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How To Get the Body And Fitness you want!

  • How To Get the Body And Fitness you want  you want to be lean and feel great?

  • Do you want to excel at your sport?

  • Do you want to be free from injuries, aches and pains?

  • Are you over weight and need lose it 

  • Are you stress and have lower back pain 

If you are tired of being at your present way and / or suffering with various aches, pains or injuries then I could help you achieve your ideal shape and be free from all aches and pains using the highly acclaimed C.H.E.K training system.

The C.H.E.K training system, (which stands for Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiology) is a system which focuses on realigning the body both structurally, spiritually and physiologically to restore ideal body weight and be injury free.

sport massage london

sport massage london

The C.H.E.K system works by assessing your body to see how it is functioning today. This involves measuring structural alignment, muscle strength, muscle tightness and balance across the whole body. It also includes looking at your biochemistry to see how and what you should be eating. This varies greatly between individuals. From this we are able to identify the underlying blocks to your ideal body weight and primary causes of your aches and pains.

personal trainer battersea

personal trainer battersea

When this is known we can then remove the cause by taking a holistic approach to your performance training. This involves stretching and strengthening specific muscles on the body (as opposed to targeting every muscle like many approaches take). From this we will know which foods are going to help you towards your goal and which ones will not. These results may surprise you! Soon you will be injury free and looking your very best.
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