Maximise Your Workout with Coffee: Benefits Before and After Exercise

Is coffee a good choice for your workouts?

Drinking coffee for a pre-workout drink could be a great idea, but a product that can give you so much can also hurt you at the same time. Coffee can enhance metabolism, increase endurance, and improve athlete performance. It gives you more focus in your workouts and helps you burn more calories and body fat. But depending on what time you drink it, it can cause poor sleep issues. If you consume coffee after 3pm, the caffeine will stay in your system for many hours after exercise, potentially affecting your circadian rhythm (your sleep pattern). Evidence shows that drinking caffeine later in the day may jack up your nervous system and prevent you from getting into recovery sleep for your muscles.

How to drink coffee to help with your workouts:

Coffee and Its Benefits Before and After Exercising: London

Coffee and Its Benefits Before and After Exercising: London

It’s much better to have an espresso – it will give you more focus in your workouts and a buzz (just don’t drink it after 3 pm!). The other thing that you could try is bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee is one of my favourites, using coconut oil, agave, and cream, butter, or coconut oil.

What types of coffee are the best?

If you’re a health and fitness person, and you don’t want to damage your adrenal glands or build a fungus infection in your body, then the best type of coffees are caffeine-free and toxin-free, bean or ground, and definitely organic. Most coffee you buy at the coffee shop is very cheap and full of pesticides and chemicals, which may add to your headaches or weight gain. If I work with clients who drink high amounts of coffee, I tell them to stop drinking the coffee, and they will lose inches very fast. However, many clients who are addicted to coffee can find it hard to quit, especially when getting headaches from caffeine withdrawal. 

Coffee alternatives:          

Coffee alternatives

Coffee alternatives

There are some good ones out there that are decaffeinated, but a great coffee alternative is tea, green and herbal. Green tea is higher in caffeine. I prefer not to have caffeine because it’s quite an addictive stimulant, and it can cause other health issues. You’ll find that if you stop caffeine for a week, you may get constant headaches. But after you get off it, you may see your abdominals more as they will be leaner.

Is coffee really good for fitness?

Some marathon runners and triathletes find it highly beneficial to have a coffee if their bowels are not working. Being highly caffeinated can help the bowel dispel fetal material.

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Coffee addiction and fitness addiction:

Coffee addiction and fitness addiction:

Coffee addiction and fitness addiction:

Many fitness enthusiasts start on the coffee rollercoasters of highs and lows, especially when they can’t sleep. Thus, it’s really important to drink coffee in moderation, once daily, if possible (and no later than 3pm!).

You also have to watch your gut and adrenal health – if you find that over time, you have to drink more and more coffee to achieve the same effects, but your performance is decreasing, it may be better to drink bulletproof coffee, which is less harmful to the system. Make sure the coffee you’re drinking is toxin-free.

The best coffee I’ve found from Amazon is Mindful Coffee. It’s without the caffeine, so you can still have the taste without having the harmful effects on adrenal health and weight gain. A good substitute for coffee is a charger, a mushroom from the birch tree. It contains over 2,000 antioxidants and can help give you more endurance without any harmful side effects.

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