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Personal trainer battersea price We offer a five-Star service with Scott who has 22 years fitness coaching experience.We help you to get the body and health and fitness You wantWe can come to you. Or you can come to us! Age 11 up to 80 years old at any fitness levels or health issues. We can still help you. We can work with you Online in your Home or the gym or in your local park or in your Office. Your investment. Is 


1. Pricing We begin with a comprehensive face to face wellness assessment session, alternatively I can offer a Skype or iPhone  video chat option if more convenient. We will discuss your needs and goals, and establish how best I can help you achieve them, but first we need to make some important assessments which will be key to determine the appropriate program for each client.

2. I will give you a 10-day Holistic, Diet and Lifestyle assessment questionnaire that you must take home to complete. The assessment questionnaire goes deep into your nutrition and lifestyle habits and allows me to identify the source symptoms such as pain, fatigue, stress, poor sleeping patterns, recurring injuries, and allergies. I will then tailor our approach to achieve improved nutrition, weight-loss, fitness, and of course becoming pain-free!        

3. The next stage is diet and lab testing to establish your specific metabolic profile and identify allergies & nutritional deficiencies

4. Next is a comprehensive1-2-3-4 hour ABS kinetic chain assessment in at the gym, where I will measure range of motion, flexibility, core stability, strength, speed, power and other often neglected functions like respiration, cervical spine health and movement patterns.

During our sessions the information collected helps me to create a program specifically tailored to your fitness and lifestyle objectives. I will deploy a broad array of therapy and fitness techniques to ensure a holistic approach and successful results over time.

There are four phases of training and the length of each phase is dependent upon the athletic ability of each client. Each phase will last  4-8-12 weeks, after which I will evaluate your progress and decide when you can move to the next level. I provide ongoing support & motivation, and constant communication to ensure targets are hit,

Our Price And Coaching Packages

  Prices & Packages

Intermediate £88:00 1 Hour In Gym,Home,Training.

Beginner £68:00 1 Hour Home,Gym,Online,Training.

 Quick Session £38:00 30 Minutes Gym,Home,Park,Online,Training.

50 Days Transformation  £58:00 Per Hour

No Gym Membership To Pay!


If you’re thinking about using our personal fitness training services then try a free taster session first. This will give you a much greater insight into the service we offer, then you can decide if its the right option for you. only Available in your home park or online. 

Some package comes with 

  • Personalised workout program design For you.
  • Focus on tissue regeneration to prevent re-injury.
  • Do in home workout program design. 
  • Full body and posture, and core assessment.
  • Physiological load assessment.
  • Personalised flexibility program. 
  • Gym Workout assessment.
  • And lots more.
  1. All payment made by monthly direct debit.
  2. Monthly payments one month up front. 
  3. Block booking deal 10% off 48 sessions.

Call me now on 07841 144878 Today!

30 Minutes Sessions 

Fast Personal Fitness Training Sessions

£38:00 Per 30 Minutes 

  Pay weekly or monthly. 

  • Workout 1 session week 30 minutes £38:00 
  • Workout 2 session week 30 minutes £76:00
  • Workout 3 session week 30 minutes £114:00 

50 Days Transformation 

Results Sessions 

£58:00 Per hour 

To get this price deal. you have to be committed to your fitness training. Program with you booking up front Payment is only block booking upfront for you to get this deal what you will get. sports need Mt diet coaching.

  1. Workout 1 Session: Per hour £58.00
  2. Workout 2x times week 50 Sessions £9,500
  3. Full body assessment.4 Hours.
  4. Free Personalised workout program every 4 weeks.
  5. Healing session.
  6. Free book.
  7. Mt Diet testing and coaching. 

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Intermediate:Personal Fitness Training Sessions

2 Free gifts when booking sessions. 

  • Workout 1 session Per Hour £88.00 
  • Workout 1x session 4x times week to pay monthly £352.00 
  • Workout 2x weeks, 8 sessions pay monthly £704.00 
  • Workout 2x times, 48 Sessions £4,224
  • Workout 3x times, 72 Sessions £6,336
  • Workout 4 x times, 96 Sessions £8,448

Basic:Personal Fitness Training Sessions

1 free gifts when booking sessions.

