What Is Functional Nutrition Medicine

What Is It For 

For all gut issues and health issues get the root cause of heath issues

it get you  back to peak health.

Functional Medicine Practitioner in London

Functional Medicine Personal Trainer In London

  Functional Medicine and Diet and Exercise is a root cause analysis style of medical practice. Functional Medicine starts with taking a detailed 10 days history of YOU up to the present day. Our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner  are looking for the bigger picture, the pattern in the systems of your body that explain the symptoms that YOU are feeling, not an “average” patient. A Functional Nutrition Practitioner will look at a combination of your lifestyle, diet, movement, sleep, exercise in london relaxation and any medical diagnoses you have so far and use their years of training to develop a hypothesis, a starting idea, of the root cause of your symptoms. You then effectively have two options:Scott.has been help clients for over 20 years withe health issues like IBS, Fatigue, brain fog, bad skin, weight lose, night sweats, Lower back pain,Parasite Scott will give you questionnaires to do for him over 10 days and then he will do some labs testing to get root of cause of your health Problem Scott like to give exercise to make sure you your lymphatic systems drains and helps your body to detox

What We can help help you withe .

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Bad skin.
  3. Detox.
  4. Blood sugar balance.
  5. Night sweats.
  6. Energy hight and lows.
  7. IBS.
  8. Fatigue.
  9. Bad Sleep.
  10. Pain
  11. Anxiety

“Guess or Test”

Functional Medicine is applicable to a range of health conditions and medical diagnoses, including diabetes, autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s/under-active thyroid, coeliac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, chronic digestive issues including IBS & IBD, hormonal imbalance and fatigueME and CFS.

Functional Medicine Diet and Exercise is:

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition – Everything we do for and with you is specific and individual to you and your needs. Your tailored program is designed for YOU.
  • Predictive – We can give you intelligent risks assessment numbers (environmental/occupational) which predict the likelihood of certain outcomes if you do not live within your genetically defined parameters. We can give you specific information on risk reduction.
  • Preventative – we can help you reach your peak performance, improve your general wellbeing and develop your anti-aging programme.
  • Participatory – you will need to learn, participate and change unsupportive lifestyle choices which are frequently learned from your family.

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Have you got Parasites? Fungal infections? These are two very overlooked medical conditions that many doctors would poo poo if you felt you had them (excuse the pun). I caught parasites for a variety of reasons and my GP did not believe me. The NHS stool tests are a waste of time as they only look for 4-6 parasites when there are 3500 recorded. I had nowhere to turn. Being a fan of the work of Holistic Health Expert Paul Chek, I searched for a CHEK certified master practitioner & found Scott. Scott is a master CHEK practitioner meaning unlike a nutritionist who is focused on nutrition, or a DR who is focused on the allopathic method, or a chiropractor etc focused on their skill he is well versed in all healing arts and views you as a holistic being. It turns out among having very low hydrochloric acid levels in my gut making me susceptible to parasites I had a lot of stress far more than was realised and ended up with adrenal fatigue too which destroyed my immune system. I had an initial consultation whereby Scott laid down the plan after reviewing my symptoms etc Within a few days I had my private stool sample sent out which is the worlds best lab. I then started my lifestyle and diet review which is a few documents that need to be filled out over a week so Scott can really know where my health sticking points are. Moreover, we then did a metabolic type test which determines what foods your actually meant to eat for your genetic and geographical body type, quite incredible. Whilst im only two weeks in and about to start the metabolic type protocol to heal my issues such as gut and adrenals, and I am about to start the parasite cleanse shortly, Scott has saved me as I had nobody else to go to who had the experience or knowledge. Scott is also a Shaman and during sessions he has been helping me with belief, entitlement and my dreams. I cant be grateful enough and recommend him if you want to loose weight, get in shape, heal any illness or disease you name it Scott is you Master.

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