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HolIstic Health For Proper Geezers And Classy Ladies

Scott Bryant

Here are my five top tips to avoid self-sabotage.

Tip Number One: YOU MUST HAVE A DREAM.What I mean by a dream is: where would you like to be five or ten years from

now? Do you want to look back on your life with joy and happiness, knowing thatyou’ve achieved something each year and always kept moving forwards? The dream can be anything from being fit, healthy and lean, to being the best golfer in the world or even becoming a multimillionaire.

All you need to do is to learn to focus and open up your mind. Spend ten minutes a day, every day, thinking only about your dream. But do not think about how hard it is to achieve it or worry where the money might come from or some other detail. I’ve found in my own personal experience that by staying focused on the dream, the money and circumstances just appear. But when they appear you must see them and act on them straight away!

HolIstic Health For Proper Geezers And Classy Ladies

My dream to become a master Chek practitioner took 8 long years of staying focused but not all goals need take so long. I achieved my goal and so I know you can achieve your goals using the same system, whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, sports performance, or anything else. This system has been used by Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Tony Robins, and many world famous movie stars and pop stars.

If you listen carefully to what these people say on the telly and the radio, and in their music and films, you’ll notice that they always talk about the dream and stayingfocused on it. So I feel this is the number one priority if you want to achieve something in your life. You have to see and feel the dream, stay focused on it, and never let the naysayers hold you back.

Proper Geezers And Classy LadiesTip number two: HAVE GOALS.
If you do not have goals you are doomed to failure. You can have big or small

goals. I’ve found using small goals to achieve the bigger ones is a real winner. Saying your goals in your mind, out loud, or writing them down, helps your subconscious mind to download what you want in your life. Writing down 90 day goals can help you achieve anything.

Goals have to be realistic for you to make them become a reality and it is howyou say the goals that is really important. So if you say “I will be a millionaire,” theUniverse notices the “will be” part and so may not give you what you want because it remains in the future. But if instead you say: “I am a millionaire, I am financially free, I have lost weight, I am fit and healthy,” then with repetition your subconscious mind will download it, act on it, and make it a reality. I learnt about goal achieving

through the audio programmes of two self-made millionaires called Bob Proctor’sand Brian Trace.

Tip Number 3: VISION.
You need to visualise the big dream and the goal becoming reality. Spend 15

minutes a day doing deep breathing and letting your mind wander without judging what comes in. For example, if a vision comes in of a massive house, big cars and a swimming pool, be careful not to say in your mind: “this isn’t going to happen, itisn’t real.” Embrace the vision, let it happen and become reality.

I found that by being in the moment, really feeling the vision and repeating it over the days, months and years, then the vision becomes a reality. I found that day dreaming is one of my big secrets. When I daydream about new clients and keeping myself fit so that I can help others, then it always works. So put 15 minutes of visualising into your daily schedule to become more successful and achieve your big dream.

A book called The Mind Gym is used by elite athletes. They visualise and believe they have already won the trophy. Similarly, the business man visualises and believes he has landed the deal. I believe you must ask the Universe, God, Spirit or whatever you believe in, to help you achieve your big dream. When we open our mind to the Universe, the Spirit, or even fairies perhaps, because it really

doesn’t matter what we call it, then our dream is more likely it will happen.
There were many times over the years when I have no money or clients and things were very, very tough. But I kept believing within myself that things would change and get better, and that this was just a test. It has always worked and I have always come bouncing back. And I have also found that the tougher the time has been, then the easier it is next time around. So believing in yourself is so, so important for getting your body back into shape, for thinking at a different level

and living in a better way.
As well as believing in yourself it is important to have people around you who

believe in you and your dream: people that are going to help you focus and goforward in your life. You don’t want negative people and naysayers around you thatmay stop you from achieving your dreams, goals and ambitions. So believe in yourself today and you will change your life forever.

Tip Number 5: DO NOT GIVE UP.
Throughout my career and I found that when self-training in the gym or studying

that many things have been very difficult for me because I am dyslexic, but it is only as tough as you let it be. So by never giving up you will be able to achieve anything.

I left school with no qualifications. I am now 46 and have over 15 qualifications to my name. I have been reading, learning and studying, and training in gyms all overthe world. I’ve been knocking down walls of negative beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes about myself for many years now. I have realised one important fact: never give up.

So whether you want to get that six-pack, lower your golf handicap, get out of pain, loss weight or get fit, then as long as you do not give up then you will eventually succeed. If you have had a problem but always given up before solving it, then it is fantastic that you have found my book. So find my website, get on the phone, give me a call, and we can work on your dreams, goals and visions, and I will personallymake sure that you never give up on yourself. That’s what I’m here for.

I always ask my clients: “What level of change are you ready for on a range from1 to 10?” If you are a one, then you are definitely someone who needs more help than I can give. But if you are at a level of seven to ten, then you are definitely someone I can help. So have a good think about that: are you ready for change? Are you ready to knock down the walls of self-sabotage and change your life for ever? I am a caring and compassionate guy and love what I do with a deep passion.If you’d like to start on your life goal today, then give me a

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CHEK Practitioner


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