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We are personal fitness trainers in London who use corrective exercise for lower back pain, and sports strength conditioning for anyone who is in pain, overweight, or has health issues. Have you tried everything to get the results you want, and no one, not even a personal fitness trainer, or physio could help you? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we can help you get the results you deserve!

I’m Scott Bryant, and my approach to health, fitness, and well-being is through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle, working with the body as a system of systems. When working with my clients, I use a comprehensive, world-renowned C.H.E.K.Institute holistic approach. The Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, and Kinesiology approach is both cutting-edge and highly effective. I am passionate about what I do and have successfully employed my unique system for over 25 years. I am the author of 3 books, 1 Ebook 10 Fat Loss Secrets, Tips for Healthy back, And The Viel Beauty Bible and Holistic Health for Proper Geezers and Classy Ladies: Get the Body and Fitness You Want! (which has over 100  five-star online reviews!). My Fourth book is coming out in 2023.

                       HOLISTIC HEALTH for Proper Geezers and Classy Ladies: Get The Body And Fitness You want…

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Personal Fitness Trainer In London

Book.Author by Scott Bryant

 Personal Fitness Training & Coaching Service London 


Why online personal training? Having an online personal trainer delivers a workout program to you.

When it comes to posture, fitness, and lifestyle, our body is watching from the inside out. We all need good posture 
A lower back pain specialist, C.H.E.K personal trainer is a specialised back pain trainer who focuses on assessing.

We offer golf fitness! Do you want to play better golf? Every single golfer on the planet will answer YES! 

 Tennis players need a great strength and conditioning program and practical lifestyle coaching. 
Metabolic Typing Diet identify London nutritional deficiencies a revolutionary system lose fat fast with no calorie counting.
Sports Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer fitness in London Sports injury performance injuries golf, tennis, ski 
Personal Trainers Business Mentoring, & Online in London
Personal Trainers Business Mentoring, & Online in London Mentoring and Coaching Online in London call today.on 07841144878 

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Personal training certification

 Qualified Master Personal Fitness Trainer in London 

      Approved Personal Trainer Certified Master C.H.E.K Practitioner with 23 Years Experience. 
YMCA Master Personal Trainer London ,Master C.H.E.K Practitioner level 5,C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach.Level 3,C.H.E.K.Golf Biomechanics, MTAA Metabolic Typing Advanced Advisor Level 2,Functional Diagnostic NutritionistPractitioner, TouchPro Seated Acupressure, Boxercise, Sports Massage  LondonTherapist, Shaman Practitioner,Naturopathy,

C.H.E.K. Practitioner

11 reasons why you should call me today

chek Practitioner Scott Bryant.


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Fees & Service


If you’re considering using our personal fitness training services, try a free “taster” session first! This will give you a much greater insight into our services so you can make an informed decision about the right option for you. *Available in your home, at a local park, or online. 

Personal Trainers in London Get You Fitness & Lifestyle Results

Anyone can walk into a gym and hire a personal trainer, but with Scott what you get is a personalised bespoke service that is catered for you.PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER IN LONDON RESULTS PERSONAL TRAINING

From my initial visit, I knew I was getting a specialist service. He wanted to know everything about me and did a complete analysis of my life including my eating, sleeping, day to day activities taking into account my 60hr working week in a stressful government role. He took into account any medical issues, how exercise for me in my 40’s at the weight I am could impact any further stress on my body resulting in further problems.Scott is a knowledgable person who has clearly invested an awful lot into the training. He clearly understands what is required for different people and my training is 100% bespoke for me.I’ve been with Scott for a number of weeks and have lost a fair bit of weight, but more importantly, I haven’t had to spend hours in the gym on treadmills, pushing and pulling heavy weights to get there.Scott has a real talent and can assist any client who is willing and able to commit to his style of training. If you’re committed, he will work with you and you will achieve your goals like I have.Gj Aquascapes 

PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER IN LONDON RESULTS PERSONAL TRAINING My husband and I are in the eighth week of training with Scott. He has completely changed our lives.
We moved from the US with the unhealthiest of lifestyles—working long hours with long commutes, perpetual sleep deprivation, high stress and anxiety, eating greasy and processed fast food, sugar and other addictions, no exercise. We knew we needed help. We wanted a 4th-level CHEK practitioner, who was not tied to a specific gym, and who would accommodate our schedules by training us in our home. Scott was the trainer we chose. He approaches fitness holistically, focusing first on behavioural and psychological changes, rather than barreling ahead with intense physical exertion. Scott designed for us a highly personalised program to establish proper diet, breathing, stretching, and other stress reduction techniques, as well as light and energising physical training. It is a strategy that works. I have lost 16 pounds and kicked the sugar, NSAID, and caffeine habits, finally reducing my anxiety. My husband has lost 20 pounds, has almost no back pain after 10 years of agony, and is managing his stress effectively. In light of this progress, Scott is developing a new program for us, and we look forward to taking our fitness to the next level. As should be expected, this level of personalised service and attention does not come cheap. But the investment is worth it. Scott is worth it. If you have the means and are seriously committed to achieving optimum health, call Scott today. 

