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Sports Injury Rehabilitation With Corrective Exercise 


Sports Injury Rehabilitation with Your Personal Trainer In London

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fitness and performance levels to pre-injury status, then seek to achieve further.

success through my personalise training schedule.

 Conditions that I have successfully treated over 21 years:

 How we can help you.

Rehabilitation We are passionate about people living sports lifestyle, so when injury or pain gets in the way, we are here to help you to achieve your goals to do the activities that are important to you. This may mean recovering from injury to get back into a team sport, but may also be to play with your grandchildren or remain competitive with your friends ! Whether your activity is gardening, boxing  gym workout, dance, yoga, tennis, rugby or football, we want to help you do the things you love doing better than before and for as long as possible. We will help you with any musculo-skeletal injury, which may or may not be a sports related, to reach a assessment and a care plan to get you back doing the things you love.i offer one to one C.H.E.K partitioner

Our unique rehabilitation programme we will do 

  • Full body assessment.
  • Pain and stress assessment.
  • Movement screen
  • Pain and Injury assessment.
  • Tips to help with the pain.
  • Plan to get you back to your game or sports.
  • We will elevate your program till you back to it.

The sports injury we can help with are 

  • Golf Lower back pain injury.
  • Boxing Neck injury.
  • Shoulder injury.
  • Running Knees injury.
  • Tennis Arm injury.
  • Flexibility.
  • Can help with all sports Injury Running Tennis Boxing Swimming Skiing.

What you can expect from me 

  1. Care and compassion
  2. Take home rehabilitation program
  3. Online.rehabilitation program
  4. Work one to one with Scott
  5. Increase range of motion in the joints
  6. Enhance core stability
  7. Improve posture & gait

What injury we have help with 

  • Chronic pain (back, knee, shoulder, neck )
  • Herniated DiscSpinal.
  • RehabilitationPoor posture.
  • Sciatica – nerve impingement.
  • Lower back pain Fibromyalgia. 

Testimonials for Sport Injury Rehabilitation:

Sports Injury Rehabilitation


I approached Scott to help me address chronic shoulder pain, general lack of fitness, and obesity. working with Scott at the I have a number of issues which will take some time to fix but I have Through Scott’s thorough assessment process he correctly identified that my shoulder pain was linked to poor nutrition. He immediately changed my diet and alongside a corrective fitness program I saw terrific results in only a couple fo weeks. My shoulder pain reduced to almost nothing, I lost several kilos of fat, and developed strength that I never knew was possible. Scott is very much a no-nonsense guy, very friendly, and seriously passionate about achieving results. He communicates daily to see how I am progressing with my training and lifestyle, and is happy to pass on his extensive knowledge to ensure long term success with my fitness and lifestyle objectives.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation with Scott Bryant,

I initially contacted Scott after fracturing several ribs whilst skiing. As result of working with Scott over many months, I completely renovated my diet, and in conjunction with a tailored training program improved my strength, fitness and lifestyle for the better. I am stronger, leaner, more energetic and much less stressed thanks to my time with Scott. Highly recommended

Jane Physiotherapist


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