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Bulgarian Bag Personal Trainer

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Bulgarian Bag Personal Trainer in London

 Bulgarian bag personal Fitness trainer :

 Was created in 2005 by a wrestling coach Ivan lvanov In Bulgaria he developed the bag because the lack of training equipment for his wrestlers but he is now huge in the Personal Training world and MMA fighters like Conor McGregor and Audrey Marcus have made it quite a famous piece of exercise kit, yeah Ive only been using it for two years a friend of mine who Is a personal trainer, I thinking he had them in 2005 when Paul Chek was Marketing them through his YouTube videos I found the Bulgarian bag to be truly demanding a great workout for core strength and endurance and the power you get from it to throw people around in different movement planes I did try and buy one to fill it up myself with sand but it didn’t work so I had to buy one already filled with cloth which was much better, but what a workout I really enjoy it the same as the Clubbell What I found with the club though is that they strengthen my shoulders and my aches and pains disappear  but where is with the Bulgarian bag, it’s definitely made me stronger in the sagittal frontal and transverse planes of movement unfortunately you dont see them in many gyms theyre only in the good private gyms were the trainers either bring their own or the manager knows how good are So I hope you enjoyed reading my blog about the Bulgarian bag

Bulgarian Bag Personal Trainer in London

 Bulgarian bag

as it was designed for wrestling conditioning I think it would be excellent for judo conditioning and other types of martial arts in the world of MMA they use in the Bulgarian bag more and more and my two years of exercising with it I found it to be fun challenging hard work but an excellent exercise tool function Of the fundamental movement patterns that I needed in MMA martial arts and every day moving bands so we have the TRX we have the Bosu the Clubbells Kettlebells medicine balls, Swiss balls all build excellent course ability and function theres even a Bulgarian bag that you can buy to fill with water so makes it even more functional, but the average person starting in the gym on a Workout program would find this quite demanding to use to start off with so you need a specialised trainer we specialise knowledge to write a great programme I found with the club bells Bulgarian bag and TRX and Bosu Gave me around functional sports strong specific program during the lockdown I was only using these bits kit And they quite inexpensive compared to a rowing machine are you spin bike or a total gym but a total of gym does really build core strength and function to But its very expensive The TRX Bosu kettle bells Culbbell spin bike or a total gym, but a total of gym does really build core strength and function to But its very expensive The TRX Bose kettle bells Culbbells Im not too expensive and you dont need a huge amount of room to use them and theyre quite versatile where you can carry them around taking it over the park so you dont just have to train indoorsBulgarian Bag Personal Trainer in London

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Bulgarian Bag Personal Trainer in LondonBulgarian bag  an excellent Strength and conditioning training equipment for any martial arts or full contact sport or for somebody that just wants to challenge themselves like I do, you can do squats with lunges with it, swings with it sagittal frontal and transverse plane movements you can throw it you can twist with it it is quite a full on workoutand not for pussies laugh out loud be careful what you buy online Make sure you get a certified bag dont buy one that you have to feel the sand to try and save money, it’s a waste of time I know because I tried they come in different weights as well and theres some good YouTube videos of the wrestlers using it and it is a full on workout so not for the workout shy I’m Scott Bryant I’m a master Paul Chek Practitioner YMCA personal trainer nutritional lifestyle coach Metabolic advance advisor as well as the Shaman practitioner and natural path of dedicated 31 years of my life to exercise and the last 22 years reading everything I can about exercise and movement lifestyle health and healing give me a call if you’d like to book a session with me or drop me an email hope you’ve enjoyed the blog post thank you for reading