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Hi I’m Scott Bryant,

And my approach to health, fitness,

and wellbeing is through the body as a system of systems.

When working with my clients, I use a comprehensive

 World Renowned C.H.E.K holistic approach 

  The Corrective, Holistic, Exercise,Kinesiology

holistic approach  is not only cutting-edge,

  it is highly effective. I am passionate about what I do

   and have been Using my unique system successfully

     For over 22 years. 

Operating Times: Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm Saturday-10am-3pm Closed Sunday.

Scott is mobile ,so he can do personal fitness sessions with  you in your home, the park, your office or the, Total flexibility to work around your lifestyle.

Personal Trainer Battersea Park, Great Portland Street Personal Trainer Clapham Common, Personal Trainer Royal Borough Parks of Kensington, and Chelsea,

Frequently asked questions about Active Bryant Systems personal training London. 

Achieve your fitness goals personal training London,
combined with a holistic approach to your fitness workout


Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Stamina, Fat Loss


Our Top Personal Training


Service London

personal trainer london
C.H.E.K based personal training for Spinal and Sports Injury rehabilitation.
personal trainer london
Are you stressed and tired, or full of anxiety and tension all of the time? Do you have a sports injury it’s time to get a Sports Massage.
personal trainer london
C.H.E.K based training program using metabolic profiling to achieve your long term sustainable weight loss objectives.                                                        
personal trainer london
Gut & Nutrition Health Coaching Are you fed up being constipated and in pain I give gut and nutrition coaching and testing get root cause.

“The Best Personal Trainer In London”  

personal trainer london
C.H.E.K Golf Swing Biomechanic C.H.E.K assessment and personalised training program to ensure improved performance.
personal trainer london

I have no hesitation in recommending Scott. He is an excellent C.H.E.K.Practitoner who has shown me a clear path forward and motivated me to levels of personal fitness that I could not have achieved on my own. Results may vary from person to person.

Martine McCutcheon

Pop Star Movie Star Book Author

Before i started working with Scott i was obese, suffering from extreme stress, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, fungus & parasites, and joint pain. This led to depression and loss of self worth. Within the first 9 months i lost 3 stone, restored my gut to full health, improved sleeping patterns, and through Scott’s nutritional guidance my general health dramatically. I would highly recommend Scott for his expertise, passion.
Debbie Miller

C.H.E.K Practitioner level 2, Health Coaching Scotland

 Here’s What my Clients Have To Saying 

I had Scott as a personal trainer for many years, around 18 I can say that training with him is a part of my life. He helped me to stay young, to have a proper good posture, to remain flexible and to maintain a proper fit muscular body despite the age! I enjoy not only the physical training but also the discussion and advice on nutrition and wellness. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Scott, try and you will be satisfied!

Dr. Roberto Viel

Plastic Surgeon, LCAS 15 Harley St,

As Featured In

personal trainer london
Scott chat about Madonna in the Observer Madonna brought yoga much more into the mainstream
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Ive been working with Scott for 5 years with a real objective to improve my golf game. I have been aware of the Paul Chek approach to fitness and sports performance for some years, and with Scott training me the results have been extraordinary.
Kevin Oppenheim,

Property Investor

Have you got Parasites? Fungal infections? These are two very overlooked medical conditions that many doctors would poo poo if you felt you had them (excuse the pun). I caught parasites for a variety of reasons and my GP did not believe me. The NHS stool tests are a waste of time as they only look for 4-6 parasites when there are 3500 recorded. I had  over a week so Scott can really know where my health sticking points are. Moreover, Scott help me to get my health back.
Joel Rad

Naturopath , Joel Rad Coaching

personal trainer london
Breeze FM Scott Bryant Is Not Same As Personal Trainer In London
Click here .
personal trainer london
Scott was featured in women magazine when the going get tough keep going.
personal trainer london
Scott was contributed author to health and wellbeing and fitness to The Viels’ Beauty Bible.
personal trainer london
Scott was featured in golf news for golf exercise program.

Scott is the Author of his own book.



Proper Geezers And Classy Ladies :

Get The Body And Fitness You Want !

     He has over 50 5 Stars Reviews for his fitness book. 

personal trainer london

Scott New book

Holistic health for proper geezers and classy ladies is one of the best holistic health I have read. Scott Bryant does a great job, explaining about the importance of diet, lifestyle, detoxing the body, correct exercise program and goal setting as well the important for healing mind and body with shamanism.
The writing in the book is funny and well written. Scott Bryant sum up each chapter well and don’t drag on like some book. He gets to the point, unlike some books I have read in the past that waffle on.
If you’re into holistic health or personal trainer, I highly recommended this book. It is easy to read and understand. I look forward to reading more of Scott Bryant work in the future


Scott Bryant is an exercise pain management specialist, he has been helping runners, golfers, tennis players, triathletes and skiers with injuries like lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee and elbow pains for 22 years. Scott uses a holistic approach to and approach to pain and looks at all aspects of your lifelong with your sport performance and fitness program. Scott uses over 140 in-depth assessments to get the root cause of your pain to fix it for good, using  advanced methods from the USA.

*DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.


personal trainer london

Functional Diagnostic Medicine in London

What is Functional Diagnostic Medicine? Functional Diagnostic Helps You heal Functional Diagnostic Medicine is about getting to the root cause of the problem. Underlying conditions such as fungus, parasites, Candida, leaky gut or any other unbeneficial condition you...

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London’s Highest qualified Personal fitness trainer in London and Master Paul C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 4 diet and lifestyle coach sport massage therapist that can come to your home, gym, park, or work place, or private gyms, or online  he gets You pain free and back to fitness and sports 22 years in Personal fitness training  and coaching London.

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Active Bryant Systems

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personal trainer london

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