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Stretching: is something you can do if you have bad posture. or if you’re in pain and if you would like to improve your sports performance and even if you have lower back pain stretching on a regular basis has been proven to help improve flexibility and stability in the body this reduces the pain level in the body and enables you to correct your posture as well as lower pain levels and improve your sports performance, but what you really need is Assessment is done by personal trainer in London Scott Bryant to help you when we found out what muscles are weak what muscles are tight and what muscles are strong then I can design you a flexible program that will help anyone improve sports performance, lower back pain and help improve posture Ive done This for many clients down below will be images of different stretches that you can try to find what works for you Scott Bryant Active Bryant fitness systems 22 years experience in Stretching can help you with pain and click here posture.

Stretching Body Keys To Be Pain Free Personal Trainer in London

Stretches for improving your postureThe stretches for help in improving posture are the pictorial stretch over The Swiss Ball the
 the i muscle stretch Trapezius stretch Abdominal stretch over a Swiss ball if you do the stretches for 30 seconds 3 to 4 times a week you should see your posture dramatically improve
Stretching Body Keys To Be Pain Free Personal Trainer in London
 Improving sports performance:with stretching you You really need to take a whole body approach stretching from the top of body down Id like to do my clients so first of all stretching the neck the Trapezius the rhomboids then stretching the internal and external oblique then stretching peck minor then stretching abdominals then stretching the lower back then stretching the gluts been stretching hamstrings then the quads Calf muscle so just like the chest, there’s a peck minor and a peck major The calf muscle has two different muscles that need to be stretched remember without getting an assessment you wont what I the right stretch to do. 

Stretching Body Keys To Be Pain Free Personal Trainer in London

Lower back stretching for relieving pain stretches: to do for lower back depends on the type of injury or pain youre getting is hard for me to go over this in this blog because its an individual thing that you can do a Mackenzie press up you could do a  stretch you could do a hip flexor stretch you could do an abdominal Stretch and you can do peck minor and Pick a major stretch Because the lower back is so complex with different pain and different injuries is very wise to get an assessment done to make sure you don’t do the wrong stretch that may cause more harm than good.

Stretching Body Keys To Be Pain Free Personal Trainer in London

Stretching is an absolute must : for every human being animals stretch dogs, cats and birds so why do we not stretch, especially when you have a physical job Ive managed to get hundreds of patients out of pain by using corrective stretching and exercise, it’s not hard to do, it’s quite gentle on the body youll find as your body realigns the amount of pain you had before will go down Ive had clients with a physiological load of 50 and got it down to a five just within a couple of weeks If you’d like to know more about how are use corrective stretching and exercise please send me an email I’m more than happy to chat or live chat online thank you for reading my Blog in peace and happiness