Why Wall Balls work so well for fitness

Why Wall Balls Work So Well For Fitness

Why Wall Balls work so well for fitness

Within fitness, some personal trainers discount wall balls in favour of other apparatus. However, wall balls are an underrated and underused piece of gym equipment. At Active Bryant, we use Wall Balls, also known as medicine balls, as part of our 121 personal fitness training In this article, you will learn why medicine/wall balls are great for fitness and what makes them a fantastic tool for trainers like me. 


 What are wall balls?   Why Wall Balls Work So Well For Fitness

Simply put, they are heavy-weighted balls that range in material and look. The one we have is the Mirafit Wall Ball, which is a non-slip stitched ball which looks like a traditional football. They come in different weights.   


 How do you use Wall Balls?

Some equipment has limited uses, whereas you can complete many exercises with wall balls to improve strength and endurance. 



Typical uses include pressing above your head or throwing up against a wall and repeating. In the following section, we look at some brilliant exercises you can do with a medicine ball. 


 What exercises can you do with a medicine ball? 

Well, with all the possible variations, there are more than 20, but seven stand out in terms of the most interesting, so here they are. 


 Seven Medicine Ball exercises

One - The Russian Twist

One The Russian Twist is completed by sitting on the floor, lifting your knees off the ground, and then twisting, moving the ball to your left and right. You could pause in the centre and lift the ball above your head for extra calorie burn. You can try different sets and speeds to increase intensity Two - Overhead marches,

Two Overhead marches, to do this, you pick up the ball, raise your hands above your head and walk around using high knees. To keep the ball up, you are using your upper body under tension, while holding your core and working all the major leg muscles, which makes for a great all-over workout. 

image 19

ThreeMedicine press-up  Medicine ball push-ups will work almost every muscle in your upper body, including chest, anterior deltoids, triceps, biceps, serratus anterior (muscles running along the side of your ribs), abs/obliques/lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

image 12

FourMedicine Ball Shoulder Press, take the medicine ball and raise it above your head, like a barbell press or with a weight plate press. To get more from this exercise, you can also part-bend your legs, putting the quads under tension, which means you burn more calories than you would straight-legged. 

Medicine Ball Squat Scott Bryant

FiveMedicine Ball Squat, the best practice for this exercise is to stand wide-lagged with the ball in the centre, then squat to pick it up before throwing it into the air and catching it as it drops. Doing this exercise stretches your body and forces your arms to get involved with what is mainly a leg exercise, so again, this burns additional calories and helps provide faster change. Again, speed and repetition will enhance the calorie burn. 


Medicine Ball Throw,


SixMedicine Ball Throw, throwing the ball upward against a wall and catching it on the return is a fantastic way to work your upper body and raise your heartbeat giving a cardio workout. You can regulate the speed, which means you can decide how much to push it. 

Burpee to medicine ball press

Seven – Burpee to medicine ball press, leaving the worst until last! The burpee medicine ball press. You must complete a burpee while holding the ball on the ground with a hand on either side. Although this is challenging for balance and requires a strong core, getting out of breath and tired is easy. When this happens, be careful not to slip. As with the other exercises, getting the technique nailed before you push yourself is best. 


Summary – Why wall balls work so well for fitness

They work well because they can be used in many exercises and are sold in various weights, so Wall Balls work for every type of client. They allow you to build on the difficulty level. Generally, the exercises use more than one muscle group, and the multi-faceted approach burns more calories toning the core, shoulders and thighs. Wall Ball exercises combined with some of our proprietary training give successful body transformation—one of the services we are recognised for in London and nationally, thanks to my Book.

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