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Female Fat loss for women: and men is not the same because men have 10 times more testosterone hormones then women do. This is why men lose weight more easily and the male body will change faster, while the female will take longer. So when it comes to fat loss for women it has to be scientific. The best diet and the right exercise.
Many women do not know how there bodies work when comes to fat loss and every time a women misses a meal or does not eat on time her fat cells multiply. This is because they need to store fat for child bearing.  This is why females have more fat stores – up to 20% more than men. This is why it can be so difficult for females and can find it hard to lose body fat. However, there are some top tips here for women to lose body fat and keep it off for good.
female fat loss in London

female fat loss in London

Getting the exercise right for your body

1.Weight training to build lean muscle which in turn will burn fat. Yes, the more muscle a woman has the less fat she will have. You don’t see fat sprinters do you? They do weight training regularly.
2.Yoga is okay if your body feels tight but not if looking for weight loss.  Its good for getting your flexibility back. You have to follow this on with weight training. This is because your body will adapt to your yoga sessions and you will not see weight loss. It will stop so I would say alternate between yoga days and weight training days. Hip pain in the over 40s in yoga is a big problem. You also may be over stretching your body and do some yoga poses that are not good for your body type.
3.Running for fat loss can be okay at the start and then you start to see a reduction in weight loss so you must do other training because you body adapts fast you keep getting fitter but not losing the fat I see this all the time in gym with people who run on the treadmill. If you must run do interval sessions alternated with weight training to keep body and bones strong and keep lean muscle If you lose lean muscle them you will get fat fast.
4.Walking is good but you must make it more challenging and aerobic Keep your body guessing and keep your body in fat burning to keep lean.
Diet and lifestyle for female fat loss
Get to bed on time every night

Get to bed on time every night

1.Get to bed on time every night.

You will lose fat and have more energy.
 2. Drink your body weight in fluid ounces of water and you lose weight by losing toxins.
 3.  Eat for your body type. Do you eat too many carbs and no fat try more meat and fat and you may find you lose more body fat.
4.Drink less alcohol and you will see big changes in you body and mind.
Female fat loss Battersea London
Women’s hormones can go up and down  many times in one year so getting  them checked is a must to see if this is the reason for your weight gain.  So just doing running or weight training doesn’t mean that you will lose weight Then may be one thing that is preventing you losing weight
Check that any medications your taking as some can cause weight gain as a side effect. Look at home – is there any thing that may be affecting you like your mobile phone by your bed or too much time on you pc.
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