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Theragun Training Session: Free Training Sessions to help with

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Free Theragun Training Sessions- Personal Training: London

Free Theragun Training Sessions in London

Why use the Theragun

Personal Fitness Trainer London Scott has been using the Theragun in his sessions with his clients for many years and found it to be an optimum tool for helping with muscle doms and improving flexibility before and after workouts. Scott offers the service free to his clients during their sessions; the only negative side of the Ferrigan is that it’s not the same as a hand massage. The difference between a Theragun and hand massage is that you can feel the trigger points and other muscular problems with your hands, which, when using a massage gun, you cannot feel because the massage gun is doing all the work. Obviously, the hands are more sensitive to the body’s sensitivities. Scott believes combining the two is essential to palpate the body before any workout or massage is done with Theragun or by hand. The Theragun is an excellent tool to speed up flexibility and recovery. Scott has received feedback from his clients, saying they have less pain. And the flexibility improves much faster with a combination of the two. Some trainers charge their clients for a Theragun and massage, but Scott believes it should be totally free and included in the service. Scott has even worked with an 80-year-old client using the Ferrigan. Once the client has warmed up, they can’t believe the improvements in their posture and sports performance. There are many massage guns out there, but the new Theragun is absolutely brilliant, It’s small and compact and doesn’t make any noise like the first one they designed. Scott recommends a thorough Theragun to his clients if they don’t have the time or the money to get a regular massage. It is a really cost-effective tool for some self-care, especially if you get doms after your workout or have consistent pain. It can help with lymphatic drainage in the body, which can be connected to pain and deep trigger points, but the only thing with a Theragun is that you won’t be able to feel the trigger points with the Ferrigan. Unless you are an experienced therapist who can palpate 

Free Theragun Training Sessions personal Training London.

Theragun min

the body to find the trigger points, you can use the Ferrigan on a low setting to not overstress the muscle. Scott uses the Theragun in all the sessions, finding it one of his most valuable tools. But the Ferrigan is not the only massage gun out there; there are many cheaper versions online on Amazon. One thing you must do is check other products out and find which one works for you. Scott has found the new version of the Theragun mini to be a valuable tool in his practice with his clients but feels you can’t replace hand massage to really get to the root cause of the problem. The new Theragun mini is very cost-effective at the price of £135. It’s very easy to carry, very portable, and has very low noise. And effective!


Scott believes that if you have a good anatomy understanding and have been doing massages for many years, there is no need to take a Theragun course. But if you have no knowledge of anatomy and physiology and you’ve never massaged anybody in your life, then it would be a good idea to do a course on how to use the gun properly; They do have a very handy app. If you’re a visual learner, you will pick it up very quickly. Scott will always use this tool in his practice with clients, as it works very well, and some clients don’t always have the time to have an hour massage. He always offers it as an add-on, not as a cost extra to clients. If you’d like to know more about how Scott works, please get in touch via live chat on the homepage or send him a message. He’s a master Paul Chek Practitioner who has worked with clients for over 25years. He also holds over 38 different qualifications to be able to give his clients an optimum service to get them out of pain, back to sports performance, losing weight, and feeling great again, no matter their age or health issue(s).