Golf Fitness Conditioning Personal Trainer London

Golf Fitness Conditioning Personal Trainer

Golf Fitness Personal Trainer London

Golf Fitness Many golf personal trainers in London are not getting it right when it comes to conditioning for the game of golf, especially the swing. When training them for their game they do no assessment of the swing or drive.

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Golf is a power sport. You need to get your core and posture assessed. Because of the load that goes onto the body, 98 % of golfers get back pain: from bad training in the gym; bad lifestyle; and no warm up when they start playing, apart from slow swings in preparation for hitting the ball.

The body needs to warm up properly for all shots. You can see that some of the world’s best golfers are now looking in good shape, with Tiger Woods leading the way. When it comes to being lean and strong, he can only get this from the gym. But not by doing bench press and biceps curls – he would be doing deadlifts, cable pulls and lateral ball rolls.

Golf Fitness Personal Trainer London

Golf Fitness Training Program in London

Paul Chek is one of the best in the world for conditioning golfers. There is no other programme which works as well as he does, with over 150 assessments of the body, so that we can see what is going on in the golfer’s body.

One of the best books about golf fitness is the Golf Biomechanics Manual which is the book which C.H.E.K golf sport performance specialists London need to study, which explains how to get a body fit for the game of golf.

As a Master CHEK practitioner level 4 Scott looks deep into how to get you out of pain. He guarantees that he will get your handicap down, make your backswing stronger and make you drive further than you ever did before. So if you are looking to take your game to a new level then Scott Bryant can help you!!!

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