Holistic Way to Live with Aids Personal Trainer London

 Holistic Way to Live with Aids

Personal Trainer London. 

And keep strong

Holistic Way to Live with Aids Personal Trainer LondonHolistic is like some cancers: there is no cure for it. We can fly to the moon, but we can’t even cure a common cold. But we can avoid colds by eating organic food and exercising in the right way.

We can get Aids from having unsafe sex and from blood transfusions. My main concern is how anyone with AIds can have a better life if they get the balance right. I have been a personal trainer for 19 years and have been studying with the CHEK Institute, where I have learned that so many things we do are killing us slowly – such as eating sugar, bread, rice, and pasta and over exercising. Sugar suppresses the immune system. After 4 hours in the body bread, pasta and rice turn into sugar – so we are constantly suppressing our immune system when we need to keep it strong.

Holistic Way to Live with Aids Personal Trainer London

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, we did not eat as much bread, pasta, and rice as we do now and we did not have the same health problems as we do today. Additionally, parasites and fungus feed on sugar and 90 % of the world’s population have parasites that attack the body’s immune system. They come from the food we eat or can be passed on through sex.

We also need to check any drugs that anybody is taking, because the side effects can also suppress the body’s immune system and make the body toxic, which can cause the body pain. ‘Club‘ drugs can also be dangerous, as you don’t know what is in them, and they could be killing you.

So seeing a herbalist and doing a long detox could be a big help in getting the body to function better. The body is like an engine: it needs good fuel and a regular tune-up to keep it running. But if you have parasites and fungus this can cause the immune system to break down. How many doctors check for parasites and fungus and examine our diets?

How about your sleep patterns? How many of us go to bed at 10 pm? This is the time that the body needs for cleaning and rejuvenation. Late nights should be avoided.

 Exercise can also be considered as a drug: if you do the wrong exercise you get the wrong kind of high. Cardio training stresses the body, suppresses testosterone and pushes up cortisol levels, which puts stress on the adrenal glands and will make you feel tired. This will cause your body to store fat and damage the immune system.


So correct training and a good diet will help to keep the immune system strong. Chi training is good as this can help the internal organs which are sick and toxic. If the Chi flow is not strong this can cause sickness on the inside and outside of the body. The Chinese and Japanese have been using chi training for many illnesses and they practice outdoors to get fresh air into their bodies. I think that if hospitals were to start using this kind of exercise, it would help many people to heal more quickly and that it would also improve the quality of life of people with Aids.

Top tip to help you get your health back using

Holistic. Get gut leb tested 
  1. Eat only clean food 
  2. Don’t take drugs 
  3. Get bed on time 
  4. Exercise and keep fit 
  5. Get lots of vitamin c in your body 
  6. Love who you are 
  7. Be you

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Holistic Way to Live with Aids Personal Trainer London

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