Frequently asked questions about personal fitness training London, 

Operating Times:

Monday – Friday: 6am – 8pm Saturday-10am-3pm Closed Sunday.

Scott is mobile ,so he can do fitness coaching sessions with you in your home, the park, your office or the gym.Online,Total flexibility to work around your lifestyle.

Fitness Trainer ClaphamBattersea Park, Great Portland Street fitness coach Clapham Common London,Fitness Trainer Royal Borough Parks of Kensington, and Chelsea London,

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Active Bryant Fitness Systems in London 

Personal Fitness Training in London

Good Posture = Great Golf Sports Performance 


Personal Trainer In London

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At active bryant fitness systems.We want to offer our clients better service. We will not consider the coaching done until you lost weight got stronger and are pain free and reach your goals and are 100% satisfied.We also like to manage expectations and that’s why we are  completely transparent with our straight forward rates and no hidden fees.

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I have no hesitation in recommending Scott. He is an excellent C.H.E.K.Practitoner who has shown me a clear path forward and motivated me to levels of personal fitness that I could not have achieved on my own. Results may vary from person to person.
Martine McCutcheon

Pop Star Movie Star Book Author

Think you got a better body faster by using a coach trainer than by going to the gym.I have been working out with Scott Bryant since August this year 2004 and I can honestly say that I have gone from being a sack of potatoes, and am well on my way to the land of trim taught and hopefully terrific? I will definitely keep up the good fight for fitness – if you want to be hot get Scott.

Val Garland(makeup artist to the stars

Real Client Reviews

London Personal Fitness Trainer

I had Scott as a personal trainer for many years, around 18 I can say that training with him is a part of my life. He helped me to stay young, to have a proper good posture, to remain flexible and to maintain a proper fit muscular body despite the age! I enjoy not only the physical training but also the discussion and advice on nutrition and wellness. He is very knowledgeable and he has good sense of humour he makes the sessions fun if in doubt try him out!
Dr. Roberto Viel

Plastic Surgeon, LCAS 15 Harley St,

Our Top 

Personal Fitness Training  

 Battersea in London

Scott has encouraged me to make small changes that have had a huge impact on my well being… Despite a recent injury, I have become leaner, stronger, more flexible and my posture has improved dramatically. Most importantly, my golf drive has increased by a good 30 yards.I highly recommend Scott as a personal trainer to anyone who is serious about health and fitness,


“more energy and more downtime, with less stress. Highly recommended”Corrective Exercise has been gaining with Scott since February When I damaged my shoulder  when holiday. Scott did Chek assessment. And then we did metabolic profiling, and some Shamanic healing, he shows so many new ways to exercise.

Physiotherapist Harley Street

Frequently asked questions about personal fitness training London.

Can you train me in my gym?

Yes I can if have you have your own home gym.or in Park of office, but if have you have gym membership, many gyms have there own personal trainer ,some may not let me in or if they do i have to pay fee to gym to use it but it will be added to your price you pay me if I have to pay them if that ok with you.?

What do I do if have an injury or medical condition.? 

At active bryant systems. you will get a deep analysis after you’re free consultation, that will cover your exercise and lifestyle history, and fitness levels, and medical history, and injuries, and anything that may influence your training workout. With the pain tree system. We have helped hundreds of clients recover and to prevent injuries, including many who just want to return to a more active lifestyle. After.lock down, or just living a sedentary lifestyle get back to sports or have health.condition like lower back pain or diabetes or obesity we can still help you. 

Do I need to buy fitness equipment  ?

Yes only if we are doing home fitness training, but if we are training in the gym all we need is in the gym, you may need buy some home Fitness kit you need to buy to help with pain management.and posture realignment.

Do I need to pay the gym? 

No it included in the price you pay Scott.

Achieve your fitness goals strength training in London 

Combined with a holistic approach to your fitness workout!




Personal Fitness Training in London.

We don’t guess we assess you on your unique body’s needs.

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*DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.

Lower Back Pain Personal Fitness Trainer London. 

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