Sports Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer in London

Sports Injury Rehabilitation:

Personal Trainer London

 Sports Injury Rehabilitation With

C.H.E.K Certified: Mater Scott Bryant 

Corrective Exercises and High-performance  Kinesiology

Sports Injury Rehabilitation with Your Personal Trainer London

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  Throughout my 22 years as a personal trainer, I have successfully:helped individuals return their fitness and performance levels to pre-injury status and achieve further success through my personalised training schedule

We can help you with rehabilitation:

We are passionate about individuals having the opportunity to live an active, athletic-based lifestyle, so when injury or pain gets in the way, we are here to help you achieve your goals to get back to the activities that are important to you. This may mean recovering from an injury to get back into a team sport, but it may also mean being able to play with your grandchildren or remain competitive with your friends! Whether your preferred activity is gardening, boxing, weightlifting at the gym, dancing, yoga, tennis, or anything in between, we want to help you do the things that you love doing better than before, and for as long as possible. We will help you with any musculoskeletal injury, sports-related or not, by developing a personalised care plan. I offer one-to-one C.H.E.K. training to get you back to doing what you love.


Sports Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer London

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer London

Common injuries and conditions that we can help with: 

  • Golf- lower back pain 
  • Boxing- neck injury
  • Running- knees injury
  • Tennis- arm injury
  • Chronic pain (back, knee, shoulder, neck)
  • Herniated Spinal Disc
  • Poor posture
  • Sciatica 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Shoulder injuries
  • General flexibility

In our unique rehabilitation programme, we will: 

  • Complete full-body, pain and stress, and pain and injury assessments
  • Administer a movement screen
  • Provide tips to help with and alleviate pain
  • Work to get you back to your game, sport, workout, etc
  • Elevate your exercise regimen to ensure that you get what you need to get back to your ‘old self.’

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer London

I initially contacted Scott after fracturing several ribs whilst skiing. As a result of working with Scott over many months, I completely renovated my diet, and in conjunction with a tailored training program, improved my strength, fitness, and lifestyle for the better. Thanks to my time with Scott, I am stronger, leaner, more energetic, and much less stressed. Highly recommended!

-Jane, Physiotherapist

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer London