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Your flexibility is key to no pain.

Special Offers Personal Training Price Packages London

Special offers Free Flexibility Assessment  in London is the key to most personal fitness training programs. After all, if we don’t know key details about the person with whom we initiating a fitness training program, how can we expect to design an effective and safe plan? Traditionally, personal trainers have learned about 4 components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Along with these components of fitness, we have learned protocols to assess our potential and current clients and design effective programs.

50 Days Transformation 

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£58:00 1 Per hour 

 Personal training London. 

To get this price deal. you have to be committed to your fitness training. Program with you booking up front Payment is only block booking upfront for you to get this deal.

Your Special offer what you get:
  1. Workout 1 Session: Per hour £58.00
  2. Workout 2x times week 50 Sessions £2,500
  3. Full body assessment.4 Hours.
  4. Free Personalised workout program every 4 weeks.
  5. Healing session.
  6. Free book.
  7. Free massage sessions.
  8. Mt Diet testing and coaching. 

30 Minutes Personal trainer Sessions 

Fast Personal Fitness Training Sessions

£38:00 Per 30 Minutes 

  Pay weekly or monthly. 

  • Workout 1 session week 30 minutes £38:00
  • Workout 2 session week 30 minutes £76:00
  • Workout 3 session week 30 minutes £114:00

No Gym Membership To Pay!


If you’re thinking about using our personal fitness training services then try a free taster session first. This will give you a much greater insight into the service we offer, then you can decide if its the right option for you. only Available in your home park or online. 

Special Offers Personal Training Price Packages London

Before assessing someone’s range of motion and flexibility, we must be certain this person has successfully completed the health history, and has any relevant medical clearance.As trainers, we have traditionally been taught to think in terms of muscles, and not joints. Both strength and flexibility are traditionally aligned with the performances of specific muscles or muscle groups. Strength, how much a muscle can lift or resist, and flexibility the degree in which a muscle will stretch or lengthen. However, as we begin to look at the entire joint, two key terms come into play – mobility and stability. Mobility refers to movement around the entire joint, and stability refers to the integrity of the entire joint – for example in holding a certain posture.

Special Offers Personal Training Price Packages London

Why would need flexibility assessment 

  1. To know the the right muscles to stretch and not to guess.
  2. To help pain and inflammation.
  3. Help prevent injury.
  4. Improve posture.
  5. Help with pain.
  6. Get ready for sports and exercise.
  7. keep your flexibility after exercise.
  8. Your free flexibility will be one hour and is orthopaedic assessment.
  9. Help ease lower back pain

Special Offers Personal Training Price Packages London

Your flexibility is so important to stay out of pain and to keep good posture and a great sports performance but if you fall back on working on your flexibility as you age your posture will get worse your muscles will get tighter so the chances of you getting injured will be more I’m offering his free flexibility assessment to anyone that’s in pain but would like to see more how I work and how it works remember if you’re not stretching like a cat or a dog or any member of nature every day then you’re setting yourself up for an injury but if you’re hyper mobile you shouldn’t be stressing Many people do not know the difference so it’s really important for you to get assessed and don’t guess otherwise you’re setting yourself up for an injury or pain get in touch today