“Discover the Effectiveness of Calorie Counting for Weight Loss in London”

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Calorie Counting For Weight Loss Personal Trainer London

Calorie counting does it really work: it’s the same as Weight Watchers Weight Watchers is one of the most successful business in the world because because it doesn’t work this is the same with calorie counting initially you get the weight loss but you’re constantly hungry tired stressed and damaging your health it’s something that you cannot do long-term But with the Metabolic typing diet you can do it forever all the Palio diet or the Atkins diet work much better and don’t damage your health like calorie counting

Calorie Counting For Weight Loss Personal Trainer London

In my 22 years as a personal trainer I’ve never ever advocated calorie counting simply because it doesn’t work long-term many people get bored or they feel too tired to train or they feel that their health goes downhill not uphill and improve I find that the personal trainers that are advocating calorie counting knowledge level of nutrition is extremely low they don’t understand that food Reactions in the body and the starve in the body of calories Can Be detrimental to your health in the long-term but initially there is a quick fix and anything there’s a quick fix normally causes a problem later on

I’ve had some friends try calorie counting yes they’ve lost the weight but they don’t look healthy and as soon as they go back onto the normal diet they gain double back
So in my opinion it’s not a good idea

With the Metabolic typing diet it looks at your ethnic racial background it looks at your genetic type it looks at your hormonal type it looks at the governing systems in the body is sympathetic to parasympathetic this is what calorie counting does not cover and does not help with just respecting calories

Atkins diet

The reason why the Atkins diet works for 50% of the population is because 50% of the population of protein types on the Atkins diet is high protein Low carbohydrates high fats but he doesn’t look at ethnic racial background and who your dad or mum married so if your mum is white English and she married an Eskimo your diet would be different to 2 Africans getting married do you understand the point

And with the Palio diet again it’s restricting carbohydrates to keep in fat and protein high but again this diet is flawed because many people are carbohydrate or mix types so I mix type person would need equal amounts of carbohydrates protein and carbohydrate person would need more carbs and less protein but still using good fats
Now to study to become a

Metabolic Typing Diet Personal Trainer Battersea in London

Metabolic Typing Diet Personal Trainer Battersea in London

Metabolic advanced advisor can take about six months but to do the deeper course which is called FDN functional diagnostic nutrition goes deeper into fungus parasites adrenal fatigue and hormonal dysregulation this is something the calorie counting doesn’t look at and totally misses out I’ve seen many clients in pain many clients overweight by using the Metabolic typing diet that balances the nervous system sympathetic to parasympathetic sides of the nervous system when you go into balance your into homeostasis when the bodies in homeostasis the body goes into balance and loses unnecessarily fat and weight naturally without any restriction of calories the other thing we calorie counting is that it’s not looking at the difference between bone and muscle mass eyecolour hormonal problems and health issues like diabetes obesity insulin resistance and many other health problems as far as I know doctors do not recommend calorie counting they recommend the south beach diet the other thing that we have to remember is that there’s a gazillion books written on diet that means people are just not found the answer especially the book authors But with the

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Metabolic typing diet which I’ve been using for more than 15 years with my clients I always get the result the clients are massively happy they don’t have to restrict their diet they just have to balance it more many people are not educated about foods like sugar flower Dairy and the problem is it can cause like if you’re eating dairy you may have lots of snot in your nose you may have spots it may affect your respiratory and breathing The same as having white flower in your diet can cause joint pain and other problems in the body this is what calorie counting does not address he’s just a quick fatty fix that long time does not work if it did work everyone will be calorie counting everyone will be looking slim and trim and the UK would not be 70% obese but with. The Metabolic typing diet he guarantees you long lasting results because it looks at whether you’re a carb type a protein type or a mix type which looks at individuals  personalities traits as well as ethnic racial background as well as gut health hormonal health brain health muscle skeletal health dental health and this is why I’ve been using this system with great success with all clients anyone that just says that you just need to count calories does not understand gut health adrenal fatigue hormonal issues Fungus and parasite issues when he’s got a parasite issue there’s 35,000 different types which one do you have without doing deep analysis I love Testing you will never know so unfortunately just calorie counting it’s just the same as wait what is a complete waste of time only because you cannot do it for ever and everybody needs different amounts of carbohydrates fats proteins vitamins and minerals none of us look the same so we can’t eat or exercise the same the one thing that fixes all is a complete lie unfortunately many personal trainers coaches are not assessing they’re just guessing at what people need I do 150 assessments just on the physical body and then I do a 10 day diet and lifestyle assessment and a 20 hour Metabolic typing assessment This is the difference between peak health and no pain and peak sport performance but if you want to try calorie counting