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How to design the perfect workout program can be quite daunting and confusing if you don’t understand Rep Sets loads and more importantly tempo which is the speed of movement you do the exercise unfortunately on social media they talk about reps and sets, but they don’t talk about tempo which is just as important as the others I will give you examples of the best design programs and the worst I’ve studied with the Chek Institute starting with Charles Poliquin so getting my info from the best in the world when it comes to program design unfortunately 98% of people that work out in the gym have there programs in their head not on paper So they  cant cant realistically see their results over time many gym goes do the same exercise the same old routine week in week out and then constantly complain why am I not getting results if you’re seeing a good personal trainer in the gym, he or she should be document in your program and making sure you’re progressing every 2 to 4 to 6 weeks depending on how regular you go to the gym.

1. What is your goal, is it Fitness is Strength is it fat loss This needs to be taken into account to design the perfect workout program

2. In my 32 years of working out I’ve tried many programs are many different workouts splits my favourite is push and pull Are used to use bodybuilding programs, but never seem to work very well And I think you just end up over training the muscle group especially if youreDoing too many exercises on your triceps or biceps compared to your legs and back when doing a push and pull Workout Pull workout Would be bent over Rows Upright Rows The Deadlift the chin up Bicep curls shrug a push pattern would be squats shoulder press benchpress Swiss ball, press press ups standing cable push to name but a few I found when doing push pull patterns Workout Ive never been injured touchwood

How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London.

No exercise choice is really important in your exercise program I see many people doing it backwards in the gym doing abdominals first then doing the hardest exercise last that’s what’s really needed is for you to do the hardest exercise first and leaving abdominals and core till last if you done your trash your body I doing abdominals first I’m gonna do in the hardest exercise last this is when you get injured

personal trainer londonScott helped tailor a 4 week online program which helps me manage my back pain. The schedule including stretching routine as well. I always come back to Scott as he always helps me out even if I am unsure about certain workouts Maher Elbarbary

How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London

          How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London.How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London.

I have been looking to lose weight, eat better and lay down some structure to my life for a little while now. And for someone who doesn’t like the gym environment and lacks body confidence I reached out to Scott Bryant (Active Bryant Fitness) after spotting some of his videos on YouTube and tiktok.

Scott was offering a FREE workout programme and support with my diet, of course I was a bit sceptical at first. However, after an initial chat about my wants and needs, Scott spent well over an hour with me over social media and the phone talking about my life style and what I want to achieve.
Scott was absolutely fantastic, his wealth and knowledge about fitness is second to none. I am not familiar with some of the fitness terms or muscles groups etc. But Scott made it so simple for me to understand and explained why doing certain exercises and stretches actually supports the body and enable you to achieve better fitness. I honestly believe just after my initial consultation with him, he was one of the most experienced & committed trainers I have ever met.
Scott then prepared a programme for me to follow which included stretches and two workouts to follow. After more discussions and another phone call about the programme, Scott shared some great tools and information around what best diet would suit me (including a questionnaire on my metabolic type and other tools). He shared knowledge around some simple supplements which would assist my body type (including a remedy for my psoriasis skin condition)
I enjoyed the workout sessions which were easily explained to me and I couldn’t thank Scott enough. To invest (what I feel was loads of time and effort) this much into a stranger for FREE, to help them achieve goals, its amazing. But then also to make a workout session challenging and fun at the same time. I can’t thank you enough. Also bearing in mind he’s done this remotely from London as I live in Southampton.
Scott’s website also has an eBook to read, which has great information around weight loss and back pain (something I’ve suffered with a lot). There’s some healthy tips on saving your back from injury.  I’ve also purchased his book from amazon.

Thank you.kevin Tilburn  

Now when it comes to set the reps Loads and tempo Its really important to get this right Remember from 1 to 4 reps Is  purity strength and power With a rest and recovery time of 4 to 10 minutes Now this may seem a long time but I guarantee you your strength will skyrocket if you get the rest intervals correct I remember, the heavier you go the less you can do in sets and reps thats why its wonderful and you need to have a couple of days off before you work out again, otherwise you would damage the neural brain and maybe get sick will get the flu like symptoms because youre doing too much youll be over training The tempo in these exercises will be a 111 or an Or 121 To get optimum strength results, now when it comes to hypertrophy training, you would stay in the rep zone of 8 to 12 But a two uptempo with four down tempo When you get this right you’ll feel great gains in size muscle mass not as much strength

How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London.

Now the next one is an endurance training Which is the rep zone Of 15 to 20 but you can only do 2 to 3 sets or you will definitely be over training but the tempo is much slower so could be a 333 You would get more lactic build up and you will find that you will be able to do much less in weight But it’s highs and training can be really beneficial for correcting postural muscles and getting better alignment

Now the days that you work out is really  important For periodisation of your program lets say Monday you workout Lower body Tuesday trained upper body Wednesday Thuroff days no work out no training Saturday Sunday Saturday Upper-body Sunday lower body you would make sure the following week You didn’t train on the same day otherwise you will not get the benefit of your program.

The next thing thats really important is training Age I always ask my clients this if Youve not been in the gym regularly consistent for one year you would have zero training age and if youve been consistent in the gym for three years your training age would be 3 So your 

Workout programs need to be Changed more regular if youre very new to exercise and working out you can do one program for six weeks and still get improvement by 100%, but if you like me with over 30 years experience of working out my program needs to be Changed every two weeks to still get great benefits from weight training being aged 51

How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London.Theres confuse men in the gym about how many times a week you should Workout Ive seen vast improvements in my own body and my clients’ bodies with a maximum of four times a week a minimum of two times a week remember this will determine what phase youre in where are your power training bodybuilding or sport specific training Charles, 

Fitness and training apps I don’t like because they don’t take into account your kinesiology your strengths and weaknesses that you may have I’ve seen a few clients there been using fitness training apps or online programs and they’ve come to me because they’ve been injured because theyre not designed for the unique person they are designed for everybody, but when how fingerprint is different and our eye colour is different and bones and organs are different sizes can you see my pointBut you can document Your workout programs in a computer or on your phone or at the old fashion way notebook or paper

There are some great books you can read on program design to Mike Mensah method Charles Poliquin the German comp program And some others I will nameA bad program design would be abdominals 20 reps for 10 sets and five sets of deadlifts For 12 reps followed by running on treadmill for two hours

How To Design The Perfect Workout Program London.

The good programme design would be pull and push button on different days Only five exercises doing the hardest first and always doing abs core last avoiding cardiovascular training because the energy systems dont work independently they work together for most people to do too much cardio are fatter than the weightlifters or the bodybuilders D

.Theres so many different programs that you can use to get the desired effect, but I only tried to use ones that have been tried and tested for years and years and once Ive tried on myself and on my clients That Ive seen work for my golfers my clients are in pain and my tennis player

I’ve been Designing workout fitness programs strength and conditioning programs Postal correctional programs and diet and lifestyle programs for over 22 years so if you’re looking for a new program combined with a posture And strength and power assessment To make sure you get the optimum program for your body and contact Scott today

I’ve been Designing workout fitness programs strength and conditioning programs Postal correctional programs and diet and lifestyle programs for over 22 years so if you’re looking for a new program combined with a posture And strength and power assessment To make sure you get the optimum program for your body and contact Scott today to get free Progham to get your body back