Holistic Therapist Fitness In London

Holistic Therapist Fitness In London


Scott Bryant. 

Holistic Therapist Fitness In LondonHolistic Personal Fitness Training Using Corrective Holistic Fitness Exercise Kinesiology in London      

What is a Holistic C.H.E.K.Practitioner? & Personal trainer London 

Holistic corrective exercise specialist London for all aches and your pain 

Scott Bryant is certified London Holistic Master CHEK Practitioner level 5 in London and shaman Practitioner has done an 25 year study program on the human body and works as a Certified Master C.H.E.K Paul Practitioner Level 5. Scott has the skills and knowledge to design and implement cutting-edge personalised exercise programs for rehabilitation and fitness incorporating traditional and functional exercise with mind-body exercises. to help with stress pain muscle imbalance bad posture injuries weak core  lower back pain and much more. 

Holistic Therapist Fitness In London

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The key components that define a C.H.E.K Practitioner are the series of assessments used to identify the core, spinal and musculoskeletal issues, autonomic nervous system, internal organs, and diet and lifestyle. A C.H.E.K Practitioner knows that to produce the desired result, exercises must be performed correctly. They understand how energy-balancing exercises reduce total stress on the body and know when to use these types of exercises with different clients.

Do have any of these issues:

  • Lower back pain. 
  • Over weight.
  • Have bad posture.
  • Confused about diet. 
  • Stress and tired all the Time.
  • Confused about what is the right exercise for your body. 
  • Suffer with belly bloating and constipated. 
  • Have injury you cant recover from.
  • Cant sleep at night. 


                                                           Active Bryant Fitness Systems

Holistic Therapist Fitness In London

C.H.E.K Personal Training London Battersea, Marble Arch, Harley street, 

Corrective exercise specialist London 


  • Lower Golf handicap.
  • Be much stronger. 
  • No more Lower back pain. 
  • Great Posture. 
  • Strong core. 
  • Lose Fat. 
  • Sleep More. 
  • Get Fitter.
  • Get an online fitness program.
  • Gain muscle.
  • Eliminate recurring injuries. 
  • Shaman energy healing. 
  • Has your Dr said tool pain in your head ? 


What’s Involved?

Scott is equipped to assess you Orthopedically and use the most comprehensive assessment criteria in the fitness world. The following list is just some of the detailed assessments you are likely to receive you get 10 days. 

diet weight loss london

diet weight loss london

Holistic Diet Lifestyle Assessment:

  • You will do the Metabolic Typing diet test.
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition tests.
  • Personalised online program. 
  • Will get a Sport massage. 
  • History of injury + Post-surgery.
  • Exercise history.
  • Posture & Gait.
  • Joint range of motion.
  • Core stability.
  • Joint Stability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Functional movement patterns.
  • Muscle balance.
  • Shaman healing session. 
  • And have fun in sessions. 


The comprehensive evaluation is the decisive point for all corrective exercise and conditioning programs. This focuses on the specific needs of the individual. Scott will evaluate the following areas to accumulate the information necessary to design your individual, highly specific cutting-edge program for:

Holistic Therapist Fitness In London

One to one coaching London: 

10 Top Tips For Fat Loss Coaching in London: 

  1. Don”t skip meals.
  2. Eat 5 times day.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Workout for 20 min daily less is more.
  5. Connect to your body and mind.
  6. Never count calories.
  7. Get a food test.
  8. Get to bed on time.
  9. You are what you eat.
  10. Book use as your personal trainer London and get 3 sessions free.

C.H.E.K Holistic Corrective Exercise London:

The Coaching Model for Successful Rehabilitation

Scott Bryant is schooled in the use of a coaching model for successful rehabilitation. The traditional “treatment” model focuses on specific alleviation of pain and treatment by the Coach to “fix the spot that hurts.”

C.H.E.K Personal Trainer in London:

Scott Bryant empowers the patient/client with the knowledge that the problem for which they are seeking resolution belongs to them and therefore they must take full responsibility for achieving the goals determined by both the client and the prerequisites to full recovery. Those patients/clients who complete programs developed by a C.H.E.K Practitioner are frequently more informed and capable in the exercise arena than many Personal Trainers are today so put me to the test!

Scott bryant New Book out now or get Free on sing up 

Holistic Health for Proper Geezers and Classy Ladies is a guide to achieving a healthier lifestyle and optimal fitness.

Scott Bryant guides you through the challenges of weight loss, detoxification and even tackles persistent back pain. Scott has over 19 years’ experience and offers a holistic approach to health and fitness coaching.

A highly-qualified Master C.H.E.K. (Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kinesiology) Practitioner, Scott  advises on nutrition, lifestyle and introduces us to healing practices such as Shamanism and therapeutic drumming. His practice also helps the reader to identify and resolve the internal conflicts within the body which, if ignored, can manifest into pain and disease.

This book gives practical advice to help the reader achieve a healthier more positive lifestyle.  

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