  • Workout 1 Session: Per Hour £68.00

Metabolic profile diet test and coaching.  

Diet And Lifestyle Coaching In London

10 hours diet coaching and test and assessment £78 Per Hour = £780 

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Women’s 12 Weeks Body Transformation.

Women’s 12 Weeks Body Transformation.

  •  Workout 2x week 22 session £78 Per Hour = £1,716 

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How to design The perfect workout program personal trainer London workout program

Personalised Workout Program Design.

And one hour full body assessment. 

1 hours program design and 1hour assessment Per Hour £78 =£156:00

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Holistic Diet And Lifestyle Coaching Program Packages

Holistic Diet And Lifestyle Coaching Program Packages.

  1. Starter packages ABS Holistic diet and lifestyle coaching program =£250:00
  2. Advance packages ABS Holistic diet and lifestyle coaching program= £450:00
  3. Analysis ABS Holistic diet and lifestyle coaching program =£650:00

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Golf Sort Specific Program.

Golf + biomechanics assessment.

  • Workout 2x week.£88:00-48 sessions =£4,224 

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physiotherapy-lower-back-pain-personal trainer London

Lower Back Pain Corrective Exercise Program.

2 hours assessment & program x 3 one-hour session per week 

Master C.H.E.K Practitioner coaching full-body assessment

  • C.H.E.K assessment 1-2-3-4 Hours + Program
  • Diet and lifestyle forms assessment 2 coaching hours
  • 4 DR assessment free 
  • Hormone gut testing (call for prices) 
  • Healing energy and assessment 1 session 
  • Workout 4x times, 48 Sessions £3,800

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Sports Massage in London

  • Per Hour = £88:00

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Shamanic Healing Near Battersea, London

Shamanic Healing Session.

Per Hour £88:00

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Kids Fitness Training Packages.

  1. All payments made by monthly direct debit. 
  2. Block booking to for deal 10% 
  • Single Session: 
  • Kids workout
  • Workout 2x times, 24 Sessions £1,872
  • Workout with friend 24 session hour for 24 sessions=£2,112 

All our Children’s packages come with a free workout program and diet and lifestyle advice.

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Diet And Gut Testing And Coaching.

  • 10 session + testing Call for prices Per Hour £88:00ph = £880:00

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Free Flexibility Assessment 1 hours Free.

FREE Personal Trainer Flexibility Assessment Battersea in London

C.H.E.K Practitioner

In your home or gym.Just pay for the room. 

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Personal Trainer Business Mentoring.

  • 1 Session:Per Hour =£68:00
  • 10 sessions =£680:00

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Corporate seminars packages =£2,000

  • Get The body and fitness you want for up to 20 people the seminar.

Our Corporate Fitness Seminars. 

This package includes the following:

  • Diet and lifestyle presentation.
  • Free book.
  • Why your exercise may be making you fat.
  • Book discount pt session.
  • Diet and lifestyle level 1 coaching.

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Pay as You Go Boot Camp Clapham common.

  • Mondays at 9:30am in Hyde Park-Clapham Common -Battersea Park.
  • £35 Per Hour class, pay as you go, welcome.
  • Book 25 sessions= £875:00

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Online Personal Fitness Training.

Packages:£78:00 pH

  • 30 live personal training sessions = £2,340 
  • (Each package comes with one to one program)
  • Monthly tailor-made workout plan.
  • Monthly tailor-made diet guide.

To maximize the desired results, once you have signed up. 

  • Each session is about 60 mins.
  • Prices shown are a base price but flexibility considered. 
  • Minimum 24hr cancellation without charge.

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Terms And Conditions.

Payment must be received before the first session starts.
All packages have a 3-month expiry date unless otherwise stated.
If a refund is asked for, a £100 admin charge and also the sessions used will be deducted from the final amount.
By making payment to, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.