What is Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Functional Diagnostic Helps You heal

Functional Diagnostic Medicine is about getting to the root cause of the problem. Underlying conditions such as fungus, parasites, Candida, leaky gut or any other unbeneficial condition you may have inside your gut. You may be suffering with bad skin or bad body odour. Perhaps you can’t relax or can’t recover. Possibly you are unable to lose body weight? 

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Functional Diagnostic Medicine follows a paperwork and Lab testing approach, which enables the practitioner to identify the precise root cause more. It’s accurate, relatively fast, allowing the practitioner to find a suitable remedy. However it can be expensive! 

What I offer is life changing, life benefiting and nutritional based. It can be hard to do, particularly with clients that have severe fungal, or parasite infections. The job can also be made harder when a client is not ready to make a change, or still has certain barriers to overcome.


Functional Diagnostic Medicine

Functional Diagnostic Medicine

The process I will take you through is typically:

  1. Healing your digestive tract 
  2. Healing the immune system 
  3. Starting the detoxification process 
  4. Beginning to change your diet and Lifestyle  

This all takes time and requires a lot of patience and determination to do this. However, you will receive 100% online and phone support with the system I have successfully used for the past 19 years!  

I truly understand many of my clients’ issues and problems, as it is often the case that I have faced and overcome similar issues myself. 

If you would like more information, or you have been suffering with an ongoing condition that you have been unable to treat, then please contact me today! 


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