“Optimising Muscle Growth: Exercise Frequency with a Female Personal Trainer in London”

To get the peak performance for women

How Often To Exercise Muscle Growth Personal Trainer London Gain Muscle London you go to the gym to four times a week Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek both agree and me to.4 times a week you get optimum results any more than that you’re over training and will not get results unless you’re on PED But in my opinion this is just pure cheating We can all gain up 30 lbs muscle within 12 weeks With the right exercise program and supplementation but many people don’t think this is possible Because they lack the knowledge and belief in themselves and probably have a typical program that is designed in their head not a program from science or from sports performance program.


How Many Days Should You Go To The Gym To Gain Muscle London

I’ve been asked this question many times. what is the best time to workout  well if you’re a man and you get a Stuffy in the morning is best time if you get a Stuffy in the afternoon then afternoon is the best time but for women it’s completely different they don’t get a Stuffy as far as I know But I would say for most people first thing in the morning. or the latest at 3 o’clock in the afternoon but I know many people do demanding jobs so they have to fit there and workout around their jobs especially if you’re doing night work. but I would say try and quit your night job. and do something not gonna make your body fat. in the long run we designed to be asleep at night and not awake so early from 6 am till 3 pm at the optimum time is the train if you train after 3 pm cortisol hormones are depleting because the body is getting ready for sleep so if you do train late you may sleep deeper or may not sleep at all because you’re jacking up your nervous system and your hormonal system so remember this if want the peak performance results 6 am  to  3pm is best.How Many Days Should You Go To The Gym To Gain Muscle London

So the next question is how long should a training session last. you’ve heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger and other elite athletes saying They are training for five hours a day this is a complete and utter lie remember these guys are on PED Performance enhancing drugs Which enables them to train for longer and not get the overtraining response because of all the hormones are jacked up but really with a warmup stretching working-out and calling down your workout should last 60 minutes on average training my clients taking them through the process of warming up stretching then the workout is normally the workout itself  15 minutes so it’s a bit like hit training high intensity training which come out in 1952 it’s only recently become a Buzz word in the fitness industry So really your session should only be 60 Minutes coach Charles Poliquin says if you’re in the gym any longer You’re making friends you’re not getting yourself in shape and I totally agree with what he says I don’t train in the gym to make friends I train in the gym to have a great workout and to get  peak sports performance enhancements.

How Many Days Should You Go To The Gym To Gain Muscle London

There’s a next subject is how much rest you really need between. each exercise that is depends on which reps. sets. and loads and tempos speed movement you’re doing in the gym if you’re training and doing a one rep max you need six minute maximum you should be resting from 4 to 6 minutes if you’re doing 12 to 8 reps and trying to gain muscle I would say one to 2 minutes depending on how you’re feeling more tired you are the more rest you may need Not really going down to lower reps from 4 to 6 means much more rest high reps 15 to 20 means less rest but you do the exercise much slower like a 3-3-3 tempo speed of movement.


How Many Days Should You Go To The Gym To Gain Muscle London

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How many exercises should you have in your workout program now again it depends on what you’re looking for strength and size just endurance or just strength and it depends on your training age how many years you’ve been exercising we have to keep playing a game with the body but I keep tricking it in which to get it to get stronger or grow or to improve so some of my exercise programs I’ve been doing 50 sets with 10 exercises whereas with my clients are injured or in pain I will only do five exercises With under 10 sets depending on what their body needs and their physiological load I like doing German volume training this is lots of sets lots of reps but still only doing it in under 60 minutes check out the German Body Comp Program training if you Like to learn more about German volume training this sort of training is very hard and And not meant for the weak or for beginners it’s only for people that have minimum of two years of constant training so you don’t damage your ligaments and tendons click here to read about how to design the optimum program for yourself hope you’ve enjoyed my post I’ve have over  22 years of Personal Training experience in London. and have I’ve been working myself out for 32 years and have study with the Chek Institute in San Diego California to become master Paul Chek. practitioner. and I have  read over 919 books on health fitness diet and lifestyle and exercise.and have done Over over 38 courses on exercise. so if you’re looking for help and advice please get in contact via the website from Scott Bryant.