Golf 14 tips For Driving Longer

Scott’s TOP 14 Tips For Lowering Your Golf Handicap.

Back in the day of Tiger Woods, he understood the importance of being fit, strong and powerful. His maximum deadlift was 175kg for 1 repetition. This crossed over into his game and definitely improved his drive.

Many golfers tend to focus on their strongest side, however, this can cause a lot of muscle imbalances. Ideally, muscles would be equal on both sides. So, if you drive from the left you must train the right side too. In the gym, you can use cable machines to help you do this.

Every golfer needs flexibility, stability, strength, speed and power! But unfortunately, many personal trainers and sports coaches do not understand this. Scott has been working with recreational golfers for many years, helping them to increase their drives, lower their handicap, play for longer and have less chance of repetitive strain injuries.

TOP 14 Tips Golf Game in London

Tip 1: Flexibility! You must know the right stretches to do for your body and your game.

TOP 14 Tips Golf Game in London

Tip 2: Stability! Scott gets his clients wood chopping and driving from a Swiss ball to help develop stability to help lower your Golf Handicap.

Tip 3: Strength phase! To become stronger it can take at least 12 weeks of regular training, where Scott will make sure you are strong in the 7 primal movement patterns will give you  lower golf handicap

TOP 14 Tips Golf Game in London

Tip 4: Speed! Scott recommends that you repeat all the exercises at a faster tempo safely, without damaging any tendons or ligaments.

Tip 5: The POWER phase! Now you will only be doing 1 to 6 repetitions of any one given exercise so you can develop your full power. This would now be similar to how Tiger Woods would train. At this point Scott recommends you speak to your golf coach to help improve your swing technique.

Tip 6: Hydration: The stage of dehydration is thirst! If you aren’t drinking enough water you will not perform well, you are also at higher risk of picking up a sports injury.

Tip 7: Warm up and stretch first! Scott can provide you a specific stretch program that is tailored to your body! Please don’t forget to do this it’s very important.

TOP 14 Tips Golf Game in London

Tip 8: Relaxation! Scott teaches relaxation techniques for golfers and teaches you how to engage your core in order to increase your power by up to 50% when driving the ball. Sleep! Scott usually encourages his clients to get more rest. The more you sleep, the more the body relaxes, grows and repairs to help with your Golf Handicap.

Tip 9: Diet. Diet is key! If you are eating the wrong types of food it’s likely that your core will be switched off! Meaning that you will lose all your strength, speed, and power.

Tip 10! To really improve your game Scott likes to work alongside your C.H.E.K.Golf coach and recommends that you have regular Sports massages too!

Tip 11: Don’t drink any alcohol the night before the big game because it will dehydrate you and affect your golf performance.

Tip 12: Get 8 hours of sleep before the night before your big games to can lower stress in your body to pay much better game.

TIP 13: Try doing some yoga can help. with your golf handicap because it helps to stretch the muscle and relax you and detox your body if you do hot yoga Golf Handicap.

Tip 14: To get your handicap down you must have exercise program exercise designed for you that helps Posture core and lower back pain that will help you with diet and lifestyle with active Bryant systems golf program we do 145 assessment of your body and 200 assessment diet lifestyle and mind and emotions to guarantee we lower your golf handicap.

Testimonial from the happy client. 

I’ve been working with Scott for 9 months with a real objective to improve my golf game. I have been aware of the Paul Chek approach to fitness and sports performance for some years, and with Scott training me the results have been extraordinary.

We have worked on balance, strength, speed, and endurance and always with the mechanics of the golf swing as the key focus in our sessions.

I am now driving the ball substantially further than ever before, and consistently hitting 290 to 300 yards. I am able to rotate further and use the improved strength of the key muscles to great effect.

Before I started working with Scott I had a severe shoulder injury, consistent lower back pain and my endurance were very poor. After 9 months, my shoulder has improved to the point where I no longer suffer and my golf swing is free and full. My back is now strong and pain-free, and my endurance levels are at an all-time peak.

Not only have the training sessions created fantastic results, but Scott’s guidance on nutrition and lifestyle have helped me lose weight and improve sleeping patterns.

I have used personal trainers for 15 years, but Scott is the first one to take such a holistic approach. His knowledge derives from years of experience and a dedication to his profession.

As an avid golfer, I can confirm that training with Scott has been a real game-changer for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to dramatically improve their golf performance. Kevin 

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