11 Ways To Lose Fat Fast for women  

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15 Best Ways For Female Fat Loss And Best Exercise

11. Best ways for female to lose fat and keep. it off when women yo-yo diet don’t eat regular because their bodies gain more fat. you need to produce babies milk and this is why when women yo-yo diet And only eat one meal a day bad thing this is why they become progressively fatter over time Women are more emotional eaters and can be eating the wrong food types  for your body type will make you gain weight so I’m going to give you 11 Things you can do straight away. to make sure that you get your body fat down to 15% 10% I’m personal trainer and Master C.H.E.K practitioner with 25 years experience of working with female clients.with all type of health conditions.  

1.What is the right type exercise for women.11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise to lose fat well in my experience it’s not Yoga and it’s not running on the treadmill for hours and it’s not Pilates it’s definitely strength and conditioning training with the correct strength and conditioning program changing every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the body adapting and changing the thing with Yoga is it you’re not really working your cardiovascular system Or strength system after about the first four weeks when it comes to cardiovascular training unless you’re doing intervals one minute hard one minute easy one minute hard your body becomes very used to what you’re doing So the body stops changing so body fat doesn’t go down what are the fat percentages in women’s sprinters 10% compared to woman runners 20% on the Treadmill have more fat so strength training or weight training wins every time. to get body fat level down fast.
11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise

2. now when it comes to diet many women are completely confused there is a huge of misinformation out there for losing body fat so the Atkins diet only works for 50% of the population simply because their protein types A protein type is a woman that’s broad with a small waist and small wrists and finds it very easy to gain lean muscle Now the vegan diet that I’m not a fan of is very bad for all types when you become a vegan you start starving your body of the amino acids it needs in which to build muscle tissue brain and bone health No because women have menstrual cycles up to the age of about 38 you’re losing a lot of vitamins minerals and amino acids that the female body needs so that vegan diet in my experience of seeing clients that are vegans are the fattest and the most in pain that you may be thinking what about the Been a vegetarian now this has its problems as well because when you’re eating vegetables just only vegetables you’re not getting the branch chain amino acids from vegetables and to eat the quantity that you need that you get from meat would be very hard to eat that you may say nuts are high in amino acids but they’re not to the equivalent of meat but if you are typically got a big waist narrow shoulders and a short you may migrate to more carbohydrate foods like being a vegetarian now you may be thinking what is the right diet then you’ve got the Palio diet and the Metabolic typing diet now I only use the Metabolic typing diet with my clients simply puts you into a group of you either need more carbohydrates and protein or you need more protein than carbohydrates or you need a mixture And this goes with your personality type as well so if you’re a person if your was in a queue and you had to wait for your food Too long and you get angry when you’re hungry this is a sign that your protein type if you were very laid-back in the queue and it doesn’t really bother you you’re a carbohydrate type but if you’re somebody that you’re not bothered about the food that you eat at all you’re probably a mix type or doing testing to find out exactly. what type you are we can do.

11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise

women sleep for fat loss

3. sleep rest and adrenal fatigue if you’re not getting at the mounts of rest and you’re constantly stressed out all the time and you’re in adrenal fatigue this will make it very very hard to lose fat this is where you may need yoga approach less is more to lose body fat more chronically stressed you are the least amount of exercise you’d need to do so for instance if somebody comes to me and they’re two stone overweight or more I would get them to do tai chi yoga slow walking exercises that helps with the physiological load in the body that slowly starts to lick the body in the adrenal Glands get back into balance remember if you’re too Yang you need to be more yin.

11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise

women Eating good fats

4.Eating good fats does not make you fat and will not put pressure on cholesterol it will bring it down strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin To 400 Olympic athletes in 20 different sports found by increasing your fish oil intake to 6 g a day will drop your body fat dramatically but you only take the high dose until your body fat drops down so it needs to be tested once a week your body fat did she can only do with a personal trainer like Scott Bryant do you everything you have a good fats that you should always eat is coconut oil butter ghee lard These fats give you energy and I’m very good for the brain so if you was a protein type you you would add 40% of olive oil or butter to your meal and if the amount is correct you will have great energy good focus and not feel hungry for a few hours now with the Caniza genetic diet and the Palio diet high fats are promoted and it works give it a try you will love the results you will get.


