Lower Back Pain Management Personal Trainer London


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Lower Back Pain Management Personal Trainer London

Lower Back Pain Management Hi I’m Scott Bryant your dedicated lower back pain management specialist.
Back pain can come in many forms such as physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual pain. The majority of pain that appears in the body can be caused by poor diet and lifestyle who will it help? Golfers Triathletes Runners rugby player anyone in Cause of lower back pain can come in many. way here some that I have found i’m Personal Trainer specialising in back problems.

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 Here why may you may have back problems.

  1. No workout Program. 
  2. Exercise with wrong exercise.
  3. Poor weak posture weak abs core. 
  4. Over training that cause Injury.
  5. Weak movement patterns. 
  6. Bad siting position at work .
  7. Lack of stretching.  
  8. Poor diet and lifestyle.
  9. Little no exercise.
  10. Bad injury.
  11. Some thing you may be born with.
  12. Mental issues. 
  13. Pregnancy. 


Back problems we can help with
Chronic pain patients (back, knee, shoulder, neck)
Herniated Disc
Sciatica – nerve impingement
Lower back pain
Athletes – Sport Specific Conditioning
All of the programs are specifically designed for you.

All of the programs are specifically designed for you.

  • Eliminate back pain
  • We do 1-2-3-4 hour assessment 
  • Lose weight 
  • Play your sport again 
  • Oline program use anywhere in the world  
  • Rehabilitate shoulder, neck and head pain
  • Eliminate knee pain
  • Improve posture
  • Move more efficiently
  • Improve sports performance
  • Reduce the likelihood of injuries.
  • Eliminate recurring injuries
  • Keep exercising at any age 

DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.

Master C.H.E.K. practitioner level 5 and PT with over 22 years of experiences. I map the whole body and develop a pain management strategy for you that works. I enjoy helping clients who have been troubled by pain for many years.  Failed doctor’s diagnosis and unsuccessful physiotherapy can leave you frustrated, let me help you! With in-depth assessments, I am able to uncover the root cause of your pain and help you finally develop a pain management solution that works.

Client success story form google reviews 

I was lucky enough to have found Scott at a time when I was suffering from both upper and lower back pain at a very young age, with two herniated discs and prolonged soreness and tension across my upper body. This was developed over the years of sedentary lifestyle and incorrect training in the gym.

I found Scott’s website online by randomly searching for “pain + personal trainer” on google and his website came out on the top of the results. I was immediately attracted by the way he set out his training philosophy, and the unanimously positive feedback he received from previous clients. I gave him a ring immediately. Despite being made aware of my limited affordability, he spent 45 minutes with on the phone asking about and advising on my conditions. I was touched by the genuine care he showed to me as a stranger, more than many doctors I have seen.

With limited time and income, I signed up to train once a week with Scott. Despite the limited frequency, the systematic approach he’s taken, the focus on both physical and spiritual health and the extensiveness and depth of the assessment he has done with me have been truly impressive. The programme I am on has been personalized for myself, based on my past and current conditions, and I am really starting to feel a difference. I look forward to the coming session with Scott, and would highly recommend him to anyone who desires good health and overall well being.

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