Why Work With A C.H.E.K Practitioner?

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Why Work With a CHEK Practitioner?

CHEK Practitioners offer a holistic approach to health and fitness. Whilst trained to program gym routines and workouts, CHEK Practitioners are also adept at kinesiology and healing exercise. CHEK Practitioners are all about getting to the root cause of the issue and implementing sustainable lifestyle changes that ensure your results last. This is not a quick fix, and you can assured that by working with a CHEK Practitioner you won’t be exposed to fads, restrictive diets and unhealthy quick fixes. CHEK Practitioners are adept at handling sports injuries and rehabilitation. With background studies in skeletal muscle, orthopaedics and physiotherapy as part of their qualification, CHEK practitioners are able to aid you in your recovery. Intense studies in golf biomechanics and tennis conditioning means CHEK Practitioners are qualified to help you achieve greatness in these sports. CHEK Practitioners are qualified to undertake an entire lifestyle assessment for you. They can assess things like your respiratory system, nose and teeth as well as your energy and chakras. By following a holistic approach to health and fitness, CHEK Practitioners ensure you see lasting results and can live a healthier lifestyle with ease. All CHEK Practitioners make a commitment to extensive continuing education in order to remain certified. In addition to extensive continuing education, these professionals have been indoctrinated into a multidisciplinary approach to helping others achieve their goals. It has been taught to them that information only becomes knowledge when it is used to make a positive impact on others. CHEK Practitioners utilise all of their extensive knowledge to create a practical, holistic approach to health and fitness that guarantees results. One of the best parts about working with a CHEK certified practitioner is that they are also qualified lifestyle mentors. This means they are able to help you achieve your goals. Scott has a wealth of experience mentoring clients to succeed. By choosing to work with a CHEK Practitioner, you are committing to a lifestyle change that will guarantee results. It is not a quick fix. But, by working with a CHEK master practitioner, you ensure that your fitness regime is targeted to the root cause of issues. This ensures that your weight loss and other goals will be long-lasting, and aid in stress relief, chronic pain and mental struggles. Working with a CHEK Practitioner is the best investment you can make into your physical and mental wellbeing. Contact Scott today to start working toward the body of your dreams

What C.H.E.K. practitioner looks at

  • Forward Head assessment.
  • 160 heath assessment.
  • Breathing assessment.
  • Diet and lifestyle assessment.
  • Personalised program.
  • 4 dr.assessment.
  • Kinetic chain assessment.
  • 7 movement pattern assessment.
  • Weak and strong muscle.
  • TVA and Abs core assessment.
  • Flexibility& stability assessment.
  • Body mind healing.
  • Fitness Workout assessment.
  • Shaman assessment.
  • Lower Back Pain assessment.


Why Scott? Scott offers 21 years of experience as a C.H.E.K practitioner and is a certified level 4 master practitioner. and personal trainer This means he has undertaken all of the additional qualifications needed to be certified to this high level. He has undertaken over 30 additional courses to aid a wide range of clients. No matter what your goals are, Scott can help you. When a new client joins Scott, he completes a 160 assessment. This assessment holistic assess your lifestyle and body and allows Scott to begin exploring the deeper, root causes of your issues. He is able to complete a gym workout assessment and create a tailored program that will help you achieve your goals. He also offers diet and nutrition plans. His holistic 10-day diet plan is renowned by clients for being the kickstart they needed for their health journey. Scott understands how difficult weight loss and lifestyle changes can be. As he is CHEK certified, he has the skills and knowledge needed to help you change your lifestyle. He offers a long-term solution that will aid with pain, stress relief, fat loss and muscle gain depending on your goals. Contact him now to see how he can change your life!

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