Supplements Do We Really Need Them

Supplements What one do you need ?

Supplements Do We Really Need Them London
Supplements: do we really need them, yes we do. 100% because our food London is nutritionally depleted from many vitamins and minerals now we are eating dead food unless youre on an organic Diet Biodynamic diet these two diets. Are nutritionally dense with the vitamins and minerals your body needs But when it comes to Porridge Processed chicken processed meats processed foods have Many artificial vitamins and minerals. Added So youre not eating nutritionally dense food Some doctors are now saying that supplements just give you expensive we this is a completely another lie most Doctors study two days or one week of nutrition. And supplements they are pushed by the drug Companies and some of their degree is paid for by the drug cartels to push drugs like statins antibiotics and other drugs That cause longterm disease but when taking nutritional supplements can help Reverse disease and keep you living longer, healthier Now one of the most researched supplements For performance enhancing and strength building is creatine  is a fantastic supplement has been Proven time and time again to help you to increase strength, stamina, endurance, and muscle, size theyve been lots and lots of studies done with it, we have created in the body that we get from meat creatine as a supplement will massively enhance your strength and sports performance in the gym.
Supplements Do We Really Need Them London
Fish oils have been proven to lower bad cholesterol. And lower body fat. And help with the flexibility. Of joints as well as reduce the chance of heart attacks and other illnesses strength coach Charles Poquin Has been using this method for like 1981. To get his 400 athletes In 200 different sports to peak performance London.
Supplements Do We Really Need Them London
Vitamin D sunshine vitamin keeps your immune system strong. Keep your bones healey strong helps with stress, and anxiety. In the winter. And can help to lower body fat. Matt Hancock MP said in The Houses of Parliament during the pandemic. That it had no benefit he was completely lying. When Ive used it for Myself. and many of my clients with great success. With getting Lad tested for my doctor Saying to me my vitamin D levels were 100% hed never seen this in his other patients. Because what I do is lie in the Sun for 20 minutes. Every time the Sun is out front and back of the body. And I take vitamin D in the winter for stress and anxiety. and for fit loss.
Supplements Do We Really Need Them London
Next vitamin that works is zinc. Im 51 years old and I wanna keep my testosterone high by good sleep excellent diet, regular training, Im keeping my zinc, levels high by taking a supplement.From the lab testing from my doctor my doctor said that my health was excellent for my age and he was quite Surprised to see it. Many of the weekend warrior. And  young and dumb trainers. PTs and coaches believe. In what the doctors are saying without doing the research or doing any nutritional Course the doctors are invested in giving you a drug that will rub your body of the vitamins and minerals in Leeds but during the 
Pandemic  my mum was given vitamin D so Ive met Hancock was right what are the doctors giving him my mum vitamin D and she still alive today So this doesnt make sense the drug companies want to put the drugs on us thats why in America you can see American adverts all the time on tv and in the news You need this Drug for this all that when you get a headache, it’s not just about the pain it could be that youre just completely dehydrated I need to hydrate yourself fully to get rid of the headache instead of taking 
 a pill But unfortunately many people don’t listen to there body or mind about supplement vitamins minerals and diet same as the doctors they understand drug prescription and here I need to get you on one drug to cover up another drug to cover up that drug for the good news is the government said if you got anxiety you should go out for a walk why wasn’t they say in this 30
Years ago so hes many supplements and books that you can buy But unfortunately many people dont listen to that in a body or mind read about supplement vitamins, minerals and diet same as the doctors they understand drug prescription and her I need to get you on one drug to cover up another
American doctors have come out with the truth to help you stay in peak health So the supplements I think
everybody should take if you want to stay young keep fit and be healthy are vitamin C magnesium vitamin D zinc L glutamine a multivitamin creatine And probiotics And hydrochloric acid if
You put these into your diet for at least three months you will find that your health and wellbeing will improve

Supplements Do We Really Need Them London

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