and PCs etc. in their bedrooms means that there is lots of electro-magnetic pollution which stops the body from going into the deep sleep which their young bodies need for healing and cleaning.
Bad food too late at night, too much stress from school and not eating as a family. This could be the biggest mistake as we de-stress when we eat with mum and dad and we learn to enjoy good food. The breakdown of families and and the stress from school and too much home work and the stress to be the best is greatly contributing to making kids fat.
There is so much bad food in the shops and on tv that we just don’t know what to buy any more. 40 years ago we did not have such a problem with fat children: we lived differently:
no school runs in the car; less homework; lots of family time; getting to bed on time – fewer late nights; fresh meat and vegetables, more water to drink; more exercise, and less ‘sitting’. All this would improve the health of our children and reduce the incidence of obesity.

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When it comes to hyperactive children, I think it is too much bad food, and sweet drinks, some school dinners which are still loaded with fat and sugar and not enough exercise. Sugar is the biggest drug on the the planet and it’s legal. It is in all processed food: the food companies know it is addictive that why it is in everything from baked beans to bread and cakes, and of course soft drinks. Microwave meals and processed meat products also often contain sugar.
You put bread in your kid’s packed lunch along with a chocolate bar. They get no exercise at school. At home, mum and dad are too busy to play with their kids or to take the time to give them good food, but stress them out to do their home work. Hyperactive children become this way because of bad foods, no love from mum and dad, and too much sugar.
Metabolic Typing DietAspartame is another problem. It is toxic. It replaces sugar in chewing gum and lots of kids’ sweets and fizzy drinks. People think that because the products are sugar free they are not bad for you. The opposite is true. It is a drug and is not a food that the body can recognise. At 100 degrees, in the body, it turns into formaldehyde that is used to embalm dead bodies.
Children’s bodies are like plants: they need fresh water, good food, lots of loving care, sun light and movement and sufficient rest at night. If you play loud rock music to a plant it will not grow in the way it should – this has been scientifically proven. If you water it too much or too little it will die.
This is where we are going wrong with our children`; too much stress, too much homework, bad food, too much sugar, not enough exercise, too much tv and computer games, and not enough love. FEMALE FIRST.