Body Fat Testing Near Me Battersea 

To Much fat Could be stopping you from reaching  

           Your health and fitness goals and slowing you down too                

much body fat can affect body, mind and health and can lead to:

Body Fat Testing Personal Fitness Trainer Battersea London 

  1. Obesity 
  2. Pain in joints 
  3. Weak core muscles 
  4. Increased blood pressure.
  5. Stroke
  6. Heart disease.
  7. Low energy levels.

The best ways to measure body fat.

There are many ways to get your body fat and weight tested.Many of them don”t work.if you weight your self on set of scales it will look mat body weight and not your fat levels.Some scales say they measure body fat but they just look at fat content in the arms holding metre straight ahead or legs it standing on these scales.these scales.This dose”t show you all over all body fat measurement To get this correct it has be done with body fat callipers of 6 skin-fold areas.

Top ways to get rid of body fat.                                                  

Body Fat Testing Personal Fitness Trainer Battersea London 

  1. Book a personal  fitness trainer in London.
  2. Exercise with weight training  
  3. Expert nutrition 
  4. Fasting 
  5. Detox 
  6. Cold shower.

Losing body fat is not just about diet and exercise is about an all in one, holistic approach.first you need to know your body fat percentage and weight and height ratio and some situations BMI.dose not mean apply because it dose not count muscle mass. Good example of this is Mike Tyson he”s 15 stone and 5ft 11 and has body fat of 11%if he was to see a GP he would told he is obese.

As you can see this is not the truth at all.As we all know for the heavyweight boxing champion of the world BMI is not considered.Overall body fat calliper testing is the best way to get it right.Muscle to fat Measurement is required differently in many sports.A little more fat is needed if you”re a power lifter as it can help pull more weight have more weight but if your are triathlete you would need less body fat to be fast. 

Getting 6 pack to see your abs on beach  is all about fat %                                                    

Body Fat Testing Personal Fitness Trainer Battersea London 

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Body fat %not just exercise and diet.ideal body father most women is around 20%or men its about 15% The lower you go in body fat the better and younger you will look outgo too low and  you will look older as you become underweight.As you become start to put your hormones out of balance if you were overweight.So make sure you have it checked your don:t have too much too little body fat for your body type.



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