11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise

women.drnking water



5. Drinking your body weight in ounces of water people they drink too much tea coffee alcohol and sugar waters like orange juice apple juice and water is a bit of sweetener in them are more fatter than the people they just drink pure water and herbal teas know when it comes to drinking water the amount you should drink for your body weight is 0.33 times your body weight when you get this right this can help the body to detox as well as keep you out of pain Hydrate your skin and your spine so you feel and look younger the last signs of dehydration Being thirsty Add a pinch of sea salt to your water and this will stop you urinating and put some great minerals in the water has to be organic salt not white table salt.



11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise

  6.Cardio training treadmill running is a killer to your fat loss results when people do too much cardiovascular training it pushes up cortisol in the body is called Asaf increases i your levels of fat if you’re a female and this will be typically around the stomach This may be why your belly is not flat and looking how you want it to because of too much cardiovascular training if you must do it it must be intervals so if you can talk to your friend while running jogging or on the treadmill you’re doing it completely wrong


Best diet for fat loss female 15 Ways To Lose Fat Fast7. Coffee caffeine and fat gain For women’s hormone system is more fragile than a man So when it comes to fat loss drinking coffee in my opinion is not a good idea simply because most coffee is full of toxins as well as the reason why we drinking caffeine will stress out your adrenal glands which will then affect the woman who system which will then make you gain more body fat most people on average you’re probably drinking 5 cups of coffee a day can’t sleep at night or dehydrated and very toxic from the mycotoxins toxins in the coffee So if you are addicted to caffeine in coffee I would suggest having one today at 12 o’clock if you drink coffee after 12 o’clock say 3:00 pm this will interrupt your sleep in a wide awake cycles your circadian rhythm is which will affect your ability to lose fat especially on your belly and waist

Best diet for fat loss female 15 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

8.Do you need to go harder in your gym sessions like using hit training in which to lose more body fat I would say no the more stressed and tired and overweight you are in the more fat percentage you have the The less you need to do hit training is not a new thing it’s been around since 1952 but there’s been a big drive in the media to get people training for 15 minutes now I’m not against this but I am against if you got a structural issue like bad posture lower back pain and other health issues this is not the training you should do in which to get Lena and more toned I found with 22 years of experience just getting my clients to do energising exercises like Cheap gong yoga light walking And low physiological demand exercises to everybody and anybody can lose weight it’s a marathon not a Sprint if you’re really looking for long-term results for fat loss

Best diet for fat loss female 15 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

9. Now when it comes to gut health and fat loss this is really important if you HCL or hydrochloric acid is not balanced for your body is type You will not lose fat because the body is not utilising all the nutrition from your food so probiotics as well as hydrochloric acid supplements are essential for anyone on a fat loss program.


Best diet for fat loss female 15 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

10. The difference between starving and fasting for fat loss now when I talk to my clients about fasting mini freak out and go I’m not starving myself but this is not the case when you do intermittent fasting dry fasting or just not eating for one day just not eating for one day can improve your growth hormone levels by 2000% so if you’re an Ageing woman say 30 Upwards growth hormone is really important especially to keep you looking and feeling younger especially as you go through the female menopause

Best diet for fat loss female 15 Ways To Lose Fat Fast

11.. some myths and facts about fat loss for women
Fact you must do strength training or weight training in which to burn or lose fat
Myth you need to do cardiovascular training To lose body fat
fact If you eat regular and organic diet and eat that’s good fats you will lose
Myth If I do weight training I will get big and bulky women have 10 times less testosterone than men so for women to get big on their strength or weight training program they will not ever get big
Fact less is more highly recommend my clients to train four days a week if you train any more than this the body will see this is over exercise this will cause adrenal fatigue pain and more weight gain or fake gain females
Myth Training for more hours in the gym Gets you more toned and you lose more fact your workouts should only last 60 minutes any more than that you’re making friends and not getting results
Fact eating meat makes you stronger fitter and healthier
Myth Eating like a vegan makes you healthier
Fact training late at night after 6 pm he’s not good for your health because it is Kadian rhythm is in the body and cortisol rhythms in the body As we To the end of the day and Evenings get darker Cortisol old starts to drop off It’s an awakening hormone so if you’re training late in the evening you’re making yourself progressively fatterMust read books

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11 Best Ways For Women To lose fat And Best Exercise

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