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Free Corporate office Seminars in London  

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Free Corporate Seminars Personal Fitness Trainer In London

Free Corporate Fitness Seminars: With Scott Bryant, you learn why stress makes you fat and why even the best workout programs can keep you fat. You learn why calorie counting doesn’t work for peak health and optimum performance, how to heal your lower back pain and be pain-free forever, and what exercises are most advantageous for your performance and workouts. Everything is about lifestyle for achieving peak performance and health; Scott will cover why breathing is so crucial for stress, anxiety, weight loss, and sports performance. Scott has 22 years of fitness experience, has been a self-employed entrepreneur for 25 years, and has read 1000 books on health, fitness, diet, lifestyle, healing, strength, and conditioning. He is also an author and YouTube speaker with over. 8,860 subscribers and 4,592,335 views!

Free Corporate Seminars Personal Fitness Trainer In London

Take Your Health Back With Scott’s Seminars

Scott first studied with the Y.M.C.A to become a personal trainer in 2000 in London and now has over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, studying over 40 courses and becoming the first master Paul Master C.H.E.K. Practitioner in London. He has been a C.H.E.K. Academy mentor for new C.H.E.K students worldwide. Scott is also the author of Holistic Health For Proper Geezers And Classy Ladies: Get The Body And Fitness You want.

Scott has been on the radio, a contributing author of the Dr Viels Beauty Bible, and published articles in the Guardian news and woman’s magazines. Scott has presented a one-hour seminar at the Hurlingham Club in London, chatting about the chakra system and how it can heal the body and mind, and a one-hour talk at the London Olympia American football club, speaking about diet, lifestyle, and prevention of injury.

Scott can design a seminar around your business needs, whether you’re in an office or gym, a personal trainer, or an organization talking to business employees. He is well-versed in adapting seminars to your needs. Scott really enjoys talking about his passion for fitness and healthy living. You can ask him anything, anytime!

  1. What Scott Talks About In His Seminars:
    1. Stress in work place and how to overcome it. 
    2. Why calorie counting doesn’t work. 
    3. How to heal lower back pain. 
    4. How to set out your office for no pain at work.
    5. The right exercises.
    6. The ideal lifestyle for weight loss.
    7. Good diets.
    8. Why breathing is #1.
    9. How your sitting can give you pain.
    10. How less is always more in the gym.
    11. Why so many give up on exercise.
    12. Posture and performance.
    13. The need to eat fats.
    14. And much more! 

Free Corporate Seminars Personal Fitness Trainer In London

Scott enjoys interaction with seminar-goers, like providing beneficial exercises and opening the floor for questions. Scott loves his job fervently, bringing his quirky sense of humour to his profession. If you’d like to book Scott for a seminar at your workplace, please send Scott an email. He will make sure that everyone has fun and takes away at least one amazing thing they never thought of before Scott’s seminar. Get Scott’s book for free when you come to his seminars! Call for prices!