12 Weeks women’s Body Transformation Battersea London

12-Week Fat loss Body

And Posture Hormones Transformation

Get The Body And Fitness

That You Want And Deserve now 

12 Weeks women's Body Transformation Battersea London

Body transformation in 12 weeks

weeks fat loss  Body Transformation, London 

 female fat loss comes from good diet and great exercise programme and Balance hormones 


12 weeks Women’s do you feel stressed and tired all the time? Do you find it difficult to lose weight, no matter what you try? Have you tried options like calorie counting or diets like Weight Watchers? Do you dread exercising and seeing what you look like in the mirror? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because you’ve come to the right place to get the body and fitness that you deserve! At London, we use a holistic approach to get your body and mind back in balance with a caring and compassionate system that will help you believe in yourself. We help you get fit, lose fat and cellulite, and yes, even have fun with the process! You just need an expert with 22 years of experience to help you with your health goals.tips for health back and 10 fat loss secrets now

What we can you help with: 
  1. Feeling uncomfortable with your body image 
  2. Low energy and low confidence 
  3. Lower back pain  
  4. Stomach aches and pains
  5. Unwanted cellulite  
  6. Not fitting into old clothes
  7. Bad skin 
  8. Finding the right exercises excuse 
  9. No fad diet just best for you. 
  10. worried about you wedding day. 

We assess diet, lifestyle, exercise, hormone profile posture, and core strength through comprehensive testing. Once we have the test results, we start the transformation program with rapid results always achieved.

12 Weeks women's Body Transformation Battersea London

Here’s what we will focus on 

  1. Nutritional Metabolic profiling.                  
  2. Holistic Full body assessment.
  3. 12 organ cleanses.
  4. Workout recommendations.
  5. Constant reassessment to ensure goal setting.
  6. sports massage and energy healing.
  7. We get you ready for your big day

12weeks personal trainer london

1. Success Story: Scott changed my life

Scott has been my coach for 18 months now and it has been a life changing experience. One that has changed me from a path of eating the wrong type of food, taking the wrong type of exercise and leading a stressful life that all made my body toxic: to one that has brought me to a place of optimal health and vitality. The changes that have occurred to my life have brought me to a place where I feel contentment and happiness and it is because of Scott’s support that I am here. Scott initially helped me with the support and guidance to get me through the initial stages of getting to know metabolic typing, following the six foundation principles and directing me in the right direction with exercise. There are particular methods used by CHEK professionals that have the most marvellous effect on body and mind. Scott guided me through the experience and showed me how to do this. The therapeutic relationship that occurs between client and coach is one that comes to a place of understanding and empathy. This was certainly the situation with Scott and he has the ability to transcend that of the everyday personal trainer in a way that shows his high level expertise and awareness as a Master CHEK Practitioner. As a Metabolic Typing Advisor Scott took me through the process of assessing my needs in relation to healing my gut by arranging specimen to be sent , analysis of results and ordering the correct supplements to help with this. He also helped me analyse my food intolerances. This process takes time and I continue to have consultations with Scott in order that the process continues. I have adrenal fatigue and it takes time to recover from this. Depression has been a considerable issue with me -which goes hand in hand with the adrenal fatigue. Thanks to Scott’s help in finding more deep rooted reasons for my depression and by using methods of dealing with, it has been addressed in ways conventional medicine has never been able to. The improvement so far has been considerable and I feel the difference has made my life so much more enjoyable. I was guided by Scott through different cleanses to detoxify my body. These cleanses have resulted in me feeling amazing and I realise that the commitment I have made through balancing my body chemistry with metabolic typing had to precede these cleanses – thanks to Scott’s help. It was all a step change process and you very often have to be patient to get there. There is no quick fix, cookie- cutter approaches to how Scott works and you have to make the commitment to do it this way. This is far more effective than the tablet popping, behaviour controlling methods endorsed by conventional medicine. Scott’s Shamanic background has helped me deal with the blockages that occur within my body and mind – particularly due to past trauma. He has used methods that have helped considerably so far and I will continue to see Scott for the purpose of getting through the blockages that remain trapped in my body. I have every faith that Scott can help me with this. My journey continues in the knowledge that Scott’s methods will work and I will achieve the dreams in life that I wasn’t by having and continuing to have a healthy, happy productive life. Thank you Scott Debbie Miller 1st August 2016

– Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller

2.Success Stories.        

12weeks personal trainer london

 Scott changed how I thought about my physical and mental selves 

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Find a Personal Trainer London

Scott has a solid knowledge of how the body works. He started with a 4-hour full body assessment to better comprehend why my back problem started. The evaluation was coupled with a 10-question survey covering past emotional events and diet/work environment questions. Scott has a tremendous energy about him and is dedicated 24/7 to fixing your issues. He focuses on strength and making you look better, and on a balanced diet and overall well-being to achieve a truly healthy body from the inside out. I highly

3. Success Story: I changed my approach to being healthy

Scott has been my personal trainer for over 7 months, and during this time, I have totally changed my approach to exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Consequently, I feel much better: I’m more active, healthy, and energised. Scott tailor-made the program to suit my needs by considering my specific injuries and personal ambitions. He frequently introduces new exercises and equipment to ensure that the training sessions are always engaging to further prevent the client from getting into a rut. Personal Training might seem like a significant expense, but it really pays off because you can rest assured that your technique is correct and you’re maximising the time you put in. Equally, having a personal trainer means you can’t skirt

Clare Reichenbach

4. Success Story: Motivating, knowledgable, and encouraging 

Scott is an excellent trainer: he is motivating, encouraging, and knowledgeable. He always pushes me on to finish my reps or lift a heavier weight when I would have already given up long before that. Scott explains exercises to me and tells me which areas I need to work on and benefit me.
Scott is a sensitive trainer and has the unique ability to recognise when you are having a bad day and still successfully build your customised program accordingly. He is genuinely proud of you and the achievements that you make. He rewards you with praise and encouragement for your progress and effort, inspiring you to push yourself further. Scott is always hands-on with tips on diet, exercise, and health. He really enjoys what he does, and it is shown in his enthusiasm and knowledge- I found myself even spreading all that I have learned to others! I would recommend Scott to anybody looking for a personal trainer who is honest and firm, but friendly. Scott is easy to get along with, and, most importantly, he gets results.

– Sara Yadav

*DISCLAIMER – Results may vary from person to person.

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