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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition London 

Functional Diagnostic Testing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition London online is a system that uncovers the underlying causes of pain, adrenal fatigue, stress, irritable bowel, bad skin, weight gain, lower back pain and many more symptoms. Using functional tests I identify holistic healing opportunities to help each client towards wellbeing and health.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) can help with a wide range of health issues

and concerns. FDN is based on the understanding that imbalances and dysfunctions in the body can manifest as a variety of symptoms and health conditions, and that addressing the underlying causes of these imbalances is essential to achieving optimal health and wellness.

Some of the areas where FDN can be particularly helpful include:

  1. Digestive issues: FDN can help identify and address imbalances in the digestive system, such as leaky gut syndrome, food sensitivities, and gut dysbiosis (an imbalance of gut bacteria).
  2. Hormonal imbalances: FDN can help identify and address imbalances in hormones such as cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones.
  3. Chronic inflammation: FDN can help identify and address sources of chronic inflammation in the body, which can contribute to a wide range of health issues, including autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  4. Adrenal fatigue and stress-related issues: FDN can help identify and address imbalances in the stress response system, including adrenal fatigue and HPA-axis dysfunction.
  5. Metabolic disorders: FDN can help identify and address imbalances in metabolic processes, such as insulin resistance and blood sugar dysregulation.

Overall, FDN takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. By addressing these underlying imbalances, FDN can help improve overall health and prevent future health issues.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition In London

Using a proven system for health that includes diet, testing, movement, fitness, rest, and happiness. This balanced approach can give you high-level positive clinical results.I will coach you, not medicate you! It’s for mums and office workers to gym users and sports people or any who not at there best and don’t know why and dr say it all in your head.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition what can help you with London

  1. No energy pain and weight gain.
  2. Chronic fatigue.
  3. Working-out hard but can’t lose weight around your stomach.
  4. Can’t flatten your abdominal muscle.
  5. Can’t sleep at night – get up at 2-3-4 am to go to the loo.
  6. Feel that when you eat that you’re not full up.
  7. Keep going hot and cold. 
  8. Overweight.
  9. Feel Like you’re going mad. 
  10. No energy can’t sleep.
  11. Just feel your workouts are not getting you the results you want.
  12. Feel like you have brain fog and can’t concentrate at work.
  13. Have pain in your lower back, knees, and shoulders for no real reason.
  14. You’ve been to see too many doctors and found nothing worked.
  15. Dr says it’s all in your head.
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition In London

Adrenal fatigue London

You’ve come to right place – now to get the results you deserve!

Restore Your Health Now with u.s 

You will get a full comprehensive assessment:

Functional diagnostic testing

  1. Diet and lifestyle assessment.
  2. Full gut assessment.
  3. Liver assessment.
  4. Bacterial Pathogens assessment.
  5. Parasitic Pathogens assessment.
  6. H. pylori assessment E.
  7. Exercise and postural and core and stress assessment.

The results you we get with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition London 

  1. Sleep better.
  2. Lose the lower abdominal fat.
  3. Have better skin.
  4. Get stronger.
  5. Have more energy.
  6. Know what food is right for your body.
  7. Workout better and get the results you deserve.
  8. Eliminate pain.
  9. Lose that unwanted weight.
  10. Have an improved sex drive.
  11. Get strong again. 

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition In London

Scott has been using functional diagnostic nutrition. with his clients for many year. to identify the real reason why they’re not losing weight while they’re in pain while they just can’t sleep properly functional diagnostic nutrition testing is very in-depth when doing saliva blood and fetal testing to find out exactly what’s going on inside your body. Scott can recognise the outside signs of bad skin, bad body odour, any aches and pains you telling him about that he can link to your diet fungus parasites and other issues that function diagnostic nutrition looks at in  in London, Scott has successfully helped many clients overcome their health issues using this very unique system so if you’d like to know more get in touch today via email or phone call

*DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.

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