Organic Food For Weight Loss Personal Trainer London

 12 Good Reasons


Buy Organic Food Every Day 

1. Organic products meet stringent standards.
Organic certification is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures without persistent toxic chemical inputs. When you see that a product has been Certified Organic (Quality Assurance International), you can rest assured that the product, its ingredients and the manufacturer have gone through a thorough investigation.

Organic Food For Weight Loss Personal Trainer London 2. Organic food tastes great!
It’s common sense — well-balanced soils grow strong healthy plants that taste great. Try an organic orange or vine-ripened tomato for a sweet and juicy flavour treat.and it 40 % better for you.

3. Organic production reduces health risks.
Many EPA-approved pesticides were registered long before extensive research linked these chemicals to cancer and other diseases. Now, the EPA considers 60% of all herbicides (weed killers), 90% of all fungicides (mould killers), and 30% of all insecticides (insect killers) as potentially cancer-causing. Organic farming keeps harmful chemicals and pesticides out of the food we eat and beverages we drink. It also prohibits the use of antibiotics in animal feed, which are routinely used in conventional farming and is known to create dangerous antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Organic farms also benefit the farm workers who have high exposure to chemicals and synthetic pesticides.

4. Organic farms respect our water sources.
The elimination of polluting chemicals and nitrogen leaching, done in combination with soil building, protects and conserves water resources. Organic farming reduces toxic farming runoff and pollutants that contaminate our water, soil and air.

Organic Food For Weight Loss Personal Trainer London

Organic farmers London

5. Organic farmers build soil.
Soil is the foundation of the food chain and the primary focus of organic farming. We’re facing the worst topsoil erosion in history due to our current agricultural practice of chemical intensive, mono-crop farming.

6. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature.
Organic agriculture respects the balance demanded of a healthy ecosystem: wildlife is an essential part of a total farm and is encouraged by including forage crops in rotation and by retaining fence rows, wetlands, and other natural areas.

7. Organic producers are leaders in innovative research.
Organic farmers have led the way, largely at their own expense, with innovative on-farm research aimed at reducing pesticide use and minimizing agriculture’s impact on the environment.
Organic farming is better for the environment, better for business, more energy efficient and makes better tasting fruit than conventional methods and most integrated production systems, according to the research conducted at Washington State University. (Natural Foods Merchandiser, June 2001)

8. Organic producers strive to preserve diversity.
The loss of a large variety of species (biodiversity) is one of our most pressing environmental concerns. The good news is that many organic farmers and gardeners have been collecting and preserving seeds, and growing unusual varieties for decades.

9. Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy.

10. Organic abundance – Foods and non-foods alike!
Now every food category has an organic alternative. And non-food agricultural products are being grown organically – even cotton, which most experts felt could not be grown organically

11. Remember you are what you eat and you are when you eat

12. Eating organic will slow down your ageing and much fewer toxins in the body as you eat food with no pesticide or chemical eating why god like the best way to keep healthy.


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