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reduce body fat: can be hard for many people and just changing your diet may not work. This is the same as just working out in the gym on its own. It may not work, as it depends on your hormones and how balanced they are. I’ve been working with clients for over 18 years now, to help them lose body fat.

Here are some of my top tips:

How Do i Reduce Body Fat Personal Trainer London

1. Get to bed on time! Every time you go to bed to late this will increase your cortisol levels, which makes you store body fat. I suggest you need to be in bed by 10pm! This particularly affects people that do shift work, simply because they are going against nature. We are designed to sleep when the sun is down and be up when the sun is up. Shift work therefore can be detrimental to your training program.

How To Reduce Body Fat Naturally Personal Trainer in London

2. Drink plenty of water! Calculate 0.33 x your body weight in kilograms to work out your basic water needs. Drinking plenty of water allows the body to shift toxins from the body, which enables the body to be more balanced.

How To Reduce Body Fat Naturally Personal Trainer in London

3. Reduce sugar intake! Remember there are hidden sugars in most foods and drink. So, try to reduce your alcohol intake too.

How Do i Reduce Body Fat Personal Trainer London

4. Get off the coffee! In my own experience I have found that drinking too much coffee makes you gain fat around the belly. This is obviously not very helpful if you want to lose body fat. Coffee is also a toxin to the system and it takes time for the body to recover and detoxify. Too much coffee can also cause adrenal fatigue, please click on the link if you want to know more!

5. My last top tip is to make sure you increase your fat intake. Not bad fats from sugar and process foods, I mean fats from butter, ghee, avocado’s, olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. Good fats will give you energy while you are exercising, as well as stopping you from over eating! This will really help you to lose body fat too.

It is also really important that you work with a Personal Trainer in London. Particularly if you are not seeing the results you would like. A Personal Trainer in London will help keep you motivated and can provide you with a progressive, fun exercise program to keep you on the right track.

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