Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek

Who the best in fitness.

Charles or Paul

Who The Best Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek

Who is best in the fitness industry Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek I’ve been in the fitness industry for 22 years and got introduced to Paul Chek course in 2003 I completed every single one of them And got my Masters in 2012 So I have in-depth knowledge of the Chek Institute and the Chek study program I heard about Charles Poliquin  about same time as Paul Chek had a book out called how to eat moving be healthy Charles had a book out called German body cop program Paul Chek’s approach is holistic health with corrective exercise using Swiss balls and healing methods.

Who The Best Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek

Charles Poliquin approach is using strength and conditioning Bio signature and systems he’s worked with over 400 athletes in 200 different sports Charles has written 500 of articles and was the author of 24 books Paul Chek has been the author Of nine books so not as many as Charles Charles has worked with very famous athletes around the world specially forces he can owns Poliquin Performance Center.

Who The Best Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek

Paul Chek has rehabilitated many athletes Danny Way Skateboarder and Loud Hamilton surfer. it may be a lot more but it’s not publicised where is Charles Poquin is Charles highly recommend the Palio diet Paul Chek recommends the Metabolic typing diet so who is really the best unfortunately Charles has passed away and Paul is still going back after me looking deeper into

Charles‘s work I can see that He got much better result for weightlifters bodybuilders sprinters bobslayers skaters are many other sports professionals where as far as I know Paul Chek hasn’t worked with the same amount as Charles Paul Chek has designed some  assessment tools Forward head calliper and designed assessment system of 150 Looking at core strength breathing postural alignment muscle imbalances and strength of speed and power Charles Charles Poquin made famous the German volume training for personal trainer London  as well as many other training programs I’ve got both of

Paul Chek’s program design and advanced program design it is good but not if you’re a bodybuilder or a strength athletes is more designed for rehabilitation for injury Where is if you want to get big and fast and strong fast the Charles Poquin method is much better to get to the top of the chek program will cost you about £30,000 to get to level 5 Practitioner Charles‘s program will cost you about £6000 but I still haven’t answered who is the best in the world I’ve watched all of Charles Poquin videos On YouTube and seen of all of Paul Chek’s videos on YouTube Paul and

Who The Best Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek

Charles have unbelievable knowledge of how the body functions how to make it fitter stronger faster and how to get out of pain but with Charles working with 400 athletes in 200 different sports and written over 24 books and is world-renowned it looks like the Charles Poquin may be the best but this is just ego talking but he is better than

Scott Bryant and Paul Chek. Paul the best for being still alive at age 62 I must admit I’ve learnt some great stuff with the Chek Institute with all my studying with them and me reading 919 Books and I learn a lot about myself because I haven’t done the Charles Poquin course yet I cannot really say but Paul’s marketing seems to be much More successful but I would never really know unless I looked at their business accounts at the  same asCharles Poquin but why would it say using I’ve had awesome results very quickly but with the check system unless the client is invested in it it can take much longer but unfortunately people want a quick fix these days this is why the Charles Poquin system may be more in demand for coach personal trainer London  and trainers to study So really only you can be your own judge until I’ve completed all of Charles‘s courses I’ve got all of his books that have been published and read all of them they’re all about strength and conditioning where is

Paul’s books are about fungus parasites in posture and golf and tennis conditioning so it’s a real hard one to say who is the best I have worked with Paul personally myself but I have not worked with Charles which is impossible now even if I would like to but I would say Charles and Paul are definitely the best of the best if you’re looking for awesome results in yourself and with your client but we have to remember tools in your toolbox are only any good if you’re using the tools it’s no point doing courses and reading books if they’re gonna sit on the shelves or in your toolbox and never get used this is why I like both Paul and Charles they teach you how to be a practical thinker and question everything only if you’ve got the in-depth knowledge to question it in the first place so I hope you like this blog about who is best in the fitness industry Charles Poliquin or Paul Chek for Personal Trainer’s fitness professionals and coaches

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I’m Scott Bryant 22 years experience Personal Trainer Master C.H.E.K Practitioner in London book author naturopath Lifestyle coach level 3 MTA, FDN Practitioner, and sport massage therapist, and book author.