Golfer Must Drink More Water Personal Trainer in London

Drinking Enough Water is must when paying golf 

Golfer As part of my Christmas list this year I asked for a selection of books that had been recommended to me by golf fitness expert and C.H.E.K practitioner Scott Bryant. I have been following a new diet, lifestyle and fitness regime since the New Year and Scott wanted me to read the books to understand why I needed to make the changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Here great book on water and how it can help with pain 

The first book I picked up is ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’ by Dr. Batmanghelidj and it is a real eye-opener. It’s certainly made me think twice about what drink I’m carrying in my golf bag. I was guilty of packing those high-energy drinks or even worse a bottle of fizzy drink for my round – an energy fix I thought. Reading the book has completely changed that mentality. I now carry a bottle of still, natural pure water and am monitoring my daily intake of water.

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj’s


advice if I continue to hydrate my body with the right amount of pure water every day I will…

  1.  Lose weight effortlessly and naturally without dieting
  2.  Naturally prevent and reverse conditions such as asthma and allergies Naturally
  3.  Eliminate pains including back pain and headaches
  4. Prevent and combat premature ageing
  5. Look younger and lower pain levels 
  6. Stop constipation 
  7. Detox your body and mind 
  8. Lower your blood pressure 
  9. Lower your blood cholesterols 

Drinking water might sound boring but it is so important and so easy to do. Trust me; it will make that nice glass of wine at the weekend taste so sweet when you treat yourself!

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