Can make you fat


Scott Byrant C.H.EK practitioner and personal trainer explains

the practical reasons why maybe we’re not losing weight

 Hormone Imbalance Can Make So you’re in the gym, training hard, working out so much that you’re bound to lose weight and get that New year, New You figure in no time right? THINK AGAIN!

Over training in the gym can in-fact damage your body from the inside out when it comes to CV or cardiovascular training in the gym.

In my 22 years of being a personal trainer I see so many people get it wrong when it comes to working out and trying to lose fat by over doing it on the stepper or tread mill for example is seriously damaging your body inside, mainly because of the cortisol in your body – secreted by the adrenal glands and commonly known as the stress hormone.

Cortisol is at its highest at around 8am and naturally gets lower thoughout the day, so by taking part in cv or cardiovascular training too late at night is very bad for the body as you need to keep tapping into the Adrenal glands for it to produce more Cortisol – The later you work out, the more work the Adrenal glands have to do and this in turn results in fat storage around the belly button area.

As a woman gets older, their hormones get lower and results in a loss of bone and muscle mass, during the menstrual cycle, protein is also lost, a huge reason why women should stick to weight training whilst in the gym – to keep hormones healthy.

I am asked time and time again, ‘If i weight train, will i not end up with too many muscle and look like a man!? NO NO NO, men have 10% more testosterone so for a woman to get this big is impossible, unless your genetically made up that way. Muscle will keep burning fat 72 hrs after the weight work out and will keep cortisol and adrenal stress low.

If we look at Madonna, she regularly weight trains to keep her Hormones heathy and dose a lot of yoga to keep flexible and spiritual. she runs too, but only to get out the in fresh air .she looks great for her age! how many of you would like to look that good at her age ?

Hormone imbalance can make you fat

Hormone Imbalance is a key factor to consider whilst working out and for woman that like to stay lean and lose fat. I have found the bad diet, bad training and stress can Imbalance your hormones in the body and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to get a hormone test done! This is something I do with all my clients because if for example you have Adrenal Fatique, it will make it so much harder to lose fat and achieve your weight loss goals. Arenal Glands are responsible for every major function in your body, like fats and protein, metabolism, detox capacity and thyroid function, so the harder you train the more stress you put on the body which will cause Adrenal fatique which won’t allow you to squeeze into that bikini!

My top tips are:

1 eat for your metabolic type
2 get your hormones tested
3 increase lean muscle mass
4 use compound exercise
5 balance cardiovascular & resistance training
6 eat soon after exercise
7 avoid eating big meals late at night
8 see a C.H.E.K. Practitioner – we have to train and study for a minimum of 6 years (unlike Personal trainers who only need 1-6 weeks to qualify) We know the body inside and out!
9 Get to bed for 10.30pm every night
10 Drink plenty of water.

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Hormone imbalance can make you fat

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