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holistic health,  coaching there is the belief that the body contains an energy system that is the support and life for the physical body. Health is achieved with treating the causes of the symptoms and disease – not just alleviating, masking, or addressing the symptoms. If one part of your body is not working  properly, all other parts may be affected. Holistic health that’s based upon the fundamentals of functional medicine is said to be the healthcare of the future in London.



The holistic treatment of the body’s expression of symptoms is done through natural and preventative approaches. The individual is looked at as a person- not as the disease they have or ailments they exhibit. Additionally, with holistic health, one’s health is measured not just with the absence of symptoms and disease, but an overall positive state of being. Therefore, individuals also have a responsibility for their own total health and have to be an active participant in their approaches towards day-to-day wellness and healing to keep the body in balance.

When it comes to holistic health, components which influence the body’s health and balance include: posture, microbiomes, climatic factors, diet, exercise, rest, stress, toxics, Healing  spirit, purposefulness, sexual health, and more. These factors demonstrate the relationship and interactions between an individual and his or her environment that might influence an individual’s optimal health.

Scott has been helping clients for over 19 years with all different kinds health issuse over to decades some have been 

  • Lowe back pain 
  • Weight loss
  • Leaky guy 
  • Hormone issues 
  • Diet and lifestyle 
  • Chakra blockage
  • Low confidence 
  • Neck Shoulder knee pain 
  • Not loving Your Self 
  • Health issuse 


Scott unique systems that looks at you from inside out.with diet, lifestyle, corrective exercise  sound healing, Lab testing, massage, to shamanic healing to help you take control of your health and get your life back on track scott uses individualised approach no one person looks same. so no should be coach the same as one another with his 19 years experience he unstained that you are unique.scott is author of the book holistic health for proper geezers and classy ladies get the body and fitness you want.the book covers diet ,lifestyle, exercise, healing, shaman ,drumming, and mind balancing ,and life setting goals.

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