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NEW BOOK first thing I do with a client is to look at your diet using a system called the metabolic typing diet. In this system you are considered to be one of three types:

Protein Type: eating protein gives you more clarity and energy, and makes you feel great.

Carbohydrate Type: when you eat lots of vegetables and less meat you feel better and more focused.

Mixed Type: you need to eat equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates to increase your focus and energy and feel good.

The most important thing with any diet is obviously to eat good quality and healthy foods. I therefore highly recommend organic or biodynamic foods to my clients: frozen if you’re on a tight budget but preferably fresh from the greengrocers.

Part Of My New Book Diet and Lifestyle

How many people realize that they are unnecessarily frightened of fats?If we don’t get enough fats inside our system our energy will be low, our skin will not look its best, our muscle mass won’t increase, and our hormone levels may be low. Fat is really, really important. A book called Cholesterol: The Myths will help you understand that cholesterol is not something to fear. The body needs cholesterol to keep inflammation and swelling down. And fat gives us energy.

The good fats are:

Beef  Lard, Butter Olive Oil Gee.

These are 5 different fats you can try with your meals to give you a good energy supply.

So with my clients, I coach you on diet and lifestyle using metabolic diet typing and get you to balance the vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your system to give you optimal energy.

New Book Diet and Lifestyle amazon.

New Book Diet and Lifestyle amazon.

I also teach clients that water is key to the body’s chemistry. 75 percent of the planet is water and 75

percent of our bodies is water. The last sign of dehydration of the body is thirst. If you are thirsty then the body is robbing the water from your feces in order to keep your body hydrated.

The next thing we need to look at with lifestyle is getting to bed on time. If you are not in bed by 10:30 pm you will lose the advantage of the physiological and neurological repair of the body when the natural healing processes occur during the night. So you need to make sure that you switch off computers and phones before bed so that you can enter into a deep sleep when you are in your bedroom.

Part Of My New Book Diet and Lifestyle

My New Book Diet and Lifestyle

Next with lifestyle comes exercise. I recommend to my clients at least 45 minutes of exercise four times a week to get the result you are looking for. You can do yoga, tai chi, weights, walking, anything in fact that you find fun and that you will always keep doing. But please note that some exercises do not give you the same benefit as others. If you’re looking to develop muscle mass with tai chi, then it’s not going to happen, nor will you get bigger and stronger with yoga. Similarly, if you’re looking to lose weight but are only going walking, then unless you change the speed and the tempo of your pace you will not lose weight – even over a prolonged period of time. So I recommend my clients to do a combination of tai chi, yoga and strength training.

Remember that as you are aging you are losing muscle. Also, your testosterone and other hormones are dropping. So weight or strength training for both males and females is very, very important. Muscles contain fewer calories than fat, so the more muscular you are, the leaner you will look and the younger you will feel. If you look at Olympic sprinters you will notice they have the best muscle mass and better-toned bodies. They are doing strength and cardiovascular training in the one hit of the sprint.

There is now new research into hip training that demonstrates a simultaneous increase in speed, strength and cardiovascular conditioning from ten-minute sessions. Personally, I do not agree with this type of training. A preferable sequence is to warm up and stretch the body, followed by strength and conditioning exercises, and then cool down and stretch. This gives the best benefit.

New Book Diet and Lifestyle amazon.As well as diet and exercise, rest is very important. I see many clients who are overtraining, overworking and under resting – this is why they are not getting the required results from their training programme.

So with your lifestyle programme, make sure you get to bed on time, eat according to your metabolic type, eat good fats, drink plenty of water, and spend time with friends doing what you enjoy most. And find a good Chek practitioner to help you.buy my new book in 2018

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