Squats: Unlock Longevity and Health with One of the Best Exercises

Squatting is not only a foundation exercise. it’s a longevity exercise that helps slow down the aging process as well as if you’ve got strong legs you’ll have strong knees, you have strong calves strong, glutes that can help with Back Pain as well help with ageing, being able to get up and down the stairs stand standing up in sitting down, will be much easier as you age it will cover why you must squat the benefits of squatting And how to do it and squats easily and to make them harder as you progress to get glut quad muscles shapely and defined and lose fat.

The squat exercise is a complete must for anybody:

that’s exercising Because the quads and the glutes are the biggest muscles in the body so they need more work and they do more work in every day life and this is why you must work them out on a regular basis I would say twice a week because they’re such a big muscle and they are used  constantly. You don’t want to overtrain them and you don’t want to under train them there’s a fine balance that you need to stick to to stop onset soreness after squatting exercises so the squat exercise is good for many different sports like Boxing Golf Tennis skiing walking sprinting running and weightlifting all these exercises mentioned above all need good quad and glut strength and this you’ll be able to get from regular squatting in the gym at home or in the park or even in the office if you have to get out of your bed in the morning or you have to sit on the toilet then you must squat it is a fundamental essential movement pattern. 

Does squatting help you burn fat:

Yes 100% because the score exercise is so hard and so demanding On the quad glue muscles and Hering This is why it will help you to burn fat some said it can even increase testosterone in men women and men that squat on a regular basis, have good muscle tone, glutes, hamstrings and quads but women will have a smaller shapely bum and men won’t get a saggy bum as they age
Why the most people avoid the squat exercise the simple reason is, they’re hard, demanding on the body, and you need a lot of determination to do a squat exercise This is why it’s so beneficial to do. Not only because it works the biggest muscles in the body, it’s been proven to slow down the aging process many will lose muscle from age 30 onwards so if you squat on a regular basis, this has been proven to slow down aging. 
How low should you go in the squat? This is a question many fitness professionals argue about:
Charles poliquin  strength and conditioning coach to 200 athletes in 200 different sports says it’s 100% beneficial to squat your arse to the grass. That means doing four ranger movement going all the way down I see many people in the gym doing a parallel squat, not going all the way down into full range of movement, this will make your thighs and hamstrings not strong as doing full range of movement if you look at if you look at people from eastern countries you’ll see that they squat all the way to the floor specially when they’re pooping over a toilet where you have to sit lower than a British toilet always using a full movement, squatting their arse to the grass I’ve had Clients with Knee Pain where I slowly get them to squat deeper and deeper to strengthen the knee, the hamstring and the glutes and overtime they become pain-free. 

Now, can you squat every day Well there’s a yes or no answer to this question:

When you get out of bed you’re doing a squat when you’re sitting on the toilet you’re doing a squat when you’re sitting on the sofa or a chair you’re doing a squat b but when it comes to exercise program and squatting it’s very important that you don’t do the squat exercise every day. Every muscle in the body needs 48 hours rest in which to recover and repair and to get stronger and hypertrophy. If that’s your goal.

Can I squat when I have Knee Pain?

Yes you can Scott’s Personal Training experience of over 25 years uses a system called overlapping Fitness which means when you have Knee Pain you squat above the Knee Pain and as your legs and knees get stronger, then you start to squat lower into the pain which helps the pain, the dissipate improve Scott has found with his Knee Pain clients When it comes to Knee Pain it can be tight hamstrings tight, quads, or glutes or even a tight lower back can cause Knee Pain or obviously an injury.

How to look more sexy if you use squatting:

in your exercise program now, men and women, these days all want nice shaped glutes muscle This can be helped with squatting. And lunging. Scott gets his clients to do the back lunch. and deep squatting, in which to help his clients reach their goal of more better looking bum.

What types of Squats is There?

You have the front squat you have the back squat you have the assisted squat with stick and Swiss ball you can do a hip extension exercise which which is with a Swiss ball if you have Lower Back Pain or Knee Pain You can do a sissy squat You can do a Bulgarian split squat which Scott has found to be one of the best exercises for increasing quad muscle strength and size. 

The 14 best squat exercises: 

1.Standing squat. 
2.Tempo squatting. 
3.Assisted squatting.
4.Swiss ball squatting.
5.One leg squirting.
6.Jump, squats.
7.Back weighted, squats.
8.Front weighted, squats.
9.Sissy, squats.
10. Ski, squats. 
11.Deep squats.
13.TRX squatting.
14.dumbell Squats.   

Squats, an absolute essential in anyone’s fitness or health regime:

Squatting would improve strength, endurance, slow down the aging process as well as give you a much sexier looking, but as well as defined quads so squatting in any exercise program is an absent, must it must not be missed many bodybuilders have big upper bodies, but smaller lower bodies and many women have bigger lower bodies and smaller upper bodies This is just genetics men’s genetics in legs, unless they gifted is less than a woman’s, but a woman is gifted with big butts, specially African women and big thighs Many women store more body fat in their glut muscle, then on other body parts. Where is men store in their bellies more? Then their legs as men age, the legs will get smaller and the belly will get bigger. If they’re not doing squats for women it’s the opposite the legs will get bigger as well as the bum as well as the belly if you have insulin resistance This is a big factor in whether you would have fat legs. And a fat bum